[CHECKLIST] Have you checked your tech?

Are you constantly checking your tech?

Maybe you’re surfing Facebook in the mornings while you eat breakfast, or maybe you use Instagram and online banking during your lunch break.

No matter what you’re doing it’s a good idea to be cautious of the connection you’re browsing on and the information that is being shared.

There are thousands of free online tip sheets that can be found by a quick online search. Just like the checklist below, tip sheets can help keep your privacy safe.

Taking precautionary measures can be as easy as a strong passcode and not using public WIFI that isn’t secure.

Not knowing the source of your “Free WIFI” could actually really cost you.

Some hackers know how to use a fake link to retrieve information, such as credit card numbers from previous online shopping purchases.

They could also duplicate a social media account in your name and use it to send malware.

The breach of privacy types that could happen are endless and happen to users every day.

Protect yourself and your tech gear by following our checklist for a safer and private experience.


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Custom items that can help with your private information:

  • Security Webcam cover

  • Microfiber Cloth

  • RFID Phone Wallet

  • RFID Credit Card Protector

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