The AnyPromo Guide to Promotional Bags

If you’re looking for an item to boost your brand presence or to have your impressions carry over—promotional tote bags are worth considering.


According to the recent ASI Ad Impressions Study:

  • Logoed bags tie with writing instruments as having the lowest cost per impression of any promotional item in the US.
  • Bags generate more impressions in the US than any other promotional item.
  • 31% of US consumers own a promotional bag.

But how do you choose the right bag for you?

With the variety of types and materials available – it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Narrow down your choices by budget, intended use, and whether or not you have a preference in materials.

We’ll start with the most popular option, Polypropylene (used nationwide as an eco-friendly alternative to grocery bags).  Essentially a recyclable plastic fabric, Polypropylene is strong and lightweight and measured in GSM (grams per square meter).  Its nonwoven form is undoubtedly the most cost efficient.

Between the two, Nylon is denser than Polyester.  Both are measured by Denier (a measure of linear density expressed in terms of grams per 9,000 meters) and Thread Count (a total amount of threads in a square inch).  The higher the Denier and Thread Count measurement, the more durable and stronger it is when comparing the same material.

While we are more familiar with Cotton for apparel items, cotton is a high quality choice for tote bags—although it might run a little bit higher in price because of its greater durability.  Made from 100% all natural cotton, this material is measured in ounces and can be easily washed.

Paper and Plastic, materials in wide distribution, round out this brief review of materials.  Similar to Polypropylene, Paper items are measured in GSMs, the higher the number or measurement, the thicker the paper bag will be.  In comparison, plastic materials can be differentiated by mil (a measurement of one thousand of an inch). 

 Interested in promoting your business or organization on bags and apparel?  We’ve got thousands of products to choose from:

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