Finished Work: Mug for Chippendales of Las Vegas

By Fausto Mendez

    AnyPromo’s design and production teams love to display their #finished work. This is just another design of the many designs they finalize on a daily basis.

    Hey, whether or not you’re into Chippendales, you have to admit. That’s a fine looking mug right there. The glossy finish wraps around the curves very nicely, and each one is perfectly prepared to last much longer than you’d keep it. You know how it is; they usually lose their attractiveness early in life. But these are designed to keep going and going.

    Yup, that’s a good mug. You knew I was talking about the mug, right? What’d you think I was talking about? Anyway, if you need customizable mugs, we got ‘em right here.

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