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AnyPromo's promotional candies are the perfect marketing tool for your business. not only are they delicious, but they're also personalized with your company's logo and message. This makes them a great way to promote your brand and build customer loyalty. And because they're so affordable, you can hand them out at corporate events, trade shows, and other marketing opportunities. So if you're looking for a sweet way to marketing your business, look no further than AnyPromo's promotional candies!

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Mini Hinged Mints With Multiple Tin Color, Decal, Flavor Options

Mini Hinged Mints With Multiple Tin Color, Decal, Flavor Options "Great size for pocket and tasty mints! We will re-order this item for sure as it is going over great at trade shows." - Tracy

"I purchased the white tin with our blue company logo. It's compact and adorable. I appreciate the square shape for our construction company! Personalized mint flavors add to the uniqueness of this personalized giveaway" - Monique

"I purchased 250 of these mint tins (in black) and provided my own logo. The quality and design of this product were beyond what I expected. I will definitely purchase these mint tins again. They're small, but hold much more than you think! Plus, you can't beat the price." - Syreeta

Thank you Tracy, Monique and Syreeta for your reviews! We are always glad to hear positive feedback on our promotional products. This Mini Hinged Mints With Multiple Tin Color, Decal, Flavor Options is a popular promotional product with our customers.

As a top seller, this item always makes for a great giveaway! You could never go wrong by giving promotional Mini Hinged Mints With Multiple Tin Color, Decal, Flavor Options. Mints help keep customer's breath fresh!

About Mini Hinged Mints With Multiple Tin Color, Decal, Flavor Options:

  • Create a long-lasting promotional campaign, with these mini hinged mint tins.
  • This hinged mint tin holds approximately 0.33 oz of sugar free mints.
  • These mint storage tins are great to give away at conventions, hotels and more!
  • Stock Background, CALL FOR DETAILS.

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    Mini Tek Klick Mint Poptop Tin

    Mini Tek Klick Mint Poptop Tin "The little tins are great - just what we wanted!" - Maria

    "tiny bits of treasure...printed well" - Jonathan

    Thank you Maria and Jonathan! Our Mini Tek Klick Mint Poptop Tin is a fun size tin that everyone will love! You won't want to miss out on this promotional mint tin.

    The Mini Tek Klick Mint Poptop Tin is another top seller in this category. Many customers prefer to give mints at trade shows, conventions, conferences, and dinners. It helps maintain wellness with your customer!

    Features on the Mini Tek Klick Mint Poptop Tin:

  • Make your promotions pop, with these Tek Kick metal mint tins.
  • This convenient carrying case clicks and pops open to reveal approximately 0.25 oz of sugar free mints.
  • Includes full color Decal or one color direct print for your retail look.
  • These mint storage tins are great to give away at conventions, hotels and more!

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    Promotional Candy & Sweets

    With over 500+ promotional candy & sweets available in our selection, you won't want to miss out on this fun way to attract new customers. Candy & sweets are always a favorite for customers.

    We have peppermint gums, breath mints, skittles packets, jelly beans packets, mint cards, snack packs, red hots packets, gumball machines, sour path kids packets, and more!

    Candy & sweets always make a perfect giveaway. Who doesn't love candy? From our selection, you can choose the best one that complements your company. Market your company with everyone's favorite candies or sweets!

    Promotional candy & sweets are fun for all customers! Whether given as a welcome item for conferences, or a souvenir as your guests leave your event, candy and sweets are a customer's favorite!

    Look through our selection of promotional candy & sweets here!


    Here at AnyPromo, we always aim to make your event a fun, successful event! Search our candy & sweets selection to find what best fits your event’s needs.

    Get your customers excited with promotional candy & sweets. Candy & sweets will grab many people's attention.

    We have different types of cany & sweets available in our selection. Make your customer happy with their favorite sweets!

    Shop through our selection!

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    Below you’ll find a list of some of our trending promotional candy & sweets. Every item is available and waiting for you to order.

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    Promotional candy & sweets are great to give to anyone! Who doesn't love candy and sweets? It's easy marketing when you have promotional candy & sweets as your marketing tool!

    Have any questions regarding our promotionala candy & sweets selection? Live chat with one of our customer service representatives to help answer all your questions! They are standing by ready to help you!

    Our featured list of candy & sweets are trending in this category. You won't want to miss out on these delicious items!

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