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Small Tin

Small Tin "Great product! I ordered blue with gum and they were perfect! It turned out just fine. Great customer service and fast production! We love them and so do our customers!!!!!! " - Marcus

"High quality for the cost. the mints are my favorite! Thank you anypromo for getting my design to look so awesome on a premium!" - Jade

"I love the gum tin!! my customers wanted more!! I'm so happy we gave these away!" - Trevor

Thank you Marcus, Jade and Trevor! We're very happy to read your positive reviews on our promotional Small Tin! It's a top seller in this category because of its cost and quality!

Fill your Small Tin with our Signature Peppermints, Red Hots, Jelly Beans, Gum, Chocolate Littles, Hearts, Sugar-Free Peppermintsm Colored Cancy, Stars, Sugar-Free Gum, or Caffeinated Mints.

About the Small Tin:

  • Tin made in China - Candy made and filled in USA.
  • Upscale hinged tin is printed with either a high gloss laminated four color process label with full bleed or one color direct imprint. Magazine quality printing makes a gorgeous presentation.

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    One Gallon Popcorn Tin

    One Gallon Popcorn Tin "So gooooooooood! I always loved giving these popcorn tins to my customers. I live in such a small town, but they deserve it!" - Danielle

    "I'm excited to give these away to my staff. It makes the holidays feel much better when our employees are happy! Thank you anypromo!" - Aaliyah

    Thank you Danielle and Aaliyah for your reviews on our promotional One Gallon Popcorn Tin! We're glad to know it's a hot product during the holiday season!

    Our One Gallon Popcorn Tin is a fun item to giveaway during the holiday season, but you could also give it away all-year round. The season of giving should be year-round!

    Features on the One Gallon Popcorn Tin:

  • The one gallon tin with handle is filled with freshly popped corn in three exceptional flavors; Caramel, Butter and Cheese.
  • Popcorn is bagged inside to maintain freshness and does not ship loose like the picture.
  • Added exterior media cord guide for all the music lovers
  • There are four tin design choices: Penguins, Whimsical Snowmen, Winter Sleigh Ride, and Beautiful Ornaments.

  • Order your One Gallon Popcorn Tin here!

    The Royal Tin - Gourmet Cookies, Brownies

    The Royal Tin - Gourmet Cookies, Brownies "the cookies are so tasty, and the look of it was great! I will order again for another special occasion. Thank you anypromo!" - Alyssa

    "I bought this item for our teachers, and they loved it! They thought it was such a great gesture. Also, the artwork of our school logo made it look awesome! Go Cats!" - Hannah

    Thank you Alyssa and Hannah for your positive reviews on our promotional The Royal Tin - Gourmet Cookies, Brownies. The delicious cookies inside is what makes this a popular item! Cookies are always a favorite with customers!

    The Royal Tin - Gourmet Cookies, Brownies is a fun item to give for any special event! Reward your employees or customers with this delicious tin!

    Features on The Royal Tin - Gourmet Cookies, Brownies:

  • The Royal Cookie Tin is packed with Large Chocolate Chip cookies or chocolate fudge brownies.
  • All of our cookies are all natural with no preservatives and sealed in foil bags to lock in freshness.

  • Order yours here!

    Promotional Gift Baskets & Tins

    With over 100+ promotional Gift Baskets & Tins, you can find the perfect one to give away to your customers, employees, students, or teachers!

    We have small mint tins, chip and dip trays, popcorn tins, cookies and brownies tins, mixed nuts tins, chocolate covered pretzel tins, chocolate chip cookie tins, goldfish tins, almond tins, animal cracker tins, and more!

    Give a special promotional gift basket or tin to your customers! These are especially great for the holiday season! Your customers will feel appreciated by receiving one of these.

    Promotional gift baskets could be rewarded to your top customers or given as a gift for a holiday! Show how much you appreciate your customers, employees, or students with our promotional gift baskets and tins.

    Look through our selection of gift baskets & tins here!


    Here at AnyPromo, we always aim to make your event a huge success! Search our gift baskets & tins selection to find what best fits your event’s needs.

    Giveaway something special that will make your customers smile. Gift baskets & tins are not your normal giveaway because it's more personal.

    We have different types of gift baskets & tins available in our selection. Give gift baskets or tins at your next company dinner!

    Shop through our selection!


    Promotional Gift Baskets & Tins are perfect for any special occassion or event! Give these away as an award or for a company dinner. Make your employees smile as they receive a gift set or tin!

    Have any questions regarding our promotional gift sets & tins selection? Live chat with one of our customer service representatives to help answer all your questions! They are standing by ready to help you!

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