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Promotional Calendar Large Magnet 3-29/32 x 6-15/16
as low as $0.32
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional BIC(R) Business Card Magnet with 12 Sheet Calendar
as low as $0.82
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional BIC(R) Stock Shape Magnet with 12 Sheet Calendar
as low as $0.93
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Full Color Digital Calendar Magnet
as low as $0.72
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
FREE Setup
Promotional Eductation / School - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
Promotional eductationschool-jumbo-economy-magnets
as low as $0.92
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Basketball - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
Promotional basketball-jumbo-economy-magnets
as low as $0.92
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Persistance - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
Promotional persistance-jumbo-economy-magnets
as low as $0.92
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Calendar Punch Out Picture Frame
Promotional calendar-punch-out-picture-frame
as low as $0.36
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Beach / Palm Tree - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
Promotional beachpalm-tree-jumbo-economy-magnets
as low as $0.92
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Eagle / Attitude - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
Promotional eagleattitude-jumbo-economy-magnets
as low as $0.92
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Eagle / Quality - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
Promotional eaglequality-jumbo-economy-magnets
as low as $0.92
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Football - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
Promotional football-jumbo-economy-magnets
as low as $0.92
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Jungle - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
Promotional jungle-jumbo-economy-magnets
as low as $0.92
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Pizza - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
Promotional pizza-jumbo-economy-magnets
as low as $0.92
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional Race Schedule - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
Promotional race-schedule-jumbo-economy-magnets
as low as $0.92
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional School / Education 2 - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
Promotional schooleducation-2-jumbo-economy-magnets
as low as $0.92
Min. QTY: 250
FREE Setup
Promotional MoMA Mini Magnetic Perpetual Calendar Red
as low as $26.41
Min. QTY: 50
About this Calendar Large Magnet 3-29/32 x 6-15/16:Isn't it time to select a promotional giveaway that'll keep your logo in clear view? Magnetic calendars are one such option! Measuring 3 29/32" x 6 15/16" and approximately 0.020 thick these always-in-stock items feature square corners and can be customized with your company name or message. The finished designs are ideal for sending to potential customers, loyal clients or as a way to say"Thank You" for referrals.
Calendar Large Magnet 3-29/32 x 6-15/16
About this BIC(R) Business Card Magnet with 12 Sheet Calendar:30 mil Business Card Magnet and 12 Sheet Calendar. 4-Color Process imprint on a white surface. Stock shapes do not include the stock backgrounds shown as a standard feature. Stock Background, call for. Note: Magnets are made from flexible magnet sheets containing a minimum of 12% recycled material. Not for use on cars.
BIC® Business Card Magnet with 12 Sheet Calendar
About this BIC(R) Stock Shape Magnet with 12 Sheet Calendar:30 mil Stock Shape Magnet and 12 Sheet Calendar.4-Color Process imprint on a white surface. Stock shapes do not include the stock backgrounds shown as a standard feature. Stock Background, call for. Note: Magnets are made from flexible magnet sheets containing a minimum of 12% recycled material. Not for use on cars.
BIC® Stock Shape Magnet with 12 Sheet Calendar
About this Full Color Digital Calendar Magnet:Four-color process quality.Approx. .025 thick.Large imprint area.Special Instructions:3 Day Rush: 1 location imprint.
Full Color Digital Calendar Magnet
About this Eductation / School - Jumbo / Economy Magnets:Perfect for calendars and schedules, our jumbo magnets can be fully customized for your promotion at no extra charge. Browse through our stock designs, or have our art department make something just for you. PREMIUM Product Material: Coated VINYL magnet stock approximately 25 mil thickness - NOT PAPER!ECONOMY Product Material: Coated paper stock approximately 17 mil thickness. Related Products: Basketball - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Beach/Palm Tree - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eagle/Attitude - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eagle/Quality - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Emergency - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 
Eductation/School #JM-004
Eductation/School - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
About this Basketball - Jumbo / Economy Magnets:Perfect for calendars and schedules, our jumbo magnets can be fully customized for your promotion at no extra charge. Browse through our stock designs, or have our art department make something just for you. PREMIUM Product Material: Coated VINYL magnet stock approximately 25 mil thickness - NOT PAPER!ECONOMY Product Material: Coated paper stock approximately 17 mil thickness. Related Products: Beach/Palm Tree - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eagle/Attitude - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eagle/Quality - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eductation/School - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Emergency - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 
