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Promotional Small Tin Box with Assorted Tea Bags
as low as $2.76
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
Promotional Hot Chocolate Single Pack
as low as $0.78
Min. QTY: 240
Made in USA
Promotional Cello Wrapped Tea Bag
as low as $0.50
Min. QTY: 500
Made in USA
Promotional Ground Coffee Gift Packs
Promotional coffee-packs
as low as $1.81
Min. QTY: 150
Made in USA
Promotional Instant Hot Chocolate
Promotional instant-hot-chocolate
as low as $1.12
Min. QTY: 500
Made in USA
Promotional Hot Chocolate Packet
as low as $1.32
Min. QTY: 240
Promotional Custom Coffee Box 8- Pack
as low as $9.05
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
Promotional Custom Coffee Box 4- Pack
as low as $6.19
Min. QTY: 150
Made in USA
Promotional Large Tin Box with Assorted Tea Bags
as low as $8.56
Min. QTY: 150
Made in USA
Promotional Coffee Gift Box - 4 servings
as low as $12.44
Min. QTY: 150
Promotional Sweetened Instant Iced Tea
Promotional instant-iced-tea
as low as $0.75
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
Promotional Coffee Mug w / Coffee Pack
as low as $4.25
Min. QTY: 108
Promotional 4 oz of Ground Coffee
as low as $3.68
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Tea Taster Mug
Promotional tea-taster-mug
as low as $3.27
Min. QTY: 144
Promotional 2 Tea Bags In Sleeve
as low as $1.55
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
Promotional Empire(TM) Thermos Cups Ghirardelli(R) Cocoa Set
as low as $46.77
Min. QTY: 3
Promotional Deluxe Travel Mug Gift Tray
Promotional deluxe-travel-mug-gift-tray
as low as $27.99
Min. QTY: 12
Promotional Deluxe Travel Mug Gift Basket
Promotional deluxe-travel-mug-gift-basket
as low as $33.71
Min. QTY: 12
About this Small Tin Box with Assorted Tea Bags:This Tea Tin is an ideal gift to have anyone relax.Four teas of your choice in a customizable large tin.A relaxing promotion for any event.Tea Bags available are Orange Spice, Lemon, Mint, and Pomegranate Green Tea.Special Instructions:Blank items not available.
Small Tin Box with Assorted Tea Bags
About this Hot Chocolate Single Pack:Individually sealed hot cocoa/chocolate single pack filled with cocoa customized with your logo.Great for tradeshows, giveaways, or events.Special Instructions:Blank items not available.Between the months of April-September we recommend Chocolate, Breath Strips and heat sensitive items be shipped in an insulated carton with cold packs. This adds $14 per carton. It will require 2-Day air shipment. Chocolate and nuts should be stored in a cool dry place.
Hot Chocolate Single Pack
About this Cello Wrapped Tea Bag:Good things come in small packages with our individually cello wrapped Tea bag. Flavor Options: Chamomile Tea, Green Tea, Orange Blend and Peppermint Blend. Bulk packed.
Cello Wrapped Tea Bag
About this Ground Coffee Gift Packs:One pot gourmet coffee pack. The coffee packets do not have instructions or ingredients printed on packets.Special Instructions:Warm Weather Shipment: Chocolate products may be damaged by heat during transportation. Refrigerated trucking is available for large shipments (please call). UPS Ground Service is acceptable for 1 to 2 day zones. UPS Blue Service or UPS Red Service is required for shipments into regions that normally take 3 or more shipping days with ground service.
Ground Coffee Gift Packs
About this Instant Hot Chocolate:Our Hottest Item!Carry your name and message home to your clients with these instant handy bags of Hot Chocolate.Special Instructions:Warm Weather Shipment: Chocolate products may be damaged by heat during transportation. Refrigerated trucking is available for large shipments (please call). UPS Ground Service is acceptable for 1 to 2 day zones. UPS Blue Service or UPS Red Service is required for shipments into regions that normally take 3 or more shipping days with ground service.
