Fidget Spinners Can Really Change How You Do Business!?

A blue fidget spinner.

You’ve probably seen this popular new pocket-sized stress relief toy pop up out of nowhere within the last several months, and perhaps have wondered what it’s made for.  More importantly, you may wonder if there is a tangible benefit to using one.

What a fidget spinner looks like.
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We’ll explain what this hot new craze is and how such a simple looking device can capture the modern attention span.  Then, we’ll show you how promotional fidget spinners are a great way to get your brand or business into people’s consciousness.

Not only are these one of the most highly grabbed items when they appear at a promotions booth, they are one of the most addicting.  Used properly, branded fidget spinners can become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal.

What is a fidget spinner?

A fidget spinner is a toy that consists of a pronged or circular body that spins around a bearing in the middle, and can typically stay spinning from one to two minutes.  It’s usually held between one’s thumb and middle-finger, then flicked with the other hand.

Like this:

Multicolor Fidget Spinners being used

However, that’s not the only way to spin it.  Just like with yo-yos, there are a plethora of tricks one can learn to do with them, from spinning them one-handed to juggling them in action.

Even without any fancy feats, the feeling of the device spinning around the bearing is extremely satisfying.  We’ve found that even the most skeptical of testers were somewhat reluctant to put the gadget down once they got to try it for themselves.

A metal fidget spinner.
Deluxe fidget spinner available at

Fidget spinners range in shape, size and material, from cheap fidget spinners made of plastic to luxury fidget spinners made of precious metals.  For those that like to party, there are even fidget spinners that light up with LEDs to emit a glow in the dark.  While the devices can retail for $5-15, they are available at a much lower price in bulk at AnyPromo (where you can customize them as well).

Who uses fidget spinners?

If you guessed children, that’s reasonable.  These spinning devices were originally popularized as a focus aid for youth with ADD, ADHD and as a “stimming toy” for children with autism.

Recently however, people from all age groups and walks of life have found this gadget to be a useful tool to help with concentration or relieve stress.  In addition, a lot of folks find it preferable to use a spinner than to twiddle their thumbs.

Here are 8 benefits that adults and children alike can find from using a fidget spinner:

  1. Focus and concentration
    • Both children and working professionals have found that having something to fiddle with can aid concentration.  Even before the dawn of fidget spinners, mankind has spun pens or squeezed stress balls to dump excess energy whilst sitting down and focusing.
  2. Bad habits
    • Fidget spinners have become extremely popular amongst parents of children with Autism because they can serve as a “replacement behavior” for problematic habits.  Adults can also use the same principles of behavioral psychology to help cope with their own bad habits such as smoking, nervous eating or nail biting.
  3. Stress and anxiety
    • Speaking of nail biting and stress balls, fidget spinners have also been found by some users to help deal with stress and anxiety or as an outlet for nervous energy.  Many people find comfort in the soothing, familiar feeling of a fidget spinner in their hand whilst facing a situation of emotional discomfort.
  4. Getting in the zoneAn athlete gets in the zone.
    • You’ve probably experienced especially productive moments where you’re fully immersed in the task at hand and have even lost track of time.  Athletes call this “being in the zone”, martial artists call it the “no-mindedness”, western Psychologists call this “the state of flow”.  It just so happens that familiar, repetitive motions that utilize coordination, like using a fidget spinner, are a common trigger of flow state.
  5. Creativity
    • Things that help us focus and immerse ourselves in a task tend to help us with creativity.  Additionally, partially distracting oneself can help allow an artist creative worker to unlock their imagination and fully utilize subconscious processes used in creativity.  Spinning might have become the new cure for writer’s block, or at least the new doodling.
  6. Boredom
    • Even for those who are professionals at focusing, waiting forever for an elevator or being stuck in traffic isn’t fun.  Aside from being a focus tool to lose perception of time, pulling a fidget spinner out of your pocket is instant, satisfying fun!
  7. Experience the world A millennial mindfully observes the world.
    • Using a fidget spinner whilst waiting or bored instead of instinctively pulling out one’s phone incidentally provides an opportunity to stop and mindfully observe the world.  Something that’s become increasingly rare in the age of constant contact with a screen.
  8. Conversation starter
    • People tend to notice moving objects and are attracted to novelty, making spinners a perfect conversation starter.  We’ve found that they tend to draw a bit of interest when used in public, especially from those who have no idea what it is.

Why you should use fidget spinners to promote your brand

Ok, so we’ve basically explained how using a fidget spinner can change someone’s life.  How does this help you with your business?

Here’s how:

Firstly, fidget spinners are extremely popular.  Not only do they fly off the shelves at places like your local 7/11, they are often the most attractive branded item at promotions booths.  While you might have to offer someone a pen, they’ll ask you for a fidget spinner when they see one at your table.

The best part about giving away a promotional item that people actively want is the level of engagement you’ll get.  We find that people like fidget spinners so much, the engagement drifts into the territory of compliance.  You’ll never find it as easy to incentivize people to sign up to be a marketing lead at such a low price point.

Fidget spinners are addicting.

It doesn’t end there though, these gadgets are somewhat addicting!  Once someone starts using your customized fidget spinner, your brand goes with them, wherever they take it.  Every time they take your promotional fidget spinner out of their pocket, you gain the exposure of an impression more valuable than a typical click.

This is why:

Unlike with normal promotional products, they’ll start to associate the comforting, satisfying tactile feeling of spinning their new gadget with your brand.  That’s powerful.

The perfect corporate gift as well:

Don’t just give these to your customers.  These also make a great office toy for employees.

Here’s why:

  • The executive fidget spinner.As we’ve already covered, using a fidget spinner can positively influence focus, which means increased productivity.
  • Not only do spinners help the user focus, they are nearly silent, which makes them a great alternative to pen clicking and foot tapping.
  • Humans aren’t really designed to be sedentary for extremely long periods of time, and having a fidget spinner makes it easier to sit at a desk.  Some of the folks at Forbes who tested these gadgets at the office found themselves “dumping energy into fidgeting with the spinner rather than taking mindless trips to the pantry”
  • In addition to sitting at one’s desk, fidget spinners can help keep employees engaged during long meetings or phone calls.  
  • The cool factor.  Nothing boosts company enthusiasm like awesomeness, and fidget spinners are the most awesome company gift since USB power banks.

Fidget Spinners at AnyPromo

Glowing fidget spinners from AnyPromo.
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If you’re thinking of giving promotional fidget spinners a try, make sure to check out the large selection of fidget spinners at

We not only have fidget spinners to match different budgets, but different preferences as well.  AnyPromo even has rainbow fidget spinners, double-sided fidget spinners, mini fidget spinners, and even patriotic fidget spinners sporting the American flag!

If you need your fidget spinners immediately, we have them available with rush service.

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