Top 5 Summer Promotional Products You Still Need this Year


Nearly half of Americans (45%) have used cell phones while inside a physical store to look up online reviews of products they were interested in, or to try and find better prices online.

It’s no joke, we love sales!!Frozen_Summer_blowout_sale

Even if you are right in front of the product you want, you will still try to find it at a cheaper price somewhere else.

You will never have that problem with us, since we have our 110% Price Match Guarantee, and we love having sales!

And since we only have a few more weeks left of Summer, it’s that time again!

Time for the Summer Blowout Sale!

But, the items that we’re discounting aren’t only for the Summer.

I am going to list my top 5 promotional products on this Summer Blowout Sale that you will still want to use for the rest of the year!

Alright, it’s shopping time 🙂


Top 5 Outdoor and Leisure Products

Our Summer Blowout Sale discounts all promotional products from our Outdoor and Leisure category.

Which means we have thousands of products to choose from!

I’m going to list some awesome, crazy ways to use these promotional products all year long! You get extra bonus points if you’ve already heard of these:)


Swirl Beach Ball

A beach ball, really? This can be used all year long?


Thanks to one of my BFF’s, Pinterest, there are heaps of year-long games you can use beach balls for!


Get-to-Know-You Game

Have you heard of the “Get to Know You” game?get_to_know_you_game_beach_balls

It’s a game frequently used with students, children, adults, and at any function where you could really use an icebreaker.

It’s easy, it’s fun, and you just need three things!

  1. A permanent market
  2. People
  3. A beach ball!

You take a regular beach ball and with a permanent marker you right heaps of get-to-know you questions all around it.

With everyone in a circle, you have one person throw the ball to another. Wherever their right thumb lands, that’s the question they have to answer.

If you are a principal wanting to invest in some fun ways to get your students more comfortable in their classrooms, this is the way to do it!

Just make sure the teachers don’t write questions over your school’s logo:)

Jessica Lawler writes, “The kids had a blast and it was a fun way for them to learn interesting things about their new classmates. I loved seeing them let loose, laugh, and open up with one another. It really helped to gel our class – and set the tone for an awesome school year!”

Beach balls prove to be one of the top ways to break the ice!


Beach Ball Relays

Relays are so much fun! And the best part is, they don’t need to be played outside!

Swirl Beach Ball Item #684154

These are great for schools, gymnasiums, and anywhere where you have an open room.

First, you want to divide everyone into two equal teams.

It’s handy to have a rope or orange cone for help with the course. Normally you have the members run to the cone, around and then back.

Here are some different ways to race the relays:

  • One beach ball between their knees
  • One beach ball pushed with a pool noodle
  • Three beach balls pushed at the same time with a pool noodle
  • Rolling over a beach ball using only your stomach
  • Two team members race together with a beach ball between their heads
  • Two team members race together with a beach ball between their backs
  • Two team members race together with a beach ball between their sides
  • Three team members each holding a pool noodle and they have to keep the ball off the ground by holding it at three sides.

Choose the level of difficulty that best fits your players.

The object of the game is to have everyone on your team complete the course. The first team to have all members finish, wins!

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun! Although winning is pretty cool, too 🙂


9-1/4″ Plastic Florida Flyer

Frisbees are a great product to have on hand during the Summer.

And also a great product to have on hand for all other months!


Frisbee Hoops

9-1/4″ Plastic Florida Flyer Item #656159

Frisbee Hoops is a game listed on Ultimate Frisbee HQ that can be frequently played during the Winter season.

And pretty much whenever you want to play!

All you need is an indoor basketball court, and a frisbee.

Oh, and an important note for my 21-and-over readers, this can also be played as a drinking game!

This is a points game, and works like this:

One team stands under one hoop, while the other stands at the opposite hoop.

The object of the game is to try and make the frisbee in the hoop on the opposite side of the court.

Here is how you gain points:

  • 1 point if you hit the backboard
  • 2 points if you hit the net
  • 3 points if you hit the rim
  • 5 points if you make it in the hoop

You can block the frisbee from hitting the net, the bottom of the backboard or even the rim (if you can reach!).

You have to make exactly 21 points, so if you have 20 points and hit the rim (3 points), then you lose 3 points!

If you get exactly 21 points, each player on the other team has one chance to make it to 21 points.

If they make it, then the game starts over again and the first to 7 points wins.

FYI, if the frisbee hits the backboard, bounces off of the rim, and then goes into the hoop, that doesn’t count for 9 points, but just the final play (5 points for in the hoop).

Ultimate Frisbee HQ says, “This is one of my favorite games to play with a Frisbee.”

For this game, frisbees could be an awesome giveaway for basketball teams, parties, and any other wild and fun event!

