How To Have The Perfect Spring Break

Did you know that every year, between 1.5 and 2 million students in the US go on spring break and collectively spend over $1 billion? Spring Break is around the corner and we are here to help. Whether you’re planning to find the biggest party or travel to a quiet place to relax we’ve got the guide to having the perfect spring break.

Find The Right Place

The first step of planning the perfect Spring Break is finding the right place. It’s all about what you and your friends want. It’s important to remember that you don’t need to go to common hotspots. If backpacking through Europe sounds more fun then partying in Cabo, then go for it! Maybe a trip isn’t your style so if you wanna stay home and binge Netflix, do your thing. If you are looking for that classic spring break experience do your research to find the best spot. To help get you started hers a list of a few of the most popular destinations: Cancun, Miami, Bahamas, Cabo, and Puerto Rico.

Budget And Book

Now that you have picked your dream destination it’s time to budget and book. Eliminating stress is key to having an awesome spring break. The best way to eliminate stress is to budget out your trip. You can eliminate the stress about spending if you plan it out before your trip. You should plan out how much you will spend on flights, hotels, meals, drinks, and fun money. If you figure all this out before you leave you won’t be surprised at the end of the trip with how much you spent.

Gear Up

It’s time to pack! As always be sure to pack the essentials, bathing suits, sunglasses, a hat, and extra outfits. But we are here to make sure you have the perfect spring break. When gearing up for spring break here are a few not so obvious things to bring.

A protective phone case is a must-have when traveling. Your phone is something you do not wanna be without while traveling, so keep it safe with a case. You are going to wanna keep a good vibe when travel so a spring break playlist is a must on your trip. Make sure to have enough tunes to keep the jams going all week long! If you are planning a trip with a group of friends why get matching outfits! Creating custom squad shirts is a fun way to show off and stick together. Create a custom for you and your friends to wear right here.

Be Safe And Responsible

Spring Break is all about letting loose and having fun, but you still should be responsible. When traveling it’s important to understand that the laws may different then what you are accustomed to. Be cautious and courteous of other cultures and lifestyles. If possible try to always travel in pairs and stay aware of your surroundings. We know that you are expecting to have fun but it is always important to stay safe and be responsible during your trip.

We hope these helpful tips prepare you for an amazing Spring Break. If you are looking for more travel tips check out our blog on How To Step Up Your Travel Game. Planning a big event for Spring Break? We’ve got all your party supply needs right here.

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