The Tactical and Tactful Use of Promotional Products

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An Effective Approach

If you’re looking to make your promotional product marketing as effective as possible, maybe it’s time to consider both a tactical and tactful approach.

Strategically choosing promotional products for a situation can not only make your promotion more effective but reflects well upon your business.

We recently asked business owners and marketers to share with us how doing a giveaway has helped them achieve their goals.

One business proprietor – who works with a very distinguished clientele – shared an especially clever and thoughtful use of custom printed products to make a strong impression during events

Dulles Designs’ Special Touch For Events

Here is what Emilie Dulles, owner of a boutique calligraphy and printing company, had to share:

“Our company has been in the affluent engraving and letterpress printing, calling card, and event invitation business since 1990.

We have given away matching sets of 100 cocktail napkins, powder room hand-towels, and yacht- and pool-safe cocktail cups –– monogrammed in color to match. These afterthought products delight hostesses and event planners with something typically not thought of, or not a standard line item in their budget.

Custom napkins, hand-towels, and cups as a giveaway help complete their event more elegantly, and for $0.

The benefit to our business is stunning word-of-mouth during the main event or reception. People typically talk with their hands, and make eye contact with napkins and cups during lulls in cocktail party interactions before and after the seated dinner.

Of course Dulles’ custom invitations and calligraphy menus shine, yet it’s amazing how everyone takes note of the napkins, cups –– and hand towels in the powder room –– as an extra effort and touch showcasing their event logo, family crest, charity, or estate / yacht name.”

Emilie Dulles, Owner at Dulles Designs

Looking to emulate this kind of strategic usage of custom printed items for your next promotion?

Here are three reasons why the custom napkins, hand-towels, and cups from Dulles Designs are a very strategic use of promotional products:

  1. They Meet An Unanticipated Need
    • The items picked were typically overlooked by the recipient, but make a big impact when provided as a gift or bonus. This means that hostesses and event planners are unlikely to forget about Dulles Designs.
  2. They Utilize A Situational Opportunity
    • Emilie made an excellent observation – “People typically talk with their hands, and make eye contact with napkins and cups during lulls in cocktail party interactions before and after the seated dinner.”
  3. They’re Highly Relevant
    • When a surprise is highly personalized, it’s often more meaningful. Patrons were likely very excited to see their event logo, charity, or even family crest on custom napkins, cups, and hand-towels.

Introducing these three considerations into your decision process is a great way to make your next promotion as effective as possible.

With a clever and thoughtful selection of promotional items, you too can be both tactful and tactical like Dulles Designs.

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