Instant Hot Chocolate
About this Tuscany(TM) Thermal Bottle, Tumbler Journal Ghirardelli(R) Gift Set:Includes the Tuscany™ Thermal Bottle, the Tuscany™ Tumbler, the Tuscany™ Journal, the Venezia™ Folding Bin and two packets of Ghirardelli® Premium Hot Cocoa Mix.Thermal Bottle is 16.9 oz. (499 mL) Stainless Steel with soft faux leather sleeve and Stainless Steel, leak-proof cap keeps drinks hot or cold for hours.Tumbler is 16 oz. (473 mL) insulated stainless steel with black plastic liner and soft faux leather sleeve with splash-resistant SAN Acrylic drink-through lid.Journal features soft faux leather cover, 80 ruled pages, elastic loop closure and bookmark with document pocket on inside back cover.Bin collapsible glazed faux leather and 80 GSM Non-Woven fabric with removable 80 GSM Non-Woven fabric covered cardboard bottom holds box shape.Packets make 6 oz. of hot cocoa.
Tuscany™ Thermal Bottle, Tumbler & Journal Ghirardelli® Gift Set
About this Tuscany(TM) Thermal Bottle Cups Ghirardelli(R) Cocoa Set:Includes the Tuscany™ Thermal Bottle, two Tuscany™ Coffee Cups, the Venezia™ Folding Bin and two packets of Ghirardelli® Premium Hot Cocoa Mix.Thermal Bottle is 16.9 oz. (499 mL) stainless steel with soft faux leather sleeve and stainless steel, leak-proof cap keeps drinks hot or cold for hours.Cups are 10 oz. (295 mL) double-wall stainless steel with bonded leather sleeve, heat-resistant Polypropylene handle. Leather sleeve removes for washing.Bin collapsible glazed faux leather and 80 GSM Non-Woven fabric with removable 80 GSM Non-Woven fabric covered cardboard bottom holds box shape.Packets make 6 oz. of hot cocoa.
Tuscany™ Thermal Bottle & Cups Ghirardelli® Cocoa Set
About this Hot Chocolate Packet:Individually SealedSingle Pack Filled with CocoaGreat for tradeshows, giveaways, or events.
Hot Chocolate Packet
About this Custom Coffee Box 8- Pack:Place your design on this 8 pack coffee box and give a shot of energy to your brand. Mix of coffee flavors based on inventory and freshness.This single use individual coffee cup is the original size and is not compatible with the newer 2.0 large size machines. Great promotional product value.NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label.  Label reads: "WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and reproductive harm warning. For more information, go to Instructions:Blank items not available.
Custom Coffee Box 8-Pack
About this Custom Coffee Box 4- Pack:Place your design on this 4 pack coffee box and give a shot of energy to your brand. Mix of coffee flavors based on inventory and freshness. This single use individual coffee cup is the original size and is not compatible with the newer 2.0 large size machines. Great promotional product value.NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label.  Label reads: "WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and reproductive harm warning. For more information, go to Instructions:Blank items not available.
Custom Coffee Box 4-Pack
About this Large Tin Box with Assorted Tea Bags:This Large Tea Tin is an ideal gift to have anyone relax.Six teas of your choice in a customizable tin.A relaxing promotion for any event.Tea Bags available are Orange Spice, Lemon Mint and Pomegranate Green Tea.Special Instructions:Blank items not available.
Large Tin Box with Assorted Tea Bags
About this Coffee Gift Box - 4 servings:Fresh ground coffee to perfection.This specialty coffee is a crowd pleaser.Your get four bags of .75 oz each of the perfectcoffee inside a heat sealed foil bag.The bags are packaged in a customized gourgeous box with your message. NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label.  Label reads: "WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and reproductive harm warning. For more information, go to Instructions:Blank items not available.
