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Promotional 1 oz Full Color Chocolate Bar
as low as $1.21#726942
Made in USA
Promotional Chocolate Cigars
as low as $2.22#640398
Made in USA
Promotional 2.25 oz Full Color Chocolate Bar
as low as $1.62#640493
Made in USA
Promotional 3 3/4 Square Glass Jar with Peanut MMs
Promotioanl 3-34-square-glass-jar-with-peanut-mms
as low as $27.00#741180
Promotional 3 3/4 Square Glass Jar with Chocolate Soccer Balls
Promotioanl 3-34-square-glass-jar-with-chocolate-soccer-balls
as low as $22.10#741170
Made in USA
Promotional 3 3/4 Round Glass Jar with MMs
Promotioanl 3-34-round-glass-jar-with-mms
as low as $17.65#741126
Made in USA
Promotional 3 1/8 Footed Glass Jar with Chocolate Golf Balls
Promotioanl 3-18-footed-glass-jar-with-chocolate-golf-balls
as low as $13.22#741106
Made in USA
Promotional 3 1/8 Footed Glass Jar with Chocolate Baseballs
Promotioanl 3-18-footed-glass-jar-with-chocolate-baseballs
as low as $13.78#741103
Made in USA
Promotional Mug Stuffer with Chocolate Tennis Balls
Promotioanl mug-stuffer-with-chocolate-tennis-balls
as low as $5.91#740644
Made in USA
Promotional Mug Stuffer with Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Promotioanl mug-stuffer-with-chocolate-covered-peanuts
as low as $4.43#740631
Made in USA

Top Sellers

Milk Chocolate Squares

Milk Chocolate Squares "AnyPromo supplied good quality milk chocolate and the packaging was professionally executed. Our customers always enjoy these treats!" - Angela

"Price was great. Printing looks great. It's very good quality chocolate. Shipping was fast. I am getting positive feedback from my team about them. I would order again in a heartbeat, and I'm sure I will be ordering them again." - Erik

"The chocolates are delicious, and they look professional. I also appreciated my customer service rep helping me through the design process. The interface was simple, but my image didn't turn out the first few times. But the revision and communication process to get it right was very good." - Lisa

Thank you Angela, Erik and Lisa. We're glad to read your positive reviews on our promotional milk chocolate squares. This is our top seller in our food and drink selection.

Milk Chocolate Squares are always fun to give to customers after an event or dinner. Allow them to leave with a memorable milk chocolate square. Our tasty chocolate squares will definitely be a favorite with customers!

About the Milk Chocolate Squares:

  • Milk Chocolate squares.
  • Reward your clients with the delicious taste of chocolate!
  • Stock Designs available with exciting holiday themes.
  • Bulk packaging, individually wrapped.
  • 1440pcs per case.
  • Stock Design, call for.

  • Purchase yours now!

    1 oz Full Color Chocolate Bar

    1 oz Full Color Chocolate Bar "The kids loved the custom chocolate bars to announce Grad Night! The service we received was exceptional! Great company to work with. Exceeded my expectations!" - Kristi

    "Looks like we will be ordering more. They look great!!! Value. Excellent focus on the imprinting." - Alexa

    Thank you Kristi and Alexa for your kind reviews. We're glad to read your positive feedback on our promotional 1 oz Full Color Chocolate Bar. This top seller is definitely a fun item to give to kids and adults!

    Give Chocolate Bars away at any event! You can give them at trade shows so guests can snack on something sweet while observing exhibits. Full color allows you freedom with your art design, so get creative!

    Features on our 1 oz Full Color Chocolate Bar:

  • Custom chocolate bars and wrappers.
  • Wrapper stock available in white.
  • Bulk packaging.
  • 3 day minimum production time on chocolate imprint orders.

  • Order yours today!

    Wrapped Chocolate Squares

    Wrapped Chocolate Squares "Excellent cost, printed just as we specified and shipped very rapidly. Excellent cost. " - William

    Thank you William for your positive review on our promotional Wrapped Chocolate Squares. These chocolates are very popular with customers because of how delicious they taste.

    Don't miss out on this top seller! Keep your customers happy with promotional chocolates!

    Our Wrapped Chocolate Squares are always fun to give at any event because of the excitement it brings. Customers will be lining up for promotional chocolates.

    Features on our Wrapped Chocolate Squares:

  • Square molded chocolate.
  • 3-D design in bag.
  • Bulk packed Single 2" x 2" chocolate square per bag.

  • Order now!

    Promotional Chocolate

    With over 430+ promotional chocolate avilable in our selection, you'll find the perfect sweet to complement your company logo! Chocolate makes people happy, so don't miss out on this tasty marketing tool.

    We have milk chocolate squares, chocolates gift set, chocolate gift set with journal gift set, Hershey Kisses, chocolate coins, truffle gift boxes, caramel bites, and more!

    Create your own personalized chocolates for your next event! Chocolates make a great snack and dessert! Your guests or customers will love to eat these during trade shows, or after dinners.

    Promotional chocolates are perfect for everyone of all ages! Chocolate lovers will appreciate this giveaway!

    Look through our selection of chocolates. Shop here!


    Here at AnyPromo, we always aim to make your event a huge success! Search our chocolates selection to find what best fits your event’s needs.

    Get your customers to fall in love with your company with promotional chocolates! They will love to receive a tasty filled sweet with your company logo on it!

    We have different types of chocolates available in our selection. Make everyone's taste buds happy with your choice of option!

    Shop through our selection!


    Promotional chocolates are bound to make everyone smile! Here at AnyPromo, we aim to help create your best marketing tool! Chocolates are always a popular item for customers!

    Chocolates are popular with customers because tehy could serve as a dessert or snack at events! Chocolate is filling and customers will love the appetite!

    Our featured list of chocolates are trending in this category. Order these yummy sweets today!

    Our featured chocolates:

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