3 Size Sticky Notes Book
638630 3 Size Sticky Notes Book https://i.ytimg.com/vi/8CEmECx0LvA/hqdefault.jpg https://www.youtube.com/embed/8CEmECx0LvA?rel=0 https://www.youtube.com/embed/8CEmECx0LvA?rel=0 638630 3 Size Sticky Notes Book 2015-11-01
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https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-black.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-black_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-black_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-blue.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-blue_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-blue_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-green.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-green_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-green_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-lime-green.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-lime-green_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-lime-green_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-natural.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-natural_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-natural_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-navy.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-navy_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-navy_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-orange.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-orange_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-orange_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-purple.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-purple_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-purple_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-red.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-red_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-red_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-silver.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-silver_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-silver_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-white.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-white_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-white_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-yellow.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-yellow_1.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
https://img66.anypromo.com/product2/medium/638630_color-yellow_2.jpg/v23 Size Sticky Notes Book
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3 Size Sticky Notes Book

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Item specs

About this 3 Size Sticky Notes Book:

  • Includes sticky pads in three different sizes: one hundred sheets 4" x 3" in yellow twenty-five sheets 3" x 2" in yellow and twenty-five sheets of page marker strips in five neon colors.
3 Size Sticky Pads Hard Cover Great For Students Custom Printed
3 Size Sticky Pads
This Hard Cover Sticky Notes Book has 3 sizes of sticky notes so that it can be used for taking notes or marking pages.
Hard Cover
The hard cover on the 3-in-1 Sticky Notes Book makes this great for throwing in a backpack or purse.
Great For Students
These promotional Sticky Note Books are great for students, who need sticky notes when studying and taking notes.
Custom Printed
This branded 3-Size Sticky Note Book is decorated on the front cover with your choice of screen print or full color digital printing.

Special Instructions:
Rush :
1. Catalog quantities only.
2. Valid only for the standard number of imprint colors/positions included for each item.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), production time may take longer than usual, and is subject to change. For additional options, you may speak to one of our helpful associates by clicking here.
Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), production time may take longer than usual, and is subject to change. For additional options, you may speak to one of our helpful associates by clicking here.
Item Specs
Donna D.
March 01, 2018
Amazing! I did a simple mock up of what I wanted to have printed on the front of the book, took a photo with my phone, e-mailed the photo, and the proof looked great. When I received the booklets, I was more than pleased! Great job!
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Russ G.
January 23, 2018
These were fantastic. They are exactly what we wanted for a promotional item. Everyone we have given them to had a smile on their face and expressed how cute they are.
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Debra T.
May 08, 2017
We had our library contact information and logo imprinted on the front, and the fact that it looks like a book makes it even more appropriate as a great way to promote our library to incoming freshmen!
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