Download this Free Font: The Hand-Drawn Set

Finding the best free #fonts isn’t easy (except when we post them here), but it’s always good for business to have some extra out-of-the-box typefaces within arm’s reach. That’s why we’re always searching the Web for its best-kept-secret fonts.


By Fausto Mendez

Your advertising materials, event supplies and promotional giveaways are only as good as your typefaces (and perhaps the graphic designer on your payroll). With or without a stellar graphic designer, the right fonts can make a huge difference, and these hand-drawn fonts should fit into any project that aims for a rough-ish, not-so-polished feel. Get the fonts at the links below (list courtesy of Uber Chic for Cheap).


Dingbats (symbols):

Our goal is to help our customers find the right fonts for their advertising materials, promotional giveaways and event supplies, so if you’re in the mood to go font hunting, search for the #fonts tag on this blog. If you’re in the mood to add a logo, some custom artwork, or a fontified message to apparel or other promotional giveaways, check out the massive selection of over 40,000 products at

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