Recipes to Boost Focus in Meetings: Bacon-Strip Pancakes #RBFM


By Fausto Mendez

    Pitching to a hungry audience is shooting yourself in the foot, so bring along some tasty treats – preferably sugary stuff – to boost client focus and mood. It WILL make a significant difference in the success or productivity of your meeting or pitch. This week’s #RBFM sugar spell: Bacon Stuffed Pancakes. 

    I’m not the first person to stuff bacon into pancakes, but this recipe is actually mine, though I don’t think I can call it a “recipe”. I was merely making pancakes one late morning, and I laid some bacon strips into the batter on the grill. I usually eat bacon with my pancakes, so it was certainly the logical thing to do.

    It’s a greasy, delicious idea, and it seems to have been around for a while now (see the above image from an old school Aunt Jemima ad), but the concept is rather simple. You just take any pancake recipe, like one of these 21 pancake recipes, and you make the batter in a bowl. Next, you start cooking some bacon on a larger skillet. When the bacon is almost done, you pour some batter over the strips. Alternatively, you can cut the bacon into bits, but I prefer the entire strip. 

    Of course, this recipe is probably more relevant for morning meetings, but I’m sure most bacon fanatics wouldn’t mind a mid-day bacon-strip pancake at the start of another mundane meeting or pitch.

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