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Promotional Double Sided Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
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Promotional Mini Lint Roller
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Promotional 5 In 1 Lint Brush
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Promotional Lint Stick
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Promotional Scrubby - Easy To Hold Scrub Brush.
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Promotional Quick - Clean Lint Brush
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Top Sellers

Full Color Weslyan Microfiber Cloth - 6"x6"

Full Color Weslyan Microfiber Cloth - 6"x6" “Great product, quick turnaround, and a very user-friendly site! Thank you AnyPromo for a very pleasant experience.” - Ryan

“This was the easiest "personalized" item I have ever bought!!! These people are human and nice. Was wonderful talking to people who cared and the follow up was excellent. I will go to AnyPromo again and again!!!” - Sharolyn

Thank you Ryan and Sharolyn for your nice reviews! We love to hear feedback from customers.

Our Full color Weslyan Microfiber Cloth - 6”x6” is on our list of Top !00 promotional products. You won’t want to miss out on this popular item. Use this microfiber on to clean glass without leaving any scratches!

About the Full Color Weslyan Microfiber Cloth - 6”x6”:

  • Full color microfiber cloth for smartphone, tablets, computers and eyeglasses.
  • Gorgeous full color imprint.
  • Full Bleed; edge to edge.
  • Gram Weight of microfiber: 220 grams Soft scratch-free microfiber fabric.
  • Photo quality images with high resolution.
  • Bulk packed.

  • Purchase your Full Color Weslyan Microfiber Cloth - 6”x6” now!

    Microfiber Custom Cleaning Cloth With Case

    Microfiber Custom Cleaning Cloth With Case “I love, love, love this product. The microfiber is quality and we added our business card in the back. They have been a great hit.” - Etta

    “If you are looking for a usable item to deliver a message or company name, this is the perfect choice!” - Tracy

    Thank you Etta and Tracy! Microfiber cloths are great to give as a promotional item because most people have phones, tables, glasses to clean. People prefer to have a microfiber rather than use their own shirt. Give your customer a solution to cleaning their items with this microfiber.

    Your logo will be imprinted on the case for your customers to take around with them. Choose your cloth from a variety of colors!

    A few things to know about the Microfiber Custom Cleaning Cloth With Case:

  • Useful item for everyone who uses a cell phone; computer; tablet; eye glasses.
  • Comes in a variety of colors for easy branding options: black, royal blue, red, orange, pink, khaki, lime green, gray, and green.
  • 6" W x 6" H Cloth.
  • Made of 220 Gram Microfiber.

  • Purchase yours today!

    Telescopic Dust Wand

    Telescopic Dust Wand

    “these dusters were terrific. the product really stood out. Printing was sharp and nice. Your order and delivery time was very efficient.” - Skylar

    “Price, quality and speed. I LOVE IT!” - Ivan

    “the duster was a great product for my trade show. It looks great! I like the size and the look of them.” - Kevin

    Thank you Skylar, Ivan, and Kevin! Our dust wand is one of our popular items in our cleaning and laundry category. We’re glad to hear you liked it!

    Dusters are always helpful in any location, restaurants, offices, homes, and more. Nobody likes to see dust bunnies building up, so give this dust wand to make your customer’s cleaning life a bit easier.

    Features on the Telescopic Dust Wand:

  • Extendable Handle For Hard-To-Reach Places.
  • Duster Easily Grabs Small And Large Particles.
  • Available in blue and green.

  • Order your Telescopic Dust Wand here.

    Promotional Cleaning & Laundry

    Cleaning items are a must-have for every household. With over 150 items available, you’ll be able to find the exact promotional cleaning or laundry item you need.

    Why not lend your customers with a helping hand by giving them the clean & laundry they need to complete their chore. From cleaning cloths, lint brush, air humidifier, dust wand to a clean kit itself, we have them available in our selection for you.

    We all deal with days where we have to clean, whether it’s our car or home. An every day promotional item will always reminder your customer about your company. Give them an item they will use everyday!

    Our promotional cleaning and laundry items will go great in your customer’s home! Choose from a variety of promotional items available today!

    Look through our selection. Shop here!

    Promote Clean Homes

    Our promotional cleaning and laundry items are specially priced and professionally imprinted to promote your brand in the best light. Search our site for a great selection of cleaning items like microfiber screen cleaning cloths, stain remover pens, and cool cleaning kits! See for yourself just how high AnyPromo’s standards are when it comes to brand impact.

    Click through our inventory of promo cleaning and laundry products on sale now.

    Let’s make marketing make cents!

    Product Suggestions

    Here is a snapshot of our selection of promotional cleaning and laundry items currently available. We’re ready to help expedite your order, so give us a call!

  • Duster
  • Screen Cleaning Cloths — 9" x 12"
  • Dust Tray & Brush
  • Spotstick
  • Heavy Duty 6"x6" Microfiber Cloth
  • Stain Remover Pen
  • Football Shaped Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Lens Spray Cleaner Pen
  • Clean Up Kit
  • And many more

  • Clean up with these great promotional gifts!


    Get your logo imprinted on our promotional cleaning and laundry items. We have a wide selection to choose from.

    Our featured list includes lens cloth, lint roller, duster, and stain remover. These products are always helpful to have around the house!

    The promotional cleaning and laundry items in our selection can vary, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service team. They are standing by the phone or live chat to help you order!

    Our featured cleaning & laundry:

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