Here They Come, The Wave Of New Grads!

Oh the season is here, the season where new adults enter the world. Before they enter the world though, we must celebrate, am I right? You’ll need a few custom graduation products to help set the tone. Whether you’re an educational institution or a host that needs certain ideas on graduation giveaways, I have 5 top products that you won’t want to miss out on!

After my college graduation, the main thing I remember was my university handing out their own custom license plates at the end of the ceremony to every student. To this day, I still have it on my car, because I think it’s always special to receive something from your own alma mater.

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Here are 5 custom products for all graduates to remember:

1. Remember the Days
Item# 688308

I remember having to purchase one of these in high school. It adds a nice touch for all students who want to remember the friends they shared memories with during their school years. Our custom mug will add a nice touch to every graduate’s home. These mugs could be used as a graduate’s party favors, a gift for graduates, or to even sell to graduates. Order your custom Remember the Days mug today!
Item# 648597

2. Graduate Fans

Hosting an actual graduation? Families will love to purchase these as they watch their graduate walk the stage. Not only that, but these are great to give to graduates. Let them take the memories of their classmates as they sign autographs on each other’s fans. Our graduate fans are very popular to use for outdoor graduations. Remember, graduation season is in summer! Let this be a big hit at your event, order now
Item# 688253

3. Graduate Keychain

What better way to give a little with a graduate keychain? Keychains have always been a top hit, at least for me. I have a variety of keychains with my car keys, and one of the keychains I own is represents the university I graduated from. I can guarantee graduates will love these as a favor to cherish as they continue their life path. These keychains will be a nice personal touch for any graduate. Complete your order here!
Item# 723078

4. Swanky Graduation Pen

As a party favor, or gift for graduates, these pens are an awesome touch to give attention to the most recent graduates. I love to receive pens for any occasion, especially if they are fully decorated. These pens are a great giveaway for end of the school year college fairs. Help make a graduate’s big day special with the Swanky Graduation Pen!
Item# 737281

5. Graduation Hat Squeezie

Who doesn’t love stress relievers? These are so useful for relieving stress and that’s why it’s so popular with everyone! The Graduation Hat Squeezie are good for any events, even when promoting an educational institution or relative business. A graduation hat is the perfect symbol to describe education and study. Need to advertise your school? Our Graduation Hat Squeezie is the perfect promotional product to use. Order now!
Make this season memorable for graduates. Give them the custom product they would love! Check out our other custom graduation items here.

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