The Benefits of Informational Packaging

It’s the last quarter of the year and the busiest!

As we gear up for the rush, and the lull of the last portion of the year, it’s time to tighten the hatch and finish the year strong.

A great way to do this is with packaging! Giving customers or employees a promo product is great, but having custom or informational packaging to house that promo product is even better.

Packaging for Every Industry

AnyPromo offers fully customized booklets with imprint on both sides of the cards, with an imprinted promotional item inside as well.

Amazing right? Not only can you give your recipient a promo item, but you can also offer a variety of information along with the item.

For the dental industry, we offer a Tek Booklet with dental floss. Perfect for dental or orthodontic offices! With plenty of space for information about the importance of oral health, you could even use the booklet as a reminder card.

Booklet with Floss
Tek Booklet with Dental Floss
Item# 719803

A good universal product that could work for any industry is good ole’ hand sanitizer! Available in a variety of forms, gel, round spray tube, and credit card sized spray, this item can work for practically anybody.

Again, this would be amazing for hospitals to offer to visitors. This tek booklet is the perfect opportunity to advocate maintaining healthy habits, especially in a hospital or doctors office.

Some other great ideas for using a booklet are for funeral homes; talking about grief and a sympathy message, or a retirement home, talking about how to help the elderly during their transition.

Booklet with Sanitizer
Tek Booklet with Sanitizer
Item# 719802

Another great universal item is mints! Perfect in any setting, the fully customizable tek booklet can be used in any way you can imagine. Perfect for real estate agents, or restaurants, the mints, again, are available in different types of tins, all which are customizable.  Perfect to imprint a new homeowners checklist, or tips and tricks about buying a home. A food joint can use these to show their takeout menu, along with the mints to freshen their breath after eating a delicious meal!

Tek Booklet with Tek Klick Mint Tin
Tek Booklet with Tek Klick Mint Tin
Item# 719807

Overall, the tek booklets come in these 7 items. Here are some ideas to use for these items.


Dental offices, orthodontists, specialty dentists, schools to teach the importance of brushing.

Hand Sanitizer (3 different types)

Hospitals, funeral homes, doctors offices, schools, car rentals, places that have high foot traffic.

Mints (3 different types)

Any industry! Restaurants, so that patrons can have fresh breath afterwards.


Again, any industry. Some could be salons or businesses who have a demographic high in women.

Lip Balm

Any industry! Younger demographics love lip balm; so schools, universities, niche shops.

Smart Wallet

Great for any industry, but useful for those who have to carry a card of some sort. A great example we’ve seen of this is a university who imprinted their school map on the booklet,  with the smart wallet for their ids, to get into certain areas. What a genius idea!

Travel toothbrush

Great for any industry pertaining to travel! You’ll never know when a toothbrush can come in handy.

The gist of it is, these tek booklets are the perfect way to get the most out of your promotional products. With a fully customized booklet including imprint on both sides of the card along with a customizable promotional product inside, this unique product allows you to further your promotional outreach by adding a coupon, QR code, website and so much more.

Have any ideas on how to use these booklets? Let us know in the comments below!

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