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It is important for an entrepreneur to build up the brand name and publish it to common consumers. Different ways are adopted in order to promote a business or a brand in the most effective way. It has been seen that branded promotional items are not only innovative, but a very convincing technique to sell out a brand name. If you are somehow related to the business community, you must have seen many striking item such as helmets, fashionable clothing, watches, decoration pieces, crystal items, umbrellas, cups, mugs and many other things. The task, however, is not as simple as it may sound and there are a lot of do’s and don’ts to it.


•If you are going for branded promotional items, do not order and buy huge stocks of promotional items. First of all, you need to plan out the most suitable product for your type of business. Although these items are not very expensive, still, it is better to order lesser amount and check how much they work rather than wasting money on unsold items.

•Do not, at once, open up a huge store with a lot of investment and a wide range of products. Keep in mind names like Ferrari and Harley Davidson whose items range from clothing to stationary items to wearable accessories and computer accessories. But this is only because they have highly established names and a clientele, loyal enough, to use their products regularly. Until and unless, your brand name is established to that extent, do not opt for a very wide variety or amount of promotional items.

•If budget is your concern, go for cheaper items like t-shirts, caps, pens, mugs in place of jackets, watches, helmets or any other costly items. But, don not ever compromise on the quality or it will simply give a big doom to your business. Bad quality, branded promotional items result in a bad impression of the brand name.


•Be very careful about pricing of your product. If you have a highly established name, your branded promotional items can be over-priced and the will be sold out anyway. But if, you think you are not as big, a name, as; Pepsi, Harley-Davidson, Ferrari, Nokia, Sony etc, then make sure your items are priced low. However, it does not mean that you set unreasonably low price and should not be priced in the way of branded items. Prices can vary item to item. For example, electronics goods should have high price than stationary and jackets and so on.

•Try to create a dealer network. Hand over the selling task to these dealers and all what you need to do is to keep a check on them and follow them up. It is important for you to initiate the idea with some selective sale points as it may cost you a big loss if you directly start with your own outlet.

•If you think that it can be hard for you to keep an eye on the dealers and follow them up, try to utilize events and public gatherings to sale out your promotional items. These events could be trade shows, road shows, expos, exhibitions or any other events.

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