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Sugar Free Peppermint Gum Pack
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1 Day Production
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Min. Quantity: 125 pcs
2 Tea Bags In Sleeve
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Min. Quantity: 125 pcs
Mints In Sleeve
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Made in USA
Min. Quantity: 125 pcs
Red Hots Candy Dispenser
as low as$1.53
Made in USA
Min. Quantity: 125 pcs
Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds in Sleeve
as low as$1.53
Made in USA
Min. Quantity: 125 pcs
Sour Patch Kids Bites in Sleeve
as low as$1.53
Made in USA
Min. Quantity: 125 pcs
Runts in Sleeve
as low as$1.53
Made in USA
Min. Quantity: 125 pcs
Pistachios in Sleeve
as low as$1.66
Made in USA
Min. Quantity: 125 pcs
Jelly Bellies in Sleeve
as low as$1.57
Made in USA
Min. Quantity: 125 pcs
Honey Roasted Peanuts in Sleeve
as low as$1.53
Made in USA
Min. Quantity: 125 pcs
Cough Drops in Sleeve
as low as$1.57
Made in USA
Min. Quantity: 125 pcs

Food & Drink

Promotional food, drinks, and sweets can delight and wow your audience and customers! Whether you are handing out promotional water bottles at an event or providing custom food and drinks, it goes a long way into making a lasting impression that they will remember for a long time. You can have promotional popcorn tins, peanuts, or branded M&Ms at a family focused movie night or event where your audience is looking for a comforting and wholesome experience. This is especially effective when hosting educational events be it for a school, university or financial planner who is looking for ways to build trust and familiarity with guests at an event. Promotional food and drinks are also great ways to keep your employees or team members engaged as they work from home. Try a branded gift basket with chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn, cookies, nuts, or even dog treats for pets to enjoy. There are many options for how you can use food and drinks to boost your marketing and employee appreciation goals.

Find the Right Candy & Drink Giveaways for Your Brand

Promotional candy
Candy & Sweets

The irresistible nature of candy and sweets make them great promotional products that help brands generate a positive impression and more customers. From promotional sweet tins to jelly belly beans with logo imprints, to lollipops, we have a wide selection. Candy and sweet are inexpensive promotional products and suitable for promoting any business. Additionally, These promotional products are highly customizable and easily shared among people. Candy and sweets are unique promotional items because of the fun and tasty experiences they provide.

They can lift mood and brighten your customers’ day. This makes them great for improving someone’s mood when they interact with your brand. Sharing custom candy and sweets with brand logos and identity are perfect gift items to reward your clients or event attendees and make many people aware of your brand. You can share them during holidays, client meetings, as thank-yous, at trade shows and exhibitions, and more.


Chocolate promotional products like personalized M&Ms, coins, or cigars are excellent promotional items for improving your brand's recognition and sales. Chocolate can appeal to a broad and diverse audience irrespective of their age. The sumptuous chocolatey flavour can melt your attendees or clients’ troubles away while equally satisfying cravings and placing them in a positive mood. You can promote your business with chocolate by either customizing the business logo shape or branding wrapper with your company's identity and message.

You can give the promotional chocolate away to customers or present it as delicious treats to guests at your events or trade shows. Adding promotional chocolate to your marketing campaign is a brilliant way of getting your business across to many people. With custom promotional chocolate, you can make a positive impression on your employees and potential customers and prospects. You can even develop greater loyalty from your existing customers and promote your business among those you suspect are interested in your business. Chocolate is a cost-effective way of promoting one's business, and it's ideal for almost any occasion.

Bottled Water & Beverages

Custom label promotional bottled water and beverages are highly effective and affordable means to give your brands more exposure. This is because everyone needs water for survival and beverages to nourish the body.

Giving your customers refreshing promotional water bottled or beverages is a viable way of creating lasting memory about your brand in your target audience's mind. Unlike TV or radio ad which can be easily ignored, it makes a lasting impression to experience a refreshing drink from a branded water bottle.

So, giving out promotional bottle water and beverages at conferences, product launch, trade shows, or exhibitions keep clients happy and create more awareness about your brand for far less than running TV ads. Additionally, branded promotional beverages and bottled water are perfect for summertime sales business promotion. You can donate promotional bottled water and beverages to sports teams or athletes during sporting events like charity runs. This makes people see your brand as one that is committed to assisting people in staying nourished and hydrated, thus increasing the audience’s goodwill towards your brand.

Snack Foods

Snack foods are some of the best promotional items to get your brand known by potential customers. The common saying confirms that the fastest way to humans' hearts is through the stomach. Since the recent Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the rate of snack consumption has increased. So, your company can and should incorporate branded promotional snack foods into your marketing strategy to increase your client base.

Promotional peanuts and promotional popcorn tins are a great place to start. Snack foods are cost-effective, desirable, enjoyed by all, and easy to share. Snacks foods have a wide variety of options you can select from to suit your target audience's fancies and cravings. You may decide to offer your target audience satisfying salty snacks, yummy baked snacks, small crunchy chops, top-notch pretzels, delicious popcorn, chips and nuts, decadent dessert and many more. You can usher in customers to your new location, trade shows or corporate events with any of these snacks. However, to make your target audience develop a positive impression about your brand, be sure to cater to their desired choice of snacks because the possibilities are endless.

