Social-Media Marketing Is More Important than Ever in 2013


    Social media is quickly becoming a critical aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) and other types of online marketing. We found an excellent article that breaks down how social media is changing the way online businesses succeed, and we break down the main points below.

+ Social-media is the source of about 90% of global data over the last two years.

+ Social engagement (or the lack of it) helps Google, Bing and Facebook find relevant content when users search. As a result, a strong social-media strategy is also a strong SEO strategy – and vice versa. 

+ Pretty soon, search, social, local and mobile marketing will be one and the same, though significant factors continue to divide mobile and desktop audiences.

+ As a result, targeting mobile audiences is critical for winning the future. Websites and apps need tablet and smartphone-optimized versions.

+ Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube will be hot targets for online marketers this year.

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