Promotional Materials You’ll Need at Tradeshows (Guest Post)

Getting your branding out there when attending a tradeshow helps enhance your marketing strategy. You will need to have a checklist for the items to bring with you on the next tradeshow if you are to make the most out of this unique marketing and advertising occasion. The question to ask yourself according to ExpoCart is how many attendees visited or even noticed your booth during your last tradeshow.

Whenever an attendee walks by your booth without entering, that becomes a loss to your firm. In any tradeshow that you have attended, you have probably not missed the long lines that characterize the hottest booths. So what are those businesses doing that you are not? The following are promotional materials you should carry when attending your next tradeshow:

1. Printed Tradeshow Materials 

While social networking accounts continue to hog the advertising timeline on the web, printed tradeshow materials continue to rule the physical world.

Printed materials, in this case, includes your apparel, business cards, pamphlets, flyers, catalogs, and brochures. Also, try to bring with you any other printed materials containing your business brand name and logo.
Be sure to confirm that every person manning a booth associated with your brand has access to enough brochures and business cards whenever they are out networking.

It is important that all your potential clients leave your booth with a printed item. Apart from flyers and business cards, you can always opt to brand your product launches with business branded apparel for all your personnel. These are the items that they will need to hand out to potential clients visiting your company booth at a tradeshow.

Ensuring that the branded item is of superior quality guarantees that the visitors will have an easy time wearing and promoting your brand on your behalf. By wearing it, these people are indirectly helping you to market the business without having to give it two thoughts.

In the long run, this is a move that will easily assist in creating an advertising ripple effect.

Have you ever asked yourself why companies such as Nike, Coca Cola, and Mc Donald’s are easily recognizable? It all comes down to their company logos. By ensuring that your business logo is branded on all your company products, you get to make sure that people will carry with them wherever they go. 

2. Giveaways and Freebies

Speaking of giving away free stuff, note that it is not possible for you to visit a tradeshow without carrying a swag bag. Each swag bag should have your company name and business logo printed on it.

Potential clients visiting your booth can use the sports pack or tote bag to carry around personal items like water bottles, purses, and phones. Handing out swag bags also makes your brand easily recognizable among the attendees.

Whenever they come across the bags, they get a subconscious message asking them to make sure that they have visited your booth before leaving the tradeshow. Did you know that close to 85 percent of all consumers are likely to remember your business brand and name from the free promotional items that they have with them or have seen around?

Additionally, this same group of consumers is able to infer a positive vibe from the promotional items that they have seen with other attendees. You should, therefore, ensure that the following items are included in your checklist for the tradeshow:
• Branded food gifts and chocolates
• Sunglasses
• Free samples
• Branded water bottles
• Buttons, stickers, patches, or iron-on
• Brochures and business cards

It may also be ideal for you to consider investing in smartphone accessories, coffee mugs, and branded notebooks. 

3. Backdrops and Banners

Backdrops and banners are some of the things that an attendee at a tradeshow will notice. If you want eventgoers to immediately notice your booth, ensure that these are present.

But how do you guarantee that you will stand out from all the other booths?
The trick is to come up with an attractive background that displays product imagery produced by your company or your business logo. You could also include a simple text accompanied by a small tag line.

If you are displaying photos, consider getting standing banners. You will also need to have bold text that provides a clear explanation of the products you are selling and how they can benefit the clients.

If possible, only use colors that are related to those of your company brand. It is the only way to ensure that you retain consistency in all the marketing avenues from social media to trade shows.

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