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Promotional 2- Color Stick Up Calendar, English (13- Month) - Triumph(R) Calendars
as low as $0.50
Min. QTY: 150
Made in USA
Promotional Press - N - Stick(TM) Business Card Holder Calendar - Without ad message
as low as $0.70
Min. QTY: 500
Promotional Sticky Note Organizer
as low as $2.92
Min. QTY: 75
Promotional Full Color Stick Up, English grid
as low as $0.54
Min. QTY: 150
FREE Setup
Promotional Your Name Here Desk Calendar - Triumph(R) Calendars
as low as $3.31
Min. QTY: 50
Made in USA
FREE Setup
Promotional Leather Look Case Of Sticky Notes With Calendar
as low as $4.29
Min. QTY: 100
Promotional Multi - Color Desk Pad - Good Value Calendars(R)
as low as $4.66
Min. QTY: 100
FREE Setup
Promotional Square Leather Look Case Of Sticky Notes With Calendar Pen
as low as $5.13
Min. QTY: 100
Promotional Tent Desk Calendar - Majestic Outdoors
as low as $1.78
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
FREE Setup
Promotional Custom Photo Tent Desk Calendar
as low as $2.32
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
FREE Setup
Promotional Large Econo Desk - Triumph(R) Calendars
as low as $1.43
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
FREE Setup
Promotional Full - Color Weekly Memo - Triumph(R) Calendars
as low as $3.84
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
FREE Setup
Promotional Tent Desk Calendar - Motivations
as low as $1.78
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
FREE Setup
Promotional Tent Desk Calendar - American Wildlife
as low as $1.78
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
FREE Setup
Promotional 2020 GoodValue Scenic Small Memo
as low as $0.94
Min. QTY: 150
FREE Setup
Promotional National Geographic Photography Large Desk
Promotional national-geographic-photography-large-desk
as low as $1.98
Min. QTY: 100
FREE Setup
Promotional Red Black Desk Pad - Triumph(R) Calendars
as low as $4.94
Min. QTY: 50
Made in USA
Promotional Memo - Triumph(R) Calendars
as low as $1.42
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
Promotional Red Black Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners - Triumph(R) Calendars
as low as $4.91
Min. QTY: 50
Made in USA
Promotional MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar Red / Gray / Black
as low as $5.59
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Blue Black Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners - Triumph(R) Calendars
Promotional blue-black-desk-pad-with-vinyl-corners-triumphr-calendars
as low as $5.89
Min. QTY: 50
Made in USA
Promotional Black White Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners - Triumph(R) Calendars
as low as $5.89
Min. QTY: 50
Made in USA
Promotional National Geographic Rural Scenes
Promotional national-geographic-rural-scenes
as low as $3.33
Min. QTY: 100
FREE Setup
Promotional National Geographic Photography
Promotional national-geographic-photography
as low as $3.33
Min. QTY: 100
FREE Setup
Promotional MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar
as low as $5.59
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Multi - Function Desk Caddy Clock
Promotional multi-function-desk-caddy-clock
as low as $4.60
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Desk Caddy Clock With Digital Calendar
as low as $6.84
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Photo Frame With Multifunction Digital Display
Promotional photo-frame-with-multifunction-digital-display
as low as $6.39
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Notes Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners
as low as $5.89
Min. QTY: 50
About this 2- Color Stick Up Calendar, English (13- Month) - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.This compact calendar sticks in vehicles or on file cabinets, refrigerators and more - promoting your message all year.Customize at no additional charge with:.22 Mount shapes.9 Vinyl colors.13 Foil colors.Top markets: manufacturing, retail, construction.Materials: 60# offset/Vinyl mount
2-Color Stick Up Calendar, English (13-Month) - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Press - N - Stick(TM) Business Card Holder Calendar - Without ad message:Business Card inserts into clear pockets on both styles.
Press-N-Stick™ Business Card Holder Calendar - Without ad message
About this American Splendor Desk - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.Beautiful landscapes from across the United States enhance this calendar.Same ad message prints on both sides of the tent mount.Top markets: insurance, financial, retail.Materials: 70# matte text/8 pt cover
