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We’re down to the wire here! Christmas is only 8 business days away, and you’ve slacked on getting gifts for your employees. It’s a stressful situation, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered! We’ve created a  list of items that have Free Rush (which means one production day) as well as free shipping! If you act fast, your gifts might just make it. If not, don’t worry gift cards are always a good idea too.

Keep reading for a Last Minute Employee Gift Guide! Happy Holidays!


Aspen 15 oz Stainless Travel Mug

travel mug
Aspen 15 oz Stainless Travel Mug
Item# 669699

This double wall insulated travel mug is perfect for everyone in your office! This mug comes in 5 colors and is screen printed with your logo. This particular mug is a personal favorite because of the ergonomic handle. Everyone will be sure to love this travel mug!


14 oz Kona Joe Ceramic Mug

ceramic mug
14 oz Kona Joe Ceramic Mug
Item# 749537

Another fan favorite, this ceramic mug is sure to make everyone a happy camper. Featuring a matte black outside with a glossy finish (available in 6 colors), this will make anyone want to drink a cup of coffee or tea. With an ear-shaped handle, it’ll also be comfortable in your hands, perfect for those long meetings. This mug is 14oz of perfection, so make sure to check it out!


Light Up Mobile Phone Armband

mobile phone band
Light Up Mobile Phone Armband
Item# 750574

Looking for a simple fitness incentive? Try this Light-Up Mobile Phone Armband! Perfect for those who exercise leisurely or who are more intense, this band is great for hands-free exercise and has the added safety benefit of the lights. It fits most phones up to 6″ and has nifty little earbud slots to keep wires tidy as well as a key slot.  The lights are a great safety feature and have three modes, steady, flashing, and pulsing. The band is also waterproof. Order this for the office and start the New Year with a fitness challenge! It’s a win-win for everyone.


PopSockets Phone Stand

PopSockets Phone Stand
Item# 748823

This PopSocket Phone Stand is one of the years hottest items! Both a phone stand and phone holder, the PopSocket attaches to the back of your phone and pops out and snaps back flat. Available in 3 colors, your logo is sure to be seen with this item. This item is voted one of our “Top 100” items, due to its versatility. These are an ideal gift because pretty much every working professional carries a phone, plus they’re trendy and useful. Make sure to take a look!


5″ x 7″ Spiral Stone Paper Notebook

Stone Paper Notebook
5″ x 7″ Spiral Stone Paper Notebook
Item# 693148

Last but not least, we have our 5″ x 7″ Spiral Stone Paper Notebook for all those eco-friendly people out there.  This notebook contains 65 pages and provides one of the smoothest writing experiences ever. The paper is made from natural stone and is waterproof, tear-resistant and smudge proof. It comes with a natural cardboard cover and is screen imprinted. This little notebook is such a great gift! Not only is it environmentally friendly, its useful for everyone in your office.

Time is running out, so whatever you decide to do, do it quickly. We hope you enjoyed some of our free rush, free shipping items. For more items we didn’t list, check out this page, maybe you’ll find something even better. We hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Doing any last minute Holiday Shopping? Let us know some of your favorite last minute gifts in the comments below!

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