Download this Free Font: Halloween Fonts for October Events

Finding the best free #fonts isn’t easy (except when we post them here), but it’s always good for business to have some extra out-of-the-box typefaces within arm’s reach. That’s why we’re always searching the Web for its best-kept-secret fonts.


By Fausto Mendez

    This week, we feature a font pack with a focus on Halloween events. Unlike our free font series “Free Title Fonts for Commercial Use”, this font pack is not pre-cleared for commercial use. The fonts are good to go for personal use in any setting, including parties, haunted houses, house decorations (interior and exterior) and more, but you’ll have to reach out to the font creator (or the current copyright holder) for permission to use these in consumer-facing marketing materials.

    Click the links below to download the fonts, but if you pay close attention, the fonts that I used for the title and footer are not listed in the graphic. Those fonts are Raleway, a free font that is pre-cleared for commercial use, and KiloGram, another free font that is pre-cleared for commercial use. Thanks to Misty Cato Designs for the original list of fonts.

Angel Tears

Bleeding Freaks

Ugly Qua,Nightmare

Black Widow


October Crow

Beyond Wonderland

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