Just add a little scripture with how you play Frisbee Hoops with your frisbee giveaway and you’re all set:)


Custom Roll-Up Picnic Blanket

Blankets are nice for when you want to have Summer picnics and want to spend days on the beach.

But let’s be honest, blankets can really be used all year long!

Especially when there are some fun, icebreaker games.


Blanket Game

blanket_gameIcebreaker games are really the best way to get people out of their comfort zone!

Which becomes increasingly more important for students these days.

This is the ultimate “name game”.

The Blanket Game is a great way to get to know the people around you, with the goal of the game to be the first person to identify the other person.

All you need is one large blanket.

Teams of ten work the best for this game, but can also be played with smaller groups or larger groups.

Before you start, have each person of both teams say their name in front of the group. This is important, as you will want to remember these names in order to win!

With everyone divided into two groups, both groups will sit at the front of a room, with volunteers holding the blanket between the two.

Choose one person from each team to stand or sit behind the blanket.

On the count of three, the blanket will drop.

Custom Roll-Up Picnic Blanket Item #654448

The first player to identify the other player first wins the round and earns one point for their team!

The winner is the team that reaches a certain amount of points or who has the most points earned by a certain time.

This is about as easy as any game goes, so if you want you can always bump up the challenge!

Instead of guessing only the name, try guessing their birthday, height, or eye-color of the other person.

Or, if you have already had a chance to get to know each other better before this game, guess the opponent’s favorite sport to play, favorite animal, etc.

Even if you don’t know for sure, guessing is always fun and a good way to get creative!

The blankets are a great buy for faculty, principals, YMCA, and school districts who want to support their students in feeling more comfortable in class.

This could also be a great buy for any group or organisation where getting to know one another is important to feel more comfortable in their surrounding environment!

All in all, you can’t go wrong with blankets!


Picnic Basket 24 Can Cooler

Picnic baskets are awesome to give away at the beginning of the Summer to encourage employees, clients, and partners to get the Summer started off right!

Picnic Basket 24 Can Cooler Item #600964

But now, as the Summer is coming to an end, what more can you use picnic baskets for?


Picnic baskets are a great way to put together any sort of gift, whether it be for college students, a trade show or event, and/or a company gift!

When you think of giving a gift, there are normally three options of packaging it:

  1. Wrap it in wrapping paper
  2. Using a decorative bag
  3. Using a basket

In my opinion, picnic baskets are the best way to give a classy gift!

For college students, some fun picnic basket stuffers could be dry erase boards, charging cables, hand sanitizer, pens and pencils, lint rollers, highlighters, and notebooks!

For corporate gift baskets, some classic gift ideas would be chocolate, coffee, tumblers, wine, peanuts, cheese, and crackers.

ice_cream_topping_basketWhen you are at a trade show and want to draw in some more booth traffic, hosts some games and contests!

Use the baskets to package your winners’ gifts!

Some fun picnic basket stuffers could be board games, or themed baskets like for Coke-a-Cola, or M&M’s.

I’ve also seen a prize basket filled with all sorts of different ice cream toppings!

Have a few different types for different tiers of winners at your trade show.

This will make it fun to play!

Plus, if you have some picnic baskets left over, you can hide them under your booth and give them away as a surprise to top clients that come by to say “Hello”!

A gift is always welcome! And a picnic basket is the best way to dress that gift!


Game Day Cooler Seat

What better gift to receive at the beginning of Summer than a cooler! You know that you will use it all throughout the season and put it to great use!

But better yet, it’s also a great gift for all golfing seasons!

Let me introduce you to a great golfing game that will better your technique and also encourage some competition!


The Chipping Game

What better way to work on your technique than making it a competition with some “cool” prizes! 🙂golf_chipping_game

This game can be played anywhere where there is a small body of water nearby.

All you need is a chipping wedge, some grass, a floatable with a rope, and a cooler.

The object of the game is to chip your golf ball into the cooler that is on top of a floating raft!

If you are able to chip your ball into the cooler, then you win that cooler!

The important note here, readers, is to make sure that your floating raft has a rope tied to it.picnic_basket

If you lose the raft along with the cooler, then nobody wins.

This a great way to perfect your technique, have fun with your friends and colleagues, and still stay outside, even during the offseason!

Oh, and a great way to win a cooler! 🙂

This could be a fun way to get interested golfers to become a member of your golf club! Have an open night where you host this competition.

You can also find sponsors to help you fund this event and buy the coolers. I am sure there are many different companies that would love to put their logo on your golfers’ prizes!

Happy Chipping! 🙂


Stay in the Summer Mood

Just because Summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean all the parties, events, and gifts have to, too!

By using these Summer products, you are keeping people in the Summer mood all year long!

And if you are using them as gifts, then you are not only giving them something fun now to use, but also giving them something they can use for next Summer as well!

Keep the Summer Mood going all year long with these Summer Promotional Products!

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