Coffee Gift Box - 4 servings
About this Sweetened Instant Iced Tea:Carry your name and message home to your clients with these instant handy bags of Iced Tea. Iced Tea is sweetened with lemon.
Sweetened Instant Iced Tea
About this Coffee Mug w / Coffee Pack:Here's a thoughtful pairing of items, certain to be savored and then used repeatedly. One pot Gourmet Coffee Packages tuck into high quality ceramic mugs. Each emblazoned with your custom printed logo or message. Hand wash for mugs is recommended.Mug is Microwaveable.Wrapper available in Gold or Silver. Hand wash only. Imprint lifespan will decrease if put into dishwasher. Special Instructions:Warm Weather Shipment: Chocolate products may be damaged by heat during transportation. Refrigerated trucking is available for large shipments (please call). UPS Ground Service is acceptable for 1 to 2 day zones. UPS Blue Service or UPS Red Service is required for shipments into regions that normally take 3 or more shipping days with ground service.
Coffee Mug w/ Coffee Pack
About this 4 oz of Ground Coffee:This specialty coffee is a real crowd pleaser.4 ounces of freshly ground gourmet coffee in a heat sealed foil bag.Customize with a Hot Stamp or greeting card with bow attached.NOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label.  Label reads: "WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and reproductive harm warning. For more information, go to Instructions:Blank items not available.
4 oz of Ground Coffee
About this Tea Taster Mug:Stoneware Mug with four assorted tea bags. Tea bag flavors are Orange Spice, Lemon, Mint, and Pomegranate Green Tea.Special Instructions:Blank items not available.
Tea Taster Mug
About this 2 Tea Bags In Sleeve:Deliver your Logo on TeaElopes!2 Tea Bags; Lipton Regular Tea or Decaf Lipton Tea. Silver dispenser wrapped with an imprinted envelope. Bulk packaging.
2 Tea Bags In Sleeve
About this Empire(TM) Thermos Cups Ghirardelli(R) Cocoa Set:Includes the Empire™ Thermos, two Empire™ Coffee Cups, the Venezia™ Folding Bin and two packets of Ghirardelli® Premium Hot Cocoa Mix. Thermos features richly-textured leather with top and bottom stitched accents and a brushed stainless steel finish, leak-proof cap and holds .5 liters/16.9 ounces. Cups are 10 oz double-wall stainless steel with bonded leather sleeve, heat-resistant polypropylene handle. Leather sleeve removes for washing. Collapsible bin features glazed faux leather and 80 GSM non-woven fabric with removable 80 GSM non-woven fabric covered cardboard bottom that holds box shape. Packets make 6 oz of hot cocoa.
Empire™ Thermos & Cups Ghirardelli® Cocoa Set
About this Tuscany(TM) Tumblers Journal, Ghirardelli(R) Cocoa Set:Includes two Tuscany™ Tumblers, the Tuscany™ Journal, the Venezia™ Folding Bin and two packets of Ghirardelli® Premium Hot Cocoa Mix. Tumblers are 16 oz.insulated stainless steel with black plastic liner and soft faux leather sleeve with splash-resistant SAN acrylic drink-through lid. Journal features soft faux leather cover, 80 ruled pages, elastic loop closure and bookmark with document pocket on inside back cover. Bin collapsible glazed faux leather and 80GSM non-woven fabric with removable 80 GSM non-woven fabric covered cardboard bottom holds box shape. Packets make 6 oz.of hot cocoa.
Tuscany™ Tumblers & Journal, Ghirardelli® Cocoa Set
About this Deluxe Travel Mug Gift Tray:Gift tray stuffed with drinkware products.Two 16 oz bottles.Gourmet coffee and tea.Two bags of hot chocolate.
Deluxe Travel Mug Gift Tray
About this Deluxe Travel Mug Gift Basket:Gift basket stuffed with drinkware products.Two 16 oz bottles.Gourmet coffee and tea.Two bags of hot chocolate.
Deluxe Travel Mug Gift Basket