American Splendor Desk - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Legacy - Triumph(R) Calendars - Triumph(R) Calendars:This is America's best buy in desk calendars!There's no better value on the market. The advertisement, hot stamped in gold, gets noticed day after day.2020 Calendar.Guaranteed inventory available on grids #1 and # 6 only.Top markets: insurance, financial, retail.Materials: 50# offset/50 pt mount Top Desk Calendar Great For Businesses Made In The USA Foil Stamped Top Desk Calendar The Legacy Triumph Custom Desk Calendar is one of our top selling promotional desk calendars because customers love it. Great For Businesses Legacy Triumph Branded Desk Calendars are a great giveaway for businesses looking to spread their branding on desks. Made In The USA Legacy Triumph Custom Printed Desk Calendars are proudly manufactured and decorated in the United States of America. Foil Stamped These Promotional Legacy Triumph Desk Calendars are foil stamped with your logo or custom design on the top. 
Legacy - Triumph® Calendars - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Sticky Note Organizer:Includes two 80-page refillable, 3" x 3" sticky notepads, sticky note flags in 3 colors and two-sided four-year removable calendar.Material: UltraHyde.Special Instructions:Rush service, available upon request for 1 color, 1 imprint location orders.
Sticky Note Organizer
About this Full Color Stick Up, English grid:2021 Calendar.Vibrant, full color printing on the mount - endless possibilities! Full Bleed. Top markets: manufacturing, retail, construction.Materials: 60# offset/Vinyl mount
Full Color Stick Up, English grid
About this Your Name Here Desk Calendar - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.The ultimate in Personalization!. Create a unique, personalized calendar for your customers or employees. Their name appears in each monthly image and your ad copy is shown on the tent-style mount.Note that you may need to allow this pop-up on your menu bar in order to access.Your customer's name printed in the image on every month.Materials: 100# matte text
Your Name Here Desk Calendar - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Leather Look Case Of Sticky Notes With Calendar:Sticky Notes.Sticky Flags In 3 Neon Colors.
Leather Look Case Of Sticky Notes With Calendar
About this Americas Beauty Desk - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.This unique and eye-catching desk calendar offers big color in a compact size.The scenic beauty is always a popular and well-received choice.The cover has a December calendar - perfect for early distribution.Top markets: financial, health care, insurance.Materials: 50# offset/43 pt mount
America's Beauty Desk - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Multi - Color Desk Pad - Good Value Calendars(R):2021 Calendar.The perfect desk pad keeps a customer's name in front of potential clients on a daily basis.Vinyl corners provide an attractive frame and durability.3-Grid choices with plenty of ad space.Each calendar includes one set of black vinyl corners at no additional charge.Top markets: automotive, construction, manufacturing.Materials: 50# offset
Multi-Color Desk Pad - Good Value Calendars(R)
About this Square Leather Look Case Of Sticky Notes With Calendar Pen:Sticky Notes.Sticky Flags In 5 Neon Colors. Related Products: Eco-Inspired Spiral Jotter & Pen as low as $1.73 
Square Leather Look Case Of Sticky Notes With Calendar & Pen
About this Colorful Impressions Monthly Pocket Planner - Triumph(R) Calendars:2020 Calendar.2020 is included as standard copy on front coverChoose from 8 full-color cover designs.Monthly format allows for long-term planning at a glance.Pages: 16 sheets (32 pages)Top markets: health care, financial, general servicesMaterials: 50# offset/10 pt cover
