National Admin Day: Interview with Megan Scott, Marketing Associate

To celebrate this year’s National Administrative Day, we are featuring AnyPromo’s Marketing Associate, Megan Scott!

We have persuaded Megan to temporarily leave her comfort zone of sitting behind the computer to tell us a little about herself, including what she does at AnyPromo and what she likes about working here.

Here is a little Q and A between AnyPromo’s Marketing team.

Q: Hi, Megan. We will make this interview quick before you change your mind. What do you do here at AnyPromo?

Well, I mostly manage AnyPromo’s social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. I also help out our customer service team in reading reviews, making notes on ways that we can improve our services, as well as congratulating team members for positive reviews. So if you are reading this and have worked with us before, leave us a review on Facebook, Yelp, or Google! It’s so important to receive feedback from all customers. Even if it’s a negative review, we use that to make our company better by acknowledging the problem and trying to fix it.

Q: Okay Megan, pretend that your Manager won’t be reading this and let us know what you really think of AnyPromo!

(laughs out loud) I really enjoy working here! The company is a bit smaller than other companies which makes the communication amazing! We are rapidly growing in size but I have no fear that the communication will stay clear. We work really well in the marketing team, having meetings between us where we just bounce ideas off each other, really trying so many different projects. We try to keep it new and fresh which I really like, especially with social media since it changes about every hour!

Q: So we have to ask, since this is what we are all about… What is your favorite company swag?

stainless steel tumbler
20 oz. Double Wall Tumbler with Vacuum Sealer
Item# 744509

When I first started with AnyPromo, my Manager gave me a “New Employee Kit” with some cool things to start me off with, which I absolutely love and use everyday! He gave me a few things in the kit but what I use most is my huge stainless steel tumbler, my cinch bag, my “moppy pen”, and of course the Moleskine notebook.

The stainless steel tumbler is perfect for me because I love tea!! Trust me, if I filled it with coffee I would be running in circles within the first hour! (laughs out loud) But the tumbler is really large so I can fill it with like three average cups of tea and just drink it all throughout the day! It really keeps my drink hot and when it does start to cool off, I just throw in some ice cubes and then I have iced tea for the afternoon!

The cinch bag I really like because it is super light! I use it everyday to hold my lunch, snacks, and a little jacket for when I get cold, but I also use it on the weekends! It’s so light that I use it on small hikes to carry my water bottle, sunscreen, phone, and car keys! It’s absolutely perfect because it doesn’t weigh you down like a hiking backpack does and as long as you don’t have to carry anything really heavy, the straps are also comfortable!

Bluetooth wireless speaker
HyperGear&® H2O Wireless Speaker Item# 746042

The “moppy pen”, yes sorry I don’t remember the correct name of this product but I am sure you will list it at the bottom of this article, and notebook I use daily for our meetings. What I really need to invest in are sticky note tabs to organize my notes more! (laughs out loud) I really need to read through all my notes before I find what I am looking for. But I especially like the pen because not only does it write well but it’s always by me so when I am about to post on Instagram and grab my phone but can barely see because it’s so dirty, the “moppy” part of the pen cleans my screen! It’s the perfect tool because you always have a pen handy and this way you also always have a screen cleaner handy!

And, what wasn’t in my kit but what I really love, is the waterproof bluetooth speaker! I saw it during one of my first product meetings and it blew my mind! I should have known that these existed, but it just never occurred to me. My problem is that I like listening to music when I am taking a shower, but I have to turn my cell phone on so loud so I can hear it over the pouring water that it has to annoy my neighbors! But with the waterproof speaker, it connects easily to my cell phone and attaches well to my shower wall and the volume is normal. It’s genius! I haven’t answered a phone call yet with it but I would be pretty surprised if somebody really calls me at 6:30am when I am getting ready for work (laughs out loud).

Q: Good point! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Megan. Maybe we can do a follow-up interview next week to get some more information?

Uhhh, I think I will go back to my computer now…

We appreciate our employees here at AnyPromo because they are what makes this company work and work well! Make sure you take a moment to recognize your company employees on this day and make them feel special. We recommend showing your appreciation with some of our top products on our website at !

On behalf of all of us at AnyPromo, we want to wish all employees a Happy National Administrative Day!

For reference, here are the items mentioned above:
Moleskine Notebook
Moptopper Pen Stylus Pen
Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker
Cinch Backpack
Stainless Steel Tumbler

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Megan is the Social Media Marketeer at and loves traveling and sharks! Her favorite quote is: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's learning to dance in the rain."

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