Top Sellers

Compact Tea Tin

Compact Tea Tin "It was just what we were looking for. Good tea bags too! Our office loves tea and coffee, but these were definitely nice to give!" - Ellie

"SUPER A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I had a company dinner and my guests loved it! Had these on the table and they were all being used by the end of the night. They took the tins with them by the end of the night!" - Mitch

"A lot of the runners were happily surprised with the teas in their bundle, but they loved it! We love promoting a good healthy lifestyle!" - Hope

Thank you Ellie, Mitch and Hope! We're happy to read your positive reviews on our promotional Compact Tea Tin. Tea is popular with many customers!

You could never go wrong with coffee or teas. They are always popular at dinner events or conferences. Give your customers the Compact Tea Tin they'll love to drink.

About the Compact Tea Tin:

  • This Tea Tin is an ideal gift to have anyone relax.
  • Four teas of your choice in a customizable large tin.
  • A relaxing promotion for any event.
  • Tea Bags available are Orange Spice, Lemon, Mint, and Pomegranate Green Tea.

  • Purchase yours now!

    Cello Wrapped Tea Bag

    Cello Wrapped Tea Bag "I liked everything about the tea bags, especially the price, which was the best I found. My employees really like them." - Dylan

    "Quick-easy-affordable. As a first time customer, I was very impressed with the professionalism of your representative and the quality of the wrapped tea bag." - Kaylee

    Thank you Dylan and Kaylee for your reviews! We're happy to read your positive feeback on our promotional Cello Wrapped Tea Bag! This item is a top seller in this category for its professional look and delicious taste.

    Our Cello Wrapped Tea Bag is perfect for luncheons, dinner events, conferences, ceremonies, meetings, and more! Giving your customers tea will allow them to listen comfortably to your event speakers.

    About the Cello Wrapped Tea Bag:

  • Good things come in small packages with our individually cello wrapped Tea bag.
  • Flavor Options: Chamomile Tea, Green Tea, Lipton Regular, Lipton Decafe, Orange Blend and Peppermint Blend.
  • Bulk packed.

  • Purchase yours now!

    Instant Hot Chocolate

    Instant Hot Chocolate "The chocolate was WONDERFUL! so delicious and affordable for the cost. Definitely a favorite at our event!" - Layla

    "the participants at my conference loved the hot chocolate. I was left with none, so I knew it was a success. My sales rep provided outstanding service! Thanks AnyPromo!" - Alexis

    Thank you Layla and Alexis for your reviews on our promotional Instant Hot Chocolate! It's a top seller in our coffee and tea category.

    Yes, Instant Hot Chocolate is found in this category, and is one of the most popular products. This delicious promotional item will be a hit at your next event!

    Features on Instant Hot Chocolate:

  • Our Hottest Item!
  • Carry your name and message home to your clients with these instant handy bags of Hot Chocolate.
  • Foil Imprint

  • Order yours here!

    Promotional Coffee & Tea

    In our promotional coffee & tea selection, you'll find the perfect combo that will keep your customers awake! Coffee and tea are a customer's favorite!

    We have promotional thermos gift sets, instant hot chocolates, tea bags, cocoa gift sets, pretzels gift sets, coffee packs, coffee mugs with coffee pack, tea bags in sleeve, and more!

    Create your own personalize coffee and tea for your customers! Gift sets are a favorite, you won't want to miss out on these favorites!

    Promotional coffee & tea are great for all the coffee and tea lovers! You could never go wrong with either or at an office or school event!

    Look through our selection of promotional coffee & tea. Shop here!


    Here at AnyPromo, we want to make sure your promotional products are a success at your event! No matter what event it is, we are here to help you find what best fits your marketing needs.

    Coffee and tea products are perfect for rewarding your employees and customers. They also make a great gift set for your special customers. These products are great to give year-round, but are always popular during winter season!

    We have different types of promotional coffee and tea available in our selection. Make your customer or employee's day with our promotional coffee and tea products.

    Shop through our selection!

    Product Suggestions

    Below you’ll find a list of some of our trending promotional coffee & tea. Every item is available and waiting for you to order.

    Order today!


    Promotional coffee and tea products are perfect for coffee and tea lovers! Get their day going with our promotional coffee and tea.

    Have any questions regarding our promotional coffee and tea selection? Live chat with one of our customer service representatives to help answer all your questions!

    Our featured list of coffee and tea are trending in this category. Don't miss out on this fun item to giveaway!

    Our featured coffee and tea:

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