Colorful Impressions Monthly Pocket Planner - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Tent Desk Calendar - Majestic Outdoors:Tent desk calendar keeps your brand out in front all year long.Glossy full color cover sheet and 12 month-on- a-page calendar sheets with gloss text and room to write.Back of the last sheet has a year-on-a-page calendar for the current year and the next year.Easel back is white cover stock with company logo and information printed in one to full color on 2 sides.Calendar in black only.Every turn of the page is another month of great promotional opportunity! Desk Calendar Year Round Promoton Made In The USA Full Color Print Desk Calendar The Majestic Tent Desk Outdoor Calendar is a fun desk calendar that is great for office giveaways. Year Round Promoton Custom branded calendars like the Majestic Outdoors Custom Branded Tent Calendar let you get brand exposure all year round. Made In The USA The Custom Branded Majestic Outdoors Tent Desk Calendar is proudly made and decorated domestically in the United States of America. Full Color Print The Promotional Majestic Outdoors Tent Desk Calendar is customized with your logo or design on a full color digital print. 
Tent Desk Calendar - Majestic Outdoors
About this Custom Photo Tent Desk Calendar:A custom photo tent desk calendar gives your promo maximum personality!Glossy full color cover sheet and 12 two-sided month-on- a-page calendar sheets with room to write on the back.Easel back is white cover stock with company logo and information printed in one to full color on two sides.Pre-scored back folds into an easel to set on a desk.Submit 12 photos to have photos on each sheet.A picture perfect promo and great employee gift.
Custom Photo Tent Desk Calendar
About this Scenic Moments Large Desk - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.Scenes from North America grace the pages of this large desk calendar.Same ad message prints on both sides of tent mount.Top markets: insurance, financial, real estate.Materials: 70# matte text/8 pt cover
Scenic Moments Large Desk - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Large Econo Desk - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.This large desk is big in value. Memo style grid repeats on both sides of tent mount.Same ad message prints on both sides of the tent mount.Top markets: financial, insurance, health care.Materials: 70# matte text/8 pt cover
Large Econo Desk - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Full - Color Weekly Memo - Triumph(R) Calendars:2020 Calendar.Large, bold numbers and solid grid lines make this an easy-to-read calendar.Top markets: agriculture, financial, retail.Materials: 45# eggshell/70 pt board
Full-Color Weekly Memo - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Tent Desk Calendar - Motivations:Desk tent calendars with inspirational motivation pictures.Tent desk calendar keeps your brand out in front all year long.Glossy full color cover sheet and 12 month-on- a-page calendar sheets with gloss text and room to write.Back of the last sheet has a year-on-a-page calendar for the current year and the next year.Easel back is white cover stock with company logo and information printed in one to full color on 2 sides.Calendar in black only.Every turn of the page is another month of great promotional opportunity!
Tent Desk Calendar - Motivations
About this Monthly Planner - Triumph(R) Calendars:2020 Calendar2020 is included as standard copy on front coverPlanner features one month on each two-page spread, along with six months on left column and ample space for notes. There is a one-year planning calendar and space for frequently called numbers as well.Pages: 16 sheets (32 pages)Top markets: manufacturing, financial, retailMaterials: 60# offset/Leatherette cover
Monthly Planner - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this The Saturday Evening Post Desk Calendar - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.The Saturday Evening Post desk calendar is a piece of history for every office.The December top sheet is included at no additional charge.Same ad message prints on both sides of the tent mount.Top markets: insurance, financial, health care.Materials: 70# matte text/8 pt cover
The Saturday Evening Post Desk Calendar - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Tent Desk Calendar - American Wildlife:Tent calendar for desks with majestic pictures of wildlife.Tent desk calendar keeps your brand out in front all year long.Glossy full color cover sheet and 12 month-on- a-page calendar sheets with gloss text and room to write.Back of the last sheet has a year-on-a-page calendar for the current year and the next year.Easel back is white cover stock with company logo and information printed in one to full color on 2 sides.Calendar in black only.Every turn of the page is another month of great promotional opportunity!
Tent Desk Calendar - American Wildlife
About this 2020 GoodValue Scenic Small Memo:2021 Calendar.Memo style calendar combined with beautiful images...Top markets: agriculture, financial, general service.Material: 70# matte text.
