What’s the best clothing for your workout?

Are you one of the many that have committed to eating healthier and exercising more?

I’m there with you!

According to Statista, eating healthier and getting more exercise are the most common New Year’s Resolutions for 2018.

So if you’re still on track, let us help you out on getting the best apparel to stay active!

Do you ever have problems with your work out shirt?

Does it hold too much sweat?

Does it end up getting a smell you just can’t get rid of?

Maybe it’s just not the right fit, right? Maybe.

Below are a few tips to have the MAXIMUM fitness wardrobe

100% Cotton Clothes

Try to stay away from clothes that are made of 100 percent cotton fabric. Yes, cotton will help absorb your sweat really fast but it isn’t built to wick sweat away.

This can also make your clothing dripped in sweat making your garment heavy, thus turning the fabric cold once you cool down.

Cotton clothes aren’t expensive, but they don’t last as long as more advanced fabrics that are built for working out.

Consider → Cotton clothing combined with other materials like polyester or nylon can help your workout clothes be more breathable. Try a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton. It still keeps you just as dry, and some brands even have dry-fit like blends that are made specifically for workouts. Nylon blends are made of plastics so they don’t absorb any liquids. Most sweat simply flows off the fabric so that it easily evaporates making a great fabric. Go for wool or bamboo workout clothes if you want to go with more natural materials. Bamboo blended clothing is naturally Antibacterial as well as superabsorbent. Some studies show bamboo fiber is up to four times more absorbent than cotton.

Tight Attire

You’ll know if your clothes are too tight if you can’t squat or lift correctly.

No garments should stop you from doing any workout correctly.

Consider → Go with short-sleeved tops that will allow your arms to move freely for any workout. If you wear a t-shirt make sure it’s loose enough for your arms to lift or flex, but not too loose it’s considered as a baggy shirt (which I will cover next). Bottoms are much easier. You’ll know if they are too tight if they stop you from doing the splits or doing long strides on the treadmill. You should be able to feel comfortable in your garments.

Loose Attire

This can be very dangerous because of all the machines that are located in a gym.

Even if you’re running out in a park, loose clothes can get caught on something and may lead to an injury.

Baggy clothing can lead to poor forms and wrong movements since you won’t be able to see your body’s posture.

Consider → Not many like tight clothing, but consider clothes that are more fitting to your body. This will help you and others stay safe while working out.


I use to be guilty of taking my running shoes to the gym until I began feeling problems on the soles of my feet.

There are differences between using running shoes and weightlifting shoes.

By giving your feet the support they need with the proper shoes can help avoid knee and foot problems.

Consider → Do research on the proper shoes you need for your workout. Whether it is Trail Running Shoes, Road Running Shoes, Cleats, Racing Flats, Barefeet, Weightlifting Shoes, Chuck Taylors (surprisingly), Hiking Shoes, and so many other options! Each shoe has a different purpose to make your body more comfortable.

Re-wearing Clothes

You definitely don’t want to re-wear clothes, especially if it already stinks of your past workout.

We understand that many people may not have time to do laundry, but still, be considerate of those that will have to workout around or near you.

Consider → If you workout five days a week, consider having five different workout outfits. On your days off, wash those workout clothes that way every week you have fresh, clean clothes for every workout. Although, if you have more than five workout outfits available, then you’ll be able to avoid going to the laundry every week (I wouldn’t really consider this though because clearing the hamper will only keep bad odors away).


So when it comes to picking out apparel to get your workout in…

Make sure you pick something that’s right for you in comfort level, fit and wicking level!

Each person’s preference may be drastically different but we have a variety of apparel options for you to find the perfect fit!

And if you’re looking for something for an upcoming event or race, why not let us at Anypromo.com assist you!

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