Handshakes to Sales: Top 5 Promo Giveaways for Events


By Fausto Mendez

Industry events are and will always be critical for many companies; for others, it’s still a great place to start and curate valuable relationships. As a result, it’s important to make the most of every moment, every handshake, every connection that you experience, and distributing promotional giveaways is one of the more effective ways to boost the power of your marketing and networking activities on the show floor.

It’s always a good idea to order a fat stack of Bic pens, tote bags, flashy lighters and other low-cost items, so you can offer at least one promotional giveaway to most of the people that you encounter. But the cheap and easy stuff is also easy to lose, forget or throw away. To achieve the best results, you need to target important individuals with a more useful gift if you expect them to keep it around long after the show.

The key is selecting a product with a high utility value because it’ll ensure that your target actually keeps it – hopefully at the office – so that your lead will look at your logo or contact info everyday at work. Below, you’ll find a list of some of AnyPromo’s less-known, high-end items.

Stone Paper Notebooks

Stone paper notebooks feature paper made from stones, and the paper itself has a very pleasant and unique texture. The texture also allows for a much smoother writing experience, and the sheets are more durable than standard paper. Most people don’t even know about stone paper, let alone its great features, so it’s certainly a memorable gift.

There are a few options available, including a standard notebook, a notebook with a pen holder (pictured below), and a notebook with a full-color cover and a pen holder. These sell for as low as $2.14 each. image

Laptop Bags or Backpacks

Laptop bags and backpacks are some of the most useful promotional giveaways. Your lead will interact with the bag several times everyday during the show (and probably after the show if the bag is a good fit for him), so he will often expose himself to your logo. Furthermore, anyone that walks by your lead will also be exposed to your logo.

Your audience might enjoy a modern style, like the 11-inch and 13-inch messenger bags by Built (pictured below). These sell in the lower forties. On the other hand, your audience might prefer a more traditional look, so Field & Co.’s Compu-Messenger bag might be a better fit. These sell for as low as $22. Perhaps an over-the-shoulder solution doesn’t appeal to your audience. In that case, the GlobeTrot backpack by Case Logic is worth considering, but if you really want to impress a client, try Kenneth Cole’s Colombian Leather laptop traveler. This bad boy sells for as low as $189 each.


iPad Cases

The rising popularity of the iPad – combined with the tablet’s extreme portability – make it critical weapon in the arsenal of business travelers everywhere. A leather iPad case with a keyboard is an excellent choice for any tablet-wielding traveler. These sell for as low as $33. The Ferris rotating iPad case (pictured below) is a fun, modern choice, though it lacks the keyboard. Still, it’s rather versatile, and it’s hard to beat as it’s priced in the high teens. image

Luxurious Pens

Pens don’t always have to be the cheap choice. AnyPromo offers a variety of high-quality pens. Some of them are nice enough that your lead may never want to use another pen again, but these sell for as much as $400 for a single or pair, case included. That’s quite a price to pay for memorability, but it’s certainly worth the cash in the right situation. On the other hand, the Nina Ricci Granite Ballpoint sells in the low forties, and it retains a high-quality appearance and performance. The $24 Optima Pen & Pencil Set is another lower-priced luxury pen.


Digital Photo Frames

Unlike the other products I list above, a digital photo frame is not usually associated with “work” and “office”, but that doesn’t mean your target won’t set it down on his desk and enjoy it on a daily basis. The problem with these frames is that they’re often made of ugly plastic, so they’re not a good fit for an executive office. Fortunately, AnyPromo sells a leather digital frame (pictured below) that you can buy for about $90 each. If the price is bit too high for your marketing budget, you should consider a wood digital frame. These sell for about $71 or $46 each.


Don’t forget to add your logo and perhaps your contact information (in a tasteful way) to your promotional products. Placement, size, and colors are critical, so work with a graphic designer to get it just right. Fortunately, AnyPromo is staffed with talented graphic artists that can re-vector your artwork and offer experienced advice to get it just right.

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