[INFOGRAPHIC] The Power of Bags



A national study done by the Advertising Specialty Institute gauged the effectiveness of promotional products versus other advertising media.

The study surveyed end buyers to identify how promotional products motivate, influence, and impact recipients.

These findings were used to formulate the cost-per-impression of a promotional product over more traditional advertising like media, national magazines, and newspapers.

The study confirmed that printed bags are highly effective as an advertising vehicle, offering some clear benefits:


Very Impressionable

Bags made the highest number of marketing “impressions” over their lifespan, nearly 6,000 total impressions, more than any other promotional product.

In addition, this was near twice the number for writing instruments or caps, and nearly 3 times the number of impressions made by shirts.

We can see why.

Bags tend to attract more attention by the daily consumer, because of how useful it may be in the long-run, which leads us perfectly to the next benefit.

The Aftereffects

Even more remarkable, bags were kept a long time, more than 7 months.

This isn’t surprising though because bags come in handy for many things.

Whether to pack picnic items, groceries, or laundry, bags will always be there to help!

In the state of California, bags have become really helpful when it comes to saving a few cents at grocery stores.

Plus, you’ll also be helping the environment. 😊


83% said their reason for keeping a bag was because it was considered “useful”.

The second most cited reason was its “attractiveness”.

You can see tote bags practically everywhere now, but which one usually calls your attention?

Probably the one that fits your personality well, right?

Total Recall

85% of recipients said they could clearly identify the advertiser who gave them the bag and said they now had a “more favorable” impression of the advertiser.

Best of all, almost half reported a greater likelihood of doing business with the advertiser after receiving the bag!

With a high rate of impressions and positive aftereffects, your customer will definitely remember your company name.

Customer retention is key for every business!

Highly Cost Effective

The overall “cost-per-impression” for promotional products averages only .7 cents.

That’s less expensive than traditional ad specialties such as prime-time TV (2.5 cents), national magazines (2.4 cents), or newspapers (3.2 cents).

If it’s costing you less and generating the most impressions for advertising than it’s safe to say promotional products work!

So if you’re looking for a promotional product that’ll give you the most bang for your buck, look no further than bags.


All of this points to something we’ve known all along, bags are functional, mobile, and valuable–making them extremely effective marketing and branding vehicles.

Companies who use bags to promote their business get a better return on their advertising investment and greater exposure.

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