#MarketingMonday – Don’t Limit Your Memes to the Web


By Fausto Mendez

    Just when you thought meme marketing couldn’t get any better, this pizza restaurant is using the popular “Skeptical Fry” and “Philosophical Raptor” memes on a sidewalk chalkboard to sell dollar pizza slices.

    This is definitely one of the more original uses of memes that I’ve ever seen – mostly because these memes don’t appear where memes always appear (hint: they usually appear on the Web). 

    Comedy Central broadcasts Futurama, the animated adult sitcom that stars the character Fry from the world-famous “Skeptical Fry” meme, and the TV studio actually used memes in a similar off-the-Web way to advertise new episodes of Futurama last year. However, CC didn’t post its memes to a chalkboard. The company actually used the memes on live TV. For me, it was certainly eye-opening to see a mainstream corporation employ memes in such a direct way. It was a rather brilliant move.

    Of course, CC’s use of memes occurred long after the “Skeptical Fry” meme became popular on the Web, so CC literally hijacked its own meme to market the show on which that meme is based. It’s mind-bending to think about such an unpredictable series of events, but the example illustrates the power that marketers can wield when they are in tune with Web culture. 

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