How To Maximize Your Trade Show Displays

As we enter another year, we enter another season of trade shows! Whether you’re attending or exhibiting, this is a fun and exciting time full of opportunities to learn and to advertise. Keep reading for some awesome trade show displays and ideas.

In January, we attended the biggest trade show for the promotional products industry, the PPAI Expo! It took place in Las Vegas, and lasted 3 days. It is the world’s largest industry trade show and brings new trends and insights to advertisers and marketers. Great, right? It was nice to start the year off fresh with new ideas and plans for upcoming events and trade shows, especially when it came to booth displays! Some of the exhibitors knocked it out of the park with above and beyond booths, while others still stayed fresh and relevant with more simple designs. Here are some of our favorites, and couple ideas of our own!

Add Color

ETS Express was by far, our favorite booth at the expo. Spanning a whopping 40 ft, this booth made a wonderful display of their massive inventory of drink ware; in the colors of the rainbow! Beautiful right? The colors really grab your attention and draw you in! Next time you’re exhibiting, try adding some color to you booth. It will catch the eye of the attendees and are sure to make them stop!

Credit: Jason Loui

Make it Inviting

Another great idea is to make your booth “Homey” Everyone wants to stop at a cozy and comforting booth! With small touches like making it open to walk in to, instead of closed off; as well as some flooring, your booth will look like the perfect pit stop. Hudson & Company did a perfect example of the “homey” feel below.


Have a Live Demonstration

You know whats better than having a display of your awesome service? Having a live example of your skills! Bruce Fox; who specializes in custom awards, did just that! Not only did they have an eye catching booth, they had one of their employees in the booth working on a custom award! It was such an interesting stop, and really made you understand the craftsmanship and passion that goes behind their products. If your business has the ability to do a live demonstration, try it!


Make it Informative

Whether you decide to go all out or keep it simple, the most important part of your trade show display is the information you provide. People come to these industry events to learn more and to educate themselves. It’s up to you as an exhibitor to provide that experience. For example, the booth below has nothing revolutionary, however, it still draws your eye in and provides pertinent information about the brand. It’s a great booth!

If you’re exhibiting at a trade show this year and want to up your game in a simple way, try one of our Retractable Poly Pop-Up Banners! It’s a great way to get your information across in an attractive way. You can also up your game with a simple Tablecover. With these two heavy hitters in your booth, you’re sure to have a great event! Throw in a couple of the above ideas, and your booth will definitely be memorable.

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What are your favorite trade show booth trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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