Basketball #JM-010
Basketball - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
About this Persistance - Jumbo / Economy Magnets:Perfect for calendars and schedules, our jumbo magnets can be fully customized for your promotion at no extra charge. Browse through our stock designs, or have our art department make something just for you. PREMIUM Product Material: Coated VINYL magnet stock approximately 25 mil thickness - NOT PAPER!ECONOMY Product Material: Coated paper stock approximately 17 mil thickness. Related Products: Football - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Jungle - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Pizza - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Race Schedule - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 School/Education 2 - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 
Persistance #JM-015
Persistance - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
About this Calendar Punch Out Picture Frame:Calendar magnets that include a photo frame make for ideal"Thank You" gifts to your loyal customers. Available in 0.020 and 0.030 thickness and always-in-stock, these memorable promotional giveaways feature a rectangular punch out design that reveals a fitting place to display a favorite photo. Add customization with your company name, logo and special message printed on the removable portion and along the picture frame.
Calendar Punch Out Picture Frame
About this Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Top - Executive Greeting Cards Stock Magnet Designs:Bentcil's® Executive Greeting Cards with Calendar Magnets are a great way to promote your event. They include a custom printed full color folded card and a custom calendar magnet made from vinyl with paper laminate. Pick one of our stock cards and magnets, design your own, or let our art department design one for you. Related Products: Horizontal Oriented Calendar / Logo on Bottom - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Bottom - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Side - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 
Vertical Oriented Calendar 001
Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Top - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs
About this Horizontal Oriented Calendar / Logo on Bottom - Executive Greeting Cards Stock Magnet Designs:Bentcil's® Executive Greeting Cards with Calendar Magnets are a great way to promote your event. They include a custom printed full color folded card and a custom calendar magnet made from vinyl with paper laminate. Pick one of our stock cards and magnets, design your own, or let our art department design one for you. Related Products: Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Bottom - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Side - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Top - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 
Horizontal Oriented Calendar 004
Horizontal Oriented Calendar / Logo on Bottom - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs
About this Beach / Palm Tree - Jumbo / Economy Magnets:Perfect for calendars and schedules, our jumbo magnets can be fully customized for your promotion at no extra charge. Browse through our stock designs, or have our art department make something just for you. PREMIUM Product Material: Coated VINYL magnet stock approximately 25 mil thickness - NOT PAPER!ECONOMY Product Material: Coated paper stock approximately 17 mil thickness. Related Products: Basketball - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eagle/Attitude - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eagle/Quality - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eductation/School - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Emergency - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 
Beach/Palm Tree #JM-009
Beach/Palm Tree - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
About this Eagle / Attitude - Jumbo / Economy Magnets:Perfect for calendars and schedules, our jumbo magnets can be fully customized for your promotion at no extra charge. Browse through our stock designs, or have our art department make something just for you. PREMIUM Product Material: Coated VINYL magnet stock approximately 25 mil thickness - NOT PAPER!ECONOMY Product Material: Coated paper stock approximately 17 mil thickness. Related Products: Basketball - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Beach/Palm Tree - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eagle/Quality - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eductation/School - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Emergency - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 
Eagle/Attitude #JM-012
Eagle/Attitude - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
About this Eagle / Quality - Jumbo / Economy Magnets:Perfect for calendars and schedules, our jumbo magnets can be fully customized for your promotion at no extra charge. Browse through our stock designs, or have our art department make something just for you. PREMIUM Product Material: Coated VINYL magnet stock approximately 25 mil thickness - NOT PAPER!ECONOMY Product Material: Coated paper stock approximately 17 mil thickness. Related Products: Basketball - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Beach/Palm Tree - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eagle/Attitude - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Eductation/School - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Emergency - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 
Eagle/Quality #JM-012
Eagle/Quality - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
