Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Reviews could either be a marketers worst enemy or best friend. We always want to see the positive comment and reviews about our company, because why would we want our customers to see negative comments about us, right?

We need reviews so that other people could trust our company and/or product. Without reviews, there’s less credibility and not many customers will be able to connect with the company and/or product. As a marketer, you need to understand how the bad reviews could sort of be good, and how the ugly could sometimes leave a scar.

We can’t always control which reviews go up, so we must always train ourselves on how to solve an issue. Always try to address each and every review, especially the bad and the ugly.

Let’s approach the reviews.

The Good

We all love the good reviews. Whether it’s on the product or the company, these reviews give businesses the extra boost of credibility. It also gives potential customers key insights and helps them decide whether or not to do business with your organization. So do your best to make sure the reviews represents your business. I know as a consumer, I write more reviews on a product that went bad rather than good, but if I really like the product then I’ll write a good review. I hope to receive a response, but most of the time I don’t. If possible, do consumers a favor, and thank them publicly. It might bring you more engagement and improve your relationship with your customer(s)!

The Bad

We probably like the bad better than the ugly. What’s the difference you ask? Well the “bad” reviews are usually the ones that criticize your product or company but then have a compliment mixed in there somewhere. For example, “ I love the dress it’s so beautiful, but it fits a bit smaller than what I expected.” Not so bad right? In addition to this review, there will be plenty of positive reviews describing how perfect the dress is. These reviews are also hidden opportunities! If the consumer says the dress was too small, offer a refund, exchange, or discount. Make the consumer happy again with some sort of offer. According to Vendesta, 30% of consumers think reviews are fake if there are no negative reviews. 

The Ugly

These are the reviews that haunt us in our sleep! The reviews that make us cringe as we are reading them. The unsavory, trash-talking language that no company wants to be the cause of. There are different reasons why consumers go online to write a negative review. 23% of consumers write reviews out of vengeance. When addressing these reviews, you must always reach out to the customer in a polite manner to try to resolve their issue. Always be the good guy when responding, because other consumers will be reading the thread. The way you respond to your consumers will reflect your company. Be professional.


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