Using Giveaways to Get Email Engagement

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One of the best ways to boost your email marketing is with the smart use of giveaways.

We recently asked businesses to share with us how giveaways have helped their business. Multiple business owners have reported that giveaways helped them with their email marketing engagement.


Paperwallet makes neat ultrathin wallets are great for when you don’t have a lot of pocket space or like to wear tight pants. They used a monthly drawing to get newsletter signups.

“At Paperwallet, we do monthly giveaways of one of our most popular wallet styles – the slim wallet. All people have to do is sign up for our newsletter, and they’re automatically entered to win a monthly drawing.

Having people sign up for our newsletter gives us an opportunity to promote sales, new designs, or even educate potential customers that we might not have been able to reach again otherwise. The idea of having the chance to win something, even if it’s a small item, can be a big motivator of buy-in for people that may just need a little extra push to buy a product beyond an initial visit to the site.

Having their email, but not abusing that privilege, gives us secondary chances to earn or keep their business which is well worth the cost of giving away one free item per month.”

Elad Burko, CEO at Paperwallet

The Big Takeaway

Elad said it best himself: “The idea of having the chance to win something, even if it’s a small item, can be a big motivator of buy-in for people that may just need a little extra push…”

SEO Better

Rob shared how his company, SEO Better, used a giveaway to grow their list of subscribers for their dropshipping and digital marketing course.

“We created a free giveaway for a course we created that teaches people how to start dropshipping online.

We used a landing page and FOMO technique (fear of missing out). It has a landing page and the requirement was to sign up and share the course to enter.

We have done good results and build our list by about 590 subscribers in 1 month.”

Rob Stand, Co-Founder of SEO Better

The Big Takeaway

Fear of missing out is real. Once people are emotionally invested in a giveaway, they are more likely to participate in your marketing promotion.

Home Buyers of America

Trey from Home Buyers of Alabama shares gift card codes with clients to get them to regularly read their emails.

“I own a real estate investing/buying/flipping company and we will periodically load a starbucks gift card with $100 or so and email blast it out to all of our clients.

First come first served, and we ask that they limit it to one drink per use. They love it and it keeps them subscribed to our email list for when we have properties we need to move quickly.”

Trey Crusey, Owner at Home Buyers of Alabama

The Big Takeaway

Regularly doing giveaways can help you keep the attention you’ve earned from your audience.

3 Guidelines for Your Next Email Marketing Giveaway

  1. It doesn’t have to be big.
    • You don’t have to give away an enormous or expensive prize to get people interested in signing up.
  2. Encourage sharing.
    • Giving people more entries by getting their friends to sign up can help you get a full email list.
  3. Keep it going.
    • Making your giveaway, sweepstakes, or drawing a regular thing can help you keep your email audience engaged.

If you have more tips for using giveaways to boost your email marketing, let us know in the comments.

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