About this Football - Jumbo / Economy Magnets:Perfect for calendars and schedules, our jumbo magnets can be fully customized for your promotion at no extra charge. Browse through our stock designs, or have our art department make something just for you. PREMIUM Product Material: Coated VINYL magnet stock approximately 25 mil thickness - NOT PAPER!ECONOMY Product Material: Coated paper stock approximately 17 mil thickness. Related Products: Jungle - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Persistance - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Pizza - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Race Schedule - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 School/Education 2 - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 
Football #JM-003
Football - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
About this Jungle - Jumbo / Economy Magnets:Perfect for calendars and schedules, our jumbo magnets can be fully customized for your promotion at no extra charge. Browse through our stock designs, or have our art department make something just for you. PREMIUM Product Material: Coated VINYL magnet stock approximately 25 mil thickness - NOT PAPER!ECONOMY Product Material: Coated paper stock approximately 17 mil thickness. Related Products: Football - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Persistance - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Pizza - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Race Schedule - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 School/Education 2 - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 
Jungle #JM-006
Jungle - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
About this Pizza - Jumbo / Economy Magnets:Perfect for calendars and schedules, our jumbo magnets can be fully customized for your promotion at no extra charge. Browse through our stock designs, or have our art department make something just for you. PREMIUM Product Material: Coated VINYL magnet stock approximately 25 mil thickness - NOT PAPER!ECONOMY Product Material: Coated paper stock approximately 17 mil thickness. Related Products: Football - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Jungle - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Persistance - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Race Schedule - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 School/Education 2 - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 
Pizza #JM-005
Pizza - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
About this Race Schedule - Jumbo / Economy Magnets:Perfect for calendars and schedules, our jumbo magnets can be fully customized for your promotion at no extra charge. Browse through our stock designs, or have our art department make something just for you. PREMIUM Product Material: Coated VINYL magnet stock approximately 25 mil thickness - NOT PAPER!ECONOMY Product Material: Coated paper stock approximately 17 mil thickness. Related Products: Football - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Jungle - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Persistance - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Pizza - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 School/Education 2 - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 
Race Schedule #JM-016
Race Schedule - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
About this School / Education 2 - Jumbo / Economy Magnets:Perfect for calendars and schedules, our jumbo magnets can be fully customized for your promotion at no extra charge. Browse through our stock designs, or have our art department make something just for you. PREMIUM Product Material: Coated VINYL magnet stock approximately 25 mil thickness - NOT PAPER!ECONOMY Product Material: Coated paper stock approximately 17 mil thickness. Related Products: Football - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Jungle - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Persistance - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Pizza - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 Race Schedule - Jumbo / Economy Magnets as low as $0.92 
School/Education 2 #JM-013
School/Education 2 - Jumbo / Economy Magnets
About this MoMA Mini Magnetic Perpetual Calendar Red:Designed for MoMA by Gideon Dagan. Move magnetic balls to mark day and month. Use on desktop or wall-mount. Red/Black. MoMA logo embossed on back. Related Products: MoMA Mini Magnetic Perpetual Calendar Silver as low as $26.41 MoMA Mini Magnetic Perpetual Calendar Silver/Black as low as $26.41 
MoMA Mini Magnetic Perpetual Calendar Red
About this Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Bottom - Executive Greeting Cards Stock Magnet Designs:Bentcil's® Executive Greeting Cards with Calendar Magnets are a great way to promote your event. They include a custom printed full color folded card and a custom calendar magnet made from vinyl with paper laminate. Pick one of our stock cards and magnets, design your own, or let our art department design one for you. Related Products: Horizontal Oriented Calendar / Logo on Bottom - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Side - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Top - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 
Vertical Oriented Calendar 002
Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Bottom - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs
About this Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Side - Executive Greeting Cards Stock Magnet Designs:Bentcil's® Executive Greeting Cards with Calendar Magnets are a great way to promote your event. They include a custom printed full color folded card and a custom calendar magnet made from vinyl with paper laminate. Pick one of our stock cards and magnets, design your own, or let our art department design one for you. Related Products: Horizontal Oriented Calendar / Logo on Bottom - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Bottom - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Top - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs as low as $1.14 
Vertical Oriented Calendar 003
Vertical Oriented Calendar / Logo on Side - Executive Greeting Cards: Stock Magnet Designs

