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There are some innumerable ways of marketing and promotion. Telemarketing, ruining ads on TV and radio, placing billboards and using imprinted gifts, goods and souvenirs are most commonly used ways. Since late 1800s, one of the most widely used successful campaigning strategies is imprinted items, gifts and souvenirs. These items range from clothing to decoration pieces wall hangings and many other things. Other important and effective items are promotional stadium cups that many firm use for quick promotion of their brands.


You are aware of the fact that, while watching their favorite game in a stadium, spectators love to eat and drink. These promotional stadium cups are used at the time of large events. Common types of these cups include simple water glasses, beverage cups or even ice-cream cups. What they may use for it is totally based on the entrepreneur needs. It is always recommended to distribute the cups in the stadium so that people will use them and get awareness about your company name and brand.

Vitality and Role in Promotion:

Just imagine, you are in a stadium, with thousands of other viewers and enjoying your favorite sport or a concert. In this time, every person in the arena who is eating or drinking holds a cup of this certain product. What do you think about that product? Without any doubt, you will think that the company has done a great investment in the promotion of their brands. Thus, their products must be of high quality and worth noticing. Such is the impact of promotional stadium cups on a person’s mind when he notices one name of the firm all around him.

How Should a Cup be Designed?

As far as the process of designing is concerned, a very high aesthetic sense and an advanced level of creativity and skill are required. First of all, it needs to be understood the type of event for which the cup is being designed for. Next, you need to make its design accordingly and also think of how the cup will showcase the logo, brand name, product name and the Unique Selling Preposition (USP).

For example, if it is a concert, a cup wills vibrant with the pictures of starts related to the event. If it is going to be a sport event, a decent yet highly attractive design with a thriving logo will prove a fine thing to do. Adding a picture of one or more star players at the event will just do wonders to the design of the promotional stadium cups .

These caps can work in the perfect manners if you design in a simple yet uncommon manner. You should check that caps must contain the logo of the company, USP or product name. Filling up a cup with more stuff can affect its attractiveness.

In a nutshell, if you are successful to design cups properly and aesthetically, they prove a cheap and efficient process of promotion of a product.

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