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Promotional 32 oz Pail with Handle
Promotional Capsule
Promotional 12 oz Candy Jar
Promotional 12 oz Compartment Candy Jar
Promotional Metal Pail
Promotional Latch Top Container

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Salzberg Canister

Salzberg Canister “It appears professional and we are extremely pleased with the canister. It is a great promotional item. Wonderful item! Nice being able to personalize it.” - Delaney

“they were delivered quickly and they look fabulous - Thanks so much! Help me choose the color and imprint options. Great item!” - Gabriella

Thank you Delaney and Gabriella! We always aim high when creating your promotional items. With every detail, we make sure we create your vision for your promotional product.

The Salzberg Canister is great for candle companies or candy companies! Our canister works great to store any item!

About the Salzberg Canister:

  • The Salzberg Canister makes an elegant accessory for filling with delicious treats or solely as a display piece.
  • Looks great with a monogram or logo.
  • Materials: 24% Lead Crystal.

  • Purchase your Salzberg Canister now!

    Snack Helmet- Football Helmet

    Snack Helmet- Football Helmet “We love them and will be ordering more at a later date! Very satisfied with delivery time and receiving email invoice in prompt time. Great item, the look and color was spectacular.” - Erik

    “Very right for our function and also the people appeared to actually enjoy them! We were impressed how popular they are and just how nice looking these were. The finished product switched out great!” - Derrian

    Thank you Erik and Derrian! We’re glad to see that the snack helmet came out great for your event! Customers love to see these at football events, or a generic sporting event! Show your team colors with this snack helmet.

    Whether you represent a football league, or hosting a football party, the football helmet makes a nice gift or decor for your event!

    A few things to know about the Snack Helmet - Football Helmet:

  • Both helmet styles measure approximately 10" H x 9 1/4" W x 12" D.
  • Molded of durable PVC plastic.
  • Includes plastic bucket in center and tray in face mask.
  • Football helmet is a full size replica of an actual helmet.

  • Purchase your snack helmet today!

    Promotional Bottles, Jars, & Tins

    With 60+ bottles, jars & tins available, your customer will love to take this home! Bottles, jars, and tins help place certain snacks, cereals, or candies in one location.

    From glass to plastic bottles, jars and tins, we have them available in our selection for you to choose!

    Whether you’re at a home & garden trade show, or gifting candies for Christmas, this will make a perfect items for you to giveaway to your customers or employees! With bottles, jars and tins, you can make a variety of giveaways more special!

    Check out our selection of bottles, jars & tins for your next promotional giveaway! You won’t want to miss out on these!

    Look through our promotional bottles, jars & tins today. Shop here!

    Custom Jars Are Good Times

    Our durable promotional jars and tins are specially priced and professionally imprinted to promote your brand in the best light. Search our site for a great selection of metal tins, jars with domes, and snack helmets! See for yourself just how high AnyPromo’s standards are when it comes to brand impact.

    Click through our inventory of promo house ware items on sale now.

    Let’s make marketing make cents!

    Product Suggestions

    Here is a snapshot of our selection of promotional bottle and jar products currently available. We’re ready to help expedite your order, so give us a call!

  • 2oz Metal Tin
  • 26 oz Apothecary Jar with Dome Lid
  • 8 oz Apothecary Jar with Dome Lid
  • Glass 27 oz / 798 ml
  • Snack Helmet- Football Helmet
  • Empty Pop Top Mint Tin
  • Empty Large Hinged Mint Tin
  • Empty 1 Gallon Gift Tin
  • And many more

  • Grab your promotional gifts today!


    Search through our most featured bottles, jars & tins to give to your customers. Your customers will use these promotional items right when they get home!

    The most useful item you will find in the kitchen are bottles and jars. These items help store away food, snacks, and candy. You could also store extra promotional goodies in a bottle, jar or tin to give to your customers.

    Check out our featured list that includes many of our popular bottles, jar & tins customers love!

    Our featured list:

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