Coffee & Tea

The wide consumption of coffee and tea makes them outstanding promotional products to engage customers and employees while building brand recognition. Coffee and tea have many benefits as promotional products. They are a favorite in offices and in social gatherings where people can feel comfortable and enjoy their time. By associating this positive experience with your brand, you can create the environment for business relationships to grow.

A cup of branded tea may have a more promotional effect on a potential client than sponsored media advertisement. The rich flavors of the tea or coffee along with the branding of your company's name and logo create a unique experience. Add your promotional message to pass along to the recipient in a fun and memorable way.

Ultimately, promotional coffee and tea are a potent and affordable means of letting your potential customers, event attendees, and existing customers know your company cares about their well-being, thus prioritizing client satisfaction and building loyalty.

See What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Top Sellers

"AnyPromo supplied good quality milk chocolate and the packaging was professionally executed. Our customers always enjoy these treats!" - Angela

"Price was great. Printing looks great. It's very good quality chocolate. Shipping was fast. I am getting positive feedback from my team about them. I would order again in a heartbeat, and I'm sure I will be ordering them again." - Erik

"The chocolates are delicious, and they look professional. I also appreciated my customer service rep helping me through the design process. The interface was simple, but my image didn't turn out the first few times. But the revision and communication process to get it right was very good." - Lisa

Thank you Angela, Erik and Lisa. We're glad to read your positive reviews on our promotional milk chocolate squares. This is our top seller in our food and drink selection.

Milk Chocolate Squares are always fun to give to customers after an event or dinner. Allow them to leave with a memorable milk chocolate square. Our tasty chocolate squares will definitely be a favorite with customers! Purchase yours now!

"People are fascinated by custom gums because they don’t usually see these kinds of stuff. It is also very popular because people chew on gum a lot these days." - Ahmed

"Our customers have given us nothing but positive comments on this item. Great! Precisely what I had been expecting!" - Eduardo

We’re happy to hear you’re happy with our Sugar Free Peppermint Gum, Ahmed and Eduardo. We appreciate your kind words on our top seller. Don't miss out on giving away this top promotional candy item.

The Sugar Free Peppermint Gum is a great item to give to customers to keep a refreshing breath. Your customers will love to have these at their side.

Keep your breath minty fresh with our promotional gum. Shop here!

"I Couldn't be happier with how our bottles turned out! They are great quality for a great price. They shipped fast, the packages arrived in a good state and the product is exactly what I wanted - the ordering process was really easy too." - Camie

"An order was fast and painless. The product itself turned out well." - Amy

Thank you Camie and Amy for your positive reviews on our Flat Cap Bottled Waters. This is a great item to have at marathons or conferences. Keep your customers or guests hydrated with our water bottles.

Order yours here!

Promotional Food & Drink

With over 1500+ promotional food & drink items, you won't want to miss out on giving the perfect giveaway at your next event! Food and drinks are always popular with customers! We have peppermint gums, milk chocolate squares, breath mints, bottle waters, salt and pepper sets, hot cocoas, chocolate coins, Hershey kisses, wrapped cookies, hot chocolate mixtures, and more!

You could never go wrong with promotional food and drinks. Customers love to collect food and drink items that could benefit them. Give them the food and drink items they love the most! Promotional food and drink are great for every customer! Recognize your recipients with a custom plaque from our selection. Look through our selection of promotional food and drink. Shop here!

Customized Sweets & Treats

Our custom food and drink products are available in durable and quality-crafted tins, boxes, tubes, and more. Each eye catching piece is specially priced and professionally imprinted to vividly promote your brand long after the food or drink inside is gone. Feast on our huge selection of promotional food and drink products.

Check out these scrumptious food and drink gifts on sale now!

Imprinted Food & Drink

Take a sneak peek at our stock of tasty promo food and drink items currently available. Feel free to give us a call, and we'll help expedite your order!

Chocolate M&M swith custom logo

Classic Gift Box 2 pcs.

Gourmet Plastic Tube (Small)

Jelly Beans.

Chocolate Champagne Bottle Small.

Slide-Lid Tin Mints.

Dice Mint Tin.

The Cosmopolitan - Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Cashews.

Imprinted Food & Drink

Promotional food and drink are great giveaway items to attract customers. Who doesn't love food or drinks? Food helps your customers snack on something, while drinks quench their thirst.

Have any questions regarding our promotional food and drink selection? Live chat with one of our customer service representatives to help answer all your questions! They are standing by ready to help you!

Our featured list of food and drink is trending in this category. You won’t want to miss out on checking these popular options!

Our featured food and drink:

Custom coffee bags


Plastic Credit Card Container Breath Mints.

Mini Hinged Tin With Mini Mints.

Chocolate Gift Set.

Coffee & Tea Set.

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