[QUIZ] What promotional item are you?

Need a fun way to get ideas for promotional items?

Take our quiz to find out which promotional item you relate most to!

It only takes a few seconds to figure out which promotional item you’re basically twins with.

Give yourself a quick 5-min break from work for this fun quiz:


Share with us what your promotional item match is in the comments below!

Items Featured:

Silicone Cellphone Pocket Card Holder / Wallet


Custom Paint Brush Ball Pen


25 oz Custom Aluminum Alpine Sports Bottle


Custom Roll-Up Picnic Blanket

20 oz Himalayan Tumbler


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  1. You’re a blanket!
    You’re more of a homebody, and that’s okay! On your days off, you prefer to stay home than going out to party. The comfort of your bed or sofa helps persuade you to stay home. A blanket gives that same comfort level wherever you are. Want to feel like you’re home? A blanket will do the trick!

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