2020 GoodValue Scenic Small Memo
About this National Geographic Photography Large Desk:2021 Calendar.Iconic photography transports you around the Earth. Same ad message prints on both sides of tent mount. Top markets:retail, manufacturing, financial.Materials: 70# matte text/8 pt cover
National Geographic Photography Large Desk
About this Red Black Desk Pad - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.Desk pads keep a customer's name in front of potential clients on a daily basis.Grid red matches 032 red.Grid includes Julian dates.Top markets: financial, construction, manufacturing.Materials: 50# offset
Red & Black Desk Pad - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Memo - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.The Memo desk calendar offers convenient size and an advertising message that is boldly displayed at the top of the calendar.It offers outstanding value and ad visibility.Top markets: insurance, financial, retail.Materials: 50# offset/43 pt mount
Memo - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Red Black Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.Desk pads keep a customer's name in front of potential clients on a daily basis. Vinyl corners provide an attractive frame and durability.Grid red matches 032 red.Grid includes Julian dates.Top markets: financial, construction, manufacturing.Materials: 50# offset
Red & Black Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar Red / Gray / Black:Perpetual calendar shows month, date and day with solid polystyrene cubes. Simply rotate cubes to show correct date. Related Products: MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar as low as $5.59 
MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar Red/Gray/Black
About this Blue Black Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.Desk pads keep a customer's name in front of potential clients on a daily basis. Vinyl corners provide an attractive frame and durability.Grid blue matches 308 blue.Grid includes Julian dates.Top markets: financial, construction, manufacturing.Materials: 50# offset
Blue & Black Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Black White Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.The simplicity of this black and white calendar is prefered by many advertisers.Vinyl corners provide an attractive frame and durabilityGrid includes Julian dates.Top markets: financial, construction, manufacturing.Materials: 50# offset
Black & White Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this National Geographic Rural Scenes:2021 Calendar.Rural landscapes offer spectacular simplicity. Top markets:retail, manufacturing, financial.Materials: 70# gloss text/UV coated cover
National Geographic Rural Scenes
About this National Geographic Photography:2021 Calendar.Iconic photography transports you around the Earth. Top markets:retail, manufacturing, financial.Materials: 70# gloss text/UV coated cover
National Geographic Photography
About this MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar:Perpetual calendar shows month, date and day with solid polystyrene cubes. Simply rotate cubes to show correct date. Related Products: MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar Red/Gray/Black as low as $5.59 
MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar
About this Multi - Function Desk Caddy Clock:Digital display features alarm clock, calendar & temperature in °C or °F. Clock slides out for travel. Batteries included.
Multi-Function Desk Caddy Clock
About this Desk Caddy Clock With Digital Calendar:Features Digital Calendar, Alarm Clock, Thermometer, And 2 Flip-Open Storage Cabinets. Metal Mesh Caddy. Batteries Included.
Desk Caddy Clock With Digital Calendar
About this Photo Frame With Multifunction Digital Display:Multi function alarm clock w/ photo frame. Digital display features time, month, date/day & thermometer. Holds 4" x 6" photograph. Operates on 2 "AAA" batteries (included). Related Products: 4" X 6" Photo Frame Clock as low as $6.76 
Photo Frame With Multifunction Digital Display
About this Notes Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners:2021 Calendar.A modern desk pad with ample room for monthly notes. Includes 2 vinyl corners. Grid colors change each month. Large lined note area per month. Top markets: general services, retail, financial.Material: 50# offset.
Notes Desk Pad with Vinyl Corners

