Promo Giveaway Success Story: Clean-Up Brush & Dust Pan for Janitorial Firm

We bring you real-life examples of businesses that successfully employed customized promotional giveaways and event supplies into their marketing strategies and business plans. 


By Fausto Mendez

A janitorial firm needed a low-cost and effective way to promote its post-construction cleanup services at a local business expo, so the company ordered a big box of custom clean-up brush & pan sets. The customization printed onto the brushes read, “Our Services Will Sweep You Away.” Unfortunately, we can’t share the name of the firm due to an NDA agreement.

The Results

The promotional item was a hit at the local business expo. In the following six months, the janitorial firm’s sales grew by over 30%. The relationships that were made and/or developed at the expo significantly contributed that 30% growth, and the clean-up brush & pan played a significant role in cementing those relationships for the long term.

As potential customers used the clean-up brush & pan around the office or construction site, it served as a subtle reminder of the janitorial firm’s services. When their construction gigs ended and it was finally time to hire a post-construction cleanup crew, there was clearly only one brand on their minds.

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