Thank You, Illinois Retina Institute!


By Fausto Mendez

    AnyPromo customers love to share stories of their shopping experiences with the company and its massive catalog of over 40,000 promotional products, marketing giveaways and event supplies. 

Another day, another happy customer. We’re honored to serve the Illinois Retina Institute with a sizable box of low-cost but high-quality promotional pens that write “silky smooth”, like the more expensive pens on the market. Susanne was more than pleased with the build quality of the pen at its absurdly low price point.

“There are literally a thousand different pen choices on the market, so it seems like a needle in a haystack to find a good pen at a great price. As important as well is working with a company that actually provides customer service and for being a major online retailer, the service at feels like the store next door.

After ordering the VIVID pen along with a more expensive pen from another retailer, the VIVID pen, purchased for just .32 each, has the perfect grip, it comes in our logo blue, and writes fantastic, not too thin and not too thick.  It doesn’t leave blotches of ink, and can be held at any angle and still produces a silky smooth line of ink It’s not super lightweight like a cheap pen, but is just the perfect weight. I’m not embarrassed to give these pens out to our referring doctors who are used to being treated royally.”

– Susanne Myers, the Illinois Retina Institute, SC

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