Tips for Reviving your Restaurant Post- Pandemic 

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Marking Strategies to Revive your Restaurant Post-Covid

Perhaps the most devastating industry from the COVID-19 pandemic was the restaurant industry. As mentioned in one of our last blogs, currently this industry continues to suffer from a crippling labor shortage. As we crawl out of quarantine, food business owners are focusing on restoring and retaining their staff while at the same time acquiring more customers. The silver lining for those who suffered and survived the pandemic is that it served as a perfect opportunity to rebrand, renew, and refresh their businesses. This blog post will run through 3 great marketing tips for business owners in the foodservice industry. Furthermore, we will share how these strategies can be greatly complemented with promotional marketing materials.

Tip 1 Make it Special on Social 

If your restaurant didn’t have an online presence before the pandemic, chances are that you have one or are curious about starting one now. An online presence is critical to online business today. It is especially important for food establishments because pictures can entice prospective customers to visit or order. Instagram and TikTok are great for #foodporn content. In order to have your photos make the biggest impact, focus on presentation. This means plating your food or beverages in a way that makes them look irresistible.

Remember to also maintain a consistent theme throughout your content. Posting consistently is also necessary, you can automate your posts and interact daily when you can. Investing in branded drinkware, plates, or cutlery is a great way to compliment your photos. It also makes it more difficult for others to steal your photos or repost without credits. Our Copper Plated Moscow Mule Mug can be laser engraved with your logo for a clean and classy finish. Custom napkins are another affordable element that can be added to improve presentation. These White 2-Ply Beverage Napkins are our favorite. 

Copper Plated Moscow Mule Cup (Item# 761983)
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Tip 2 Encourage Online Reviews and Offer Online Delivery 

This is a two in one special. The biggest change set forth during the pandemic was the huge increase in people ordering food online through apps like Grubhub, Postmates, Doordash, and UberEats. Making an account on one of these food delivery apps is worth the time and cost. These platforms make it possible for your food to go further than the immediate local community. Although nothing replaces the atmosphere of the physical space, you can give these customers a taste of the experience with stellar packaging. Make your food packaging memorable to those requesting online delivery. 

Our Recyclable Paper Gift Tote Bags are sturdy, eco-friendly, and can be customized with your personal logo. 

In order to fully adapt your business technologically, you will also need to focus on collecting feedback and showcasing it authentically. A great way to collect feedback is to offer a special coupon after filling out a review. One clever way to get this messaging out is to print it on Individually Wrapped Mints. Something as simple as “feeling sweet after your meal? Leave us a review!” 

Paper Recyclable Gift Tote Bag 7.75″ X 9.75″ (Item# 605028)
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Tip 3 Go Beyond Food, Cook Up a Brand!

Building a brand rather than a business ensures the longevity of your efforts. Although the brand building has many components to it, perhaps the most important is to develop a business persona. Think deeply about the kind of atmosphere you want to build and what you want your brand to be known for. Becoming active in local philanthropy and volunteering is both a great way to give back to your community and develop a presence. If your booth is at a community event, bring a sample menu and engage your prospective customers in entertaining activities. Start a raffle or a Spin-the-wheel giveaway and offer useful promotional gifts, like these customizable  Vinyl Wrapped Paddle Style Bottle Opener or 100% Cotton Twill Caps.

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Need more tips on how to promote your business? Check out our blog on how to use promotional displays and samples.

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