Top Sellers

5" X 5" Magnetic Calendar

5" X 5" Magnetic Calendar “exactly what we were looking for to give to all of our 5k participants - will also help promote next year's event! did a save the date! Thank you!” - Brenda

“Imprint was done extremely well. Everything was so quick and simple. I thought these were super cute! I loved them, I gave them as gifts for teacher appreciation week! Would order again!! :)” - Trevor

“this was a special calendar with excellent pricing and the personal service I received was exemplary. Graphic design was good quality.” - Ava

Thank you Brenda, Trevor and Ava! Our 5” X 5” Magnetic Calendar could be used for many events! Whether it’s for a marathon or employees, Your customers are bound to use these at least a couple of the 365 days of the year!

The 5” X 5” Magnetic Calendar is a great promotional to save the date for next year’s event! You never could go wrong by reminding your customers of your next event! Don’t miss out on this marketing tool.

About the 5” X 5” Magnetic Calendar:

  • Make your message last all year with this white with black, .02 mil thick, magnetic calendar. With an imprint location right in the center of this 5" x 5" calendar magnet you'll be sure your brand is the center of attention from season to season.
  • Available white with black.
  • Imprint method: screen print

  • Purchase yours now!

    USA Large Rectangle Calendar Magnet

    USA Large Rectangle Calendar Magnet “Nothing but great feedback from my client. It was especially helpful that the system for ordering was quite easy!” - Charlotte

    “Nice size and price. Great for advertisement in a good cost. the price was perfect without losing the quality.” - Daniela

    Thank you Charlotte and Daniela! We know how important your logo is on a promotional product, so we always make sure that your logo is displayed perfectly!

    The USA Large Rectangle Calendar Magnet is a great giveaway for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veteran’s Day and more. You could never go wrong giving promotional USA calendars to any American!

    A few things to know about the USA Large Rectangle Calendar Magnet:

  • Perfect for calendars, sports schedules, and much more.
  • Sticks on refrigerators, file cabinets and metal surfaces.
  • Keep your name in front of customers all year!
  • White flexible magnet(25 mil).
  • Purchase your USA Large Rectangle Calendar Magnet today!

    Promotional Magnetic Calendars

    With a wide variety of promotional magnetic calendars available to you, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your company in no time!

    We have many different styles of calendar magnets available in different colors and methods of imprint. Whatever you are looking for, we have it.

    Magnetic calendars are always popular with customers. Guarantee your customer will take their calendar magnets home and place on their fridge. These are great to have so you don’t lose track of what day it is. We know sometimes it is hard to remember the day, so this magnetic calendar will help you stay on top of today’s date.

    Use calendar magnets to represent your company. Give these to potential homebuyers or to your students!

    Look through our selection of magnetic calendars. Shop here!

    Magnetic Calendars Make Great Promotional Gifts

    At AnyPromo, we place a high standard on brand impact, just like our customers. Search our site for a wide selection of custom magnetic calendars, and see for yourself. Trade show and event guests are bombarded with boring branded swag at every opportunity, so it is extremely important to stand out. Our calendar magnets are specially priced and proven to generate impressions.

    Click through our inventory of magnetic must-have on sale now.

    Let’s make marketing make cents!


    Magnetic calendars are great promotional items for any company. You could even select certain themes in our selection to represent your company.

    Showcasing a home? Give a promotional calendar magnets to every potential buyer. Place your important information on the magnetic calendar for everyone to see!

    Our featured list of promotional magnetic calendars have been a huge hit. When it comes to real estate, calendar magnets are always a great marketing tool. You won’t want to miss out on this promotional item!

    Our featured magnetic calendars:

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