Teaching Children about Cybersecurity

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Nowadays, children are connected to everything. From the minute they wake up, to at night when they go to sleep, there are very few times when children aren’t using some form of technology.

Here are 5 tips on teaching kids about cybersecurity and being aware of how to keep your home more cyber aware.

  1. Create a profile on the social networks your kids use. Part of not knowing what your kids are up to is not understanding how their social platforms work. Creating a profile and using the site makes you more aware of how it works and how it doesn’t work. You’ll gain a better understanding of what your kids do online.
  2. Use parental controls. Luckily for you, parental controls now come built-in on most devices and apps, so make sure to utilize them. Adjust the settings to what fits your families needs and make sure to check on them every once in a while; kids are smart, sometimes they can get past them! You have the ability to monitor their screen time, what sites they visit and much more. Do yourself a favor and check out those parental controls!
  3. Secure your internet source. Most of these devices are connected to your home wifi, so make your secure from the start by implementing wifi security solution. If left open, your wifi is open to an attack. Make sure everything is locked down tight at router-level.
  4. Change default passwords and install updates. When purchasing devices, the first thing you should do it change the default password. Password direct from the manufacturer are usually very easy to crack. Make sure to change the password at least 6 characters with letter, numbers, and symbols. Also, always make sure to update software when prompted. We know it can be annoying, but the updates usually are meant to update and protect your device.
  5. Do your research. Like everything else, make sure you do your research when purchasing devices or downloading applications. It’s important to understand the risks with these devices and it’s security standards. Make sure to check with your kids and keep up to date with trends and lingo. Be diligent and always do research.

With technology advancing at the speed it’s all, things will always be changing and growing. But by staying diligent and keeping on top of all the new cybersecurity trends and threats, your family can be cyber aware. Technology and the internet can be both a good and bad thing. You and your family have a plethora of information at your fingertips, along with entertainment! More often than not, technology is used for good, so stay cyber aware and have fun!

Have any other cybersecurity tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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