The SuperPowers of Direct Mail in an Internet Era

When it comes to advertising, consumers are exposed to thousands of ads daily. The advertising landscape has changed throughout the years with the introduction of the internet. Marketers have shifted to digital influences with the digital age taking over. From the time you wake up…to the time you get to school or work, we have all been bombarded with digital ads whether we realize it or not. This can be intrusive and disruptive due to the saturation in digital advertisements.

Although, it was not always like this. Not too long ago, advertisements were the result that would take weeks, even months of research and creative processes to launch any type of marketing, mainly print ad marketing. Most of these advertisements were strategic and targeted enough to gain mass appeal and result in sales. And importantly, marketers would consider them as the key player in a campaign’s success.


Direct Mail Reigns When It Comes to Advertising

According to a Forbes article, a recent study at Bangor University found that our brains react better  to print material compared to virtual stimulation. These print materials creates positive brand recognition and consumer motivation.

A study conducted for Canada Post, compared the effects of paper marketing to digital marketing. The study found that direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process which suggests that both easier to understand is more memorable.The overall effectiveness of motivation-to-cognitive ration, direct mail scored higher than digital channels. Consumers that received direct mail were able to recall the brands 75% of the time as digital was only 44%.

Many studies have concluded that direct mail remains a strong factor in persuading and influencing consumers. The statistics are out there which confirms the that direct mail still reigns in the advertising landscape despite the proliferation of digital channels. Direct mail continues to hold its foundation and powers in advertising.


The SuperPowers of Direct Mail

Direct Mail gets Attention

Print mail continues to be read and trusted by the majority of consumers of all ages. People are more likely to notice and read ads in their mailbox compared to the digital advertisements or communications that lands in their inbox.

Direct Mail is Kept

Direct mail gives the opportunity for repeat brand exposure and could also double as coupons, codes for online discounts, etc. It gets the consumer’s attention. According to the stats, 66% of people are more likely to remember to use a voucher if they have a physical copy.

Direct Mail is Welcomed

Direct mail gives a sense of comfort since the consumer is bringing it inside their home. Consumers grow through their daily mail which has become a part of home-coming habits. It is inviting the business directly in their personal living space and inadvertently the direct mail gives an emotionally-charged significance. The direct mail generates an emotional connection with the company and consumers will become more open to your company’s direct mail offers. Feelings associated with receiving direct mail is twice as enjoyable compared to digital.

Direct Mail is Persuasive

Whether it is spontaneous or intentional, consumers are directly affected and persuaded by the direct ads in their mailboxes. The buyer’s journey can be successfully influenced through direct mail marketing. It introduces the consumer about your product, service or a source of information. It also peaks the interests to seek out more information through phone call, online or in-store visit. Direct mail is also a contributor for both deliberate or unintentional purchases.

Direct Mail is Loved

According to the Direct Mail Association (DMA), 70% of Americans say mail is more personal than the internet. Direct mail is a great way to get consumers to associate happy feelings with your company. Mailing direct marketing material to your consumers and potential consumers adds a personal touch to your messaging that online advertising lacks. It is a great way to make your consumers feel valued and appreciated.

Direct Mail Increases Online Traffic

Direct mail contributes to the success of multi-channel marketing that is reflected in digital. It helps drive the consumer traffic and engagement. The response form direct mail is that consumers are visiting the company’s website or social media platforms. Over 60% of direct mail recipients were influenced to visit promoted website which is the greatest influence on first-time shoppers.  The advertising landscape of marketing is endless on how we reach our consumers from digital or print. Despite the growth of digital channel marketing, direct mail is still a strong force in reaching out and influencing the consumer to react.


The Message is Clear that Direct Mail is Still Vital

In conclusion, the landscape of marketing is endless on how we reach our consumers from digital or print. Direct mail is still alive and effective in marketing to the consumers. Direct mail offers the ability to deliver a rich and memorable impression to the consumer, and the impact is beneficial to any business. Along with the use of direct mail it is important to brand your business with  multi-channel marketing. In addition, to promote your business consider using promotional products. There have been studies that have concluded that the use of promotional products leaves a memorable and lasting impression at minimal costs. The power with the combination of all these efforts will give brand exposure not only by reaching your customers but reinforce the branding and messaging of your business.




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