Top Sellers

Photo Frame With Multifunction Digital Display

Photo Frame With Multifunction Digital Display “sold these at my work to raise money and they were a big hit. High Quality frame and also the imprint was perfect.” - Anna

“the frame looked great...very professional and durable. We loved the product. I liked the professional quality of the product.” - Ashlyn

“It's a nice display that does its job. Liked our logo on it.” - Ethan

Thank you Anna, Ashlyn and Ethan. We love to read positive reviews on our promotional products. We always aim for perfection for every customer!

The Photo Frame With Multifunction Digital Display is great to give as an employee incentive. Your employees will be able to have this promotional desk calendar right on their desk with your company logo on it.

About the Photo Frame With Multifunction Digital Display:

  • Multi function alarm clock w/ photo frame.
  • Digital display features time, month, date/day & thermometer.
  • Holds 4" x 6" photograph.
  • Operates on 2 "AAA" batteries (included).

  • Purchase yours now!

    Multi-Color Desk Pad - Good Value Calendars(R)

    Multi-Color Desk Pad - Good Value Calendars(R) “We really like it! I really liked that the detail of the desk pad, very nice as a gift.” - Cooper

    “People who saw the desk pad really loved it. Great product! Look is very professional. We will definitely order more from Anypromo!” - Kelsey

    Thank you cooper and Kelsey! We’re glad to hear customers loved our desk pad. We always aim for our promotional products to be perfect.

    The Multi-Color Desk Pad - Good Value Calendars(R) is great for school. You can give these to teachers for them to stay organized on lessons. Represent your school logo on our promotional desk calendars!

    A few things to know about the Multi-Color Desk Pad - Good Value Calendars(R):

  • 2018 Calendar
  • 3-Grid choices with plenty of ad space.
  • Each calendar includes one set of black vinyl corners at no additional charge.
  • Top markets: automotive, construction, manufacturing.

  • Purchase yours today!


    TimeFrame™ “We imprinted our school logo design and used it for a 6th grade promotion ceremony giveaway. Perfectly done. This product far exceeded our expectations for the quality, and the debossing of our logo looked great.” - Arianna

    “the frame was exactly what i wanted...very happy with it. they were well received by the attendees at the convention. I am a very satisfied customer. Very impressed with it and do not have any negative comments. Thank you.” - Brooklyn

    Thank you Ariana and Brooklyn for your reviews. This is a great product to gift for customers. They will appreciate the thought and professional look it has to it.

    Features on the TimeFrame™:

  • Metallic silver finish, glass covers a 4 x 6 photo.
  • Digital clock, with alarm, calendar and temp (°F/°C).
  • Hang it on the wall, or use built-in stand.
  • Uses two AAA batteries, which are included.

  • Order your TimeFrame™ here.

    Promotional Desk Calendars

    With a selection of 190+ promotional desk calendars available, you’ll be able to organize your desk in no time!

    We have magnet calendars, digital calendars, paper calendars, cube calendars, and so much more. You won’t want to miss on ordering from our cool selection of promotional desk calendars.

    Calendars are great for everyone. You can keep track of holidays, birthdays, company meetings, and other events. Calendars help you stay organized on your days, so let this promotional product make your year easier.

    Give your customers the calendar that can help them plan ahead. Even as an employee incentive or gift to students, calendars are fun for everyone!

    Look through our selection of promotional desk calendars. Shop here.

    Promotional Office Calendars Make Cool Giveaways

    At AnyPromo, we place a high standard on brand impact, just like our customers. Search our site for a wide selection of custom calendars, and see for yourself. Trade show and event guests are bombarded with boring branded swag at every moment, so it is extremely important to stand out. Our custom calendars are specially priced and proven to generate impressions.

    Click through our inventory of office must-have on sale now.

    Let’s make marketing make cents!

    Product Suggestions

    The following list of hot items is a snapshot of our selection of 199 calendar choices. We’re ready to help expedite your order, so give us a call!

  • Oval Radio with Clock
  • Stick-up Calendar - Paper Products
  • Multi-Function Desk Caddy Clock
  • Simple Stick Calendar - Pharmacy
  • Equinox Wireless Weather Station With Color Display
  • And many more

  • Grab your promo calendar swag today!


    Desk calendars are great promotional products for offices, educational institutions, and more! Customers will enjoy using these whether they are at work or live on a college campus. Promotional desk calendars will help keep your customers organized.

    Exhibiting at a trade show? Your customers will love desk calendars to take home. If your company represents office supplies, you definitely don’t want to miss out on our promotional desk calendars.

    Our featured list of desk calendars will make everyone stay track on their days! When it comes to desk supplies, customers love to receive them. Don’t miss out on these hot and trending items.

    Our featured Desk Calendars:

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