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Promotional Jaffa Oval Glass Paperweight
as low as $15.54
Min. QTY: 12
FREE Setup
Promotional Jaffa Diamond Paperweight
as low as $25.99
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Clear Slant - Top Paperweight
as low as $35.51
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Oval Acrylic Paperweight
as low as $12.69
Min. QTY: 12
FREE Setup
Promotional Square Acrylic Paperweight
as low as $12.69
Min. QTY: 12
FREE Setup
Promotional Round Crystal Paperweight
as low as $29.95
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Large Compass Paperweight
as low as $1.61
Min. QTY: 150
SAVE on Setup
Promotional High Flyer Chrome Desktop Paperweight / Letter Opener
as low as $17.41
Min. QTY: 50
FREE Setup
Promotional Blue Wave Paperweight
as low as $3.94
Min. QTY: 150
SAVE on Setup
Promotional Mini Clownfish Liquid Wave Paperweight
as low as $2.64
Min. QTY: 150
SAVE on Setup
Promotional Customizable Resin Paperweight
as low as $1.70
Min. QTY: 150
SAVE on Setup
Promotional Small Resin Compass Paperweight
as low as $0.78
Min. QTY: 150
SAVE on Setup
Promotional Shark Wave Paperweight
as low as $3.94
Min. QTY: 150
SAVE on Setup
Promotional Mini Penguin Liquid Wave Paperweight
as low as $2.64
Min. QTY: 150
SAVE on Setup
Promotional Standing Disk Paperweight
as low as $28.06
Min. QTY: 3
FREE Setup
Promotional Clownfish Wave Paperweight
as low as $3.94
Min. QTY: 150
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Promotional Crystal Diamond Paperweights
as low as $1.70
Min. QTY: 150
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Penguin Wave PaperweightPromotional Penguin Wave Paperweight
as low as $3.94
Min. QTY: 150
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Promotional Oval Paperweight - Clear
as low as $4.64
Min. QTY: 72
Made in USA
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Promotional Spinning Propeller Metal Letter Opener Paperweight
Promotional spinning-propeller-metal-letter-opener-paperweight
as low as $8.23
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Crystal Dome Magnifier - Paperweight
Promotional crystal-dome-magnifier-paperweight
as low as $11.61
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Crystal Globe Paperweight
Promotional crystal-globe-paperweight
as low as $10.65
Min. QTY: 50
Promotional Rimini Gem Cut Crystal Paperweight
as low as $30.00
Min. QTY: 1
Promotional Rectangle Crystal Paperweight
as low as $51.21
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Faceted Crystal Paperweight
as low as $45.33
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Round Paperweight with Flat Edge
as low as $51.92
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Globe Paperweight Award
as low as $97.66
Min. QTY: 3
FREE Setup
Promotional Jade Paperweight - Horizontal
as low as $42.21
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Jade Paperweight - Vertical
as low as $42.21
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Slanted Crystal Paperweight
as low as $28.85
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Business Card Paperweight
as low as $25.61
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Crystal Oyster Paperweight
as low as $64.16
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Jaffa Dome Paperweight
as low as $31.59
Min. QTY: 6
FREE Setup
Promotional Arrowhead Acrylic Paperweight
as low as $13.31
Min. QTY: 12
FREE Setup
Promotional MoMA Airplane Ruler - Paperweight
as low as $13.25
Min. QTY: 50
About this Jaffa Oval Glass Paperweight:Utilize the oval shape for your logo or message. A great customer "thank-you" gift. Materials: Glass
Jaffa Oval Glass Paperweight
About this Jaffa Diamond Paperweight:The Diamond Paperweight is a beautiful accessory that every executive should have on their desks! Also great client gift. They will never forget you! A beautiful way to welcome new employees. Materials: Optical Crystal Looks Like A Diamond Memorable Promotional Gift Great For The Boss Deep Etched Looks Like A Diamond This optical crystal Diamind Paperweight looks like a real diamond and measures 3" wide. Memorable Promotional Gift Custom Etched Diamond Paperweights make a very memorable promotional gift that makes people remember your brand. Great For The Boss These promotional Diamond Paperweights are a great gift for the boss because having a diamond on your desk is a boss move. Deep Etched Your logo or custom design is deep etched onto the top of the branded Diamond Paperweight in a 1-3/8" diameter engraving area. 
Jaffa Diamond Paperweight
About this Clear Slant - Top Paperweight:Put a different slant on things with the glass slant-top paperweight. Materials: Glass
Clear Slant-Top Paperweight
About this Oval Acrylic Paperweight:Oval shaped acrylic paperweight.Shown with an optional britePix. Materials: AcrylicSpecial Instructions:Laser Etch Personalization $3.00 per line, per piece,Full Color with Personalization $3.00 per location, per pieceRush Service:The standard imprint method, 1-color/ 1-location is available.
Oval Acrylic Paperweight
About this Square Acrylic Paperweight:Square paperweight made of acrylic.Shown with an optional britePix. Materials: AcrylicSpecial Instructions:Laser Etch Personalization $3.00 per line, per piece,Full Color with Personalization $3.00 per location, per pieceRush Service:The standard imprint method, 1-color/ 1-location is available.
Square Acrylic Paperweight
About this Round Crystal Paperweight:Office workers everywhere will value this popular paperweight. A perfect accessory for everyone's desk. Materials: Optical CrystalSpecial Instructions:Full Color with Personalization $3.00 per location, per piece.Rush Service:The standard imprint method, 1-color/ 1-location is available.
Round Crystal Paperweight
About this Large Compass Paperweight:This round compass paperweight makes a great giveaway at conferences, tradeshows and events or, as a gift to show your appreciation to employees and customers. A great desk accessory.Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age. Real Functional Compass Fun Desk Item Great Tradeshow Giveaway Pad Printed Real Functional Compass This large promotional giveaway compass is a functional, working compass that really points north. Fun Desk Item These Jumbo Compasses make a fun desk item and the perfect office giveaway for the boss who values direction. Great Tradeshow Giveaway These Large Custom Printed Compasses are the perfect tradeshow giveaway, everyone will head over to your booth to get one. Pad Printed The Promotional Large Compass is pad printed with your logo or custom design in your choice of up to 2 colors. Special Instructions:Rush order: Information received after 12 noon Pacific Time will cause the order to move to the next day production.
Large Compass Paperweight
About this High Flyer Chrome Desktop Paperweight / Letter Opener:Fun and functional executive letter opener and paperweight, Spins on base, Adds beauty to any desktop.Special Instructions:Rush service:1.One color/position standard imprint
High Flyer Chrome Desktop Paperweight/Letter Opener
About this Blue Wave Paperweight:Liquid wave paperweight. Liquid motion products are always fun, entertaining and perfect for promotional giveaways. Your customized company's logo or slogan on this paperweight makes the perfect gift for your clients at your next trade show or event.Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.Special Instructions:Rush order: Information received after 12 noon Pacific Time will cause the order to move to the next day production. Related Products: Clownfish Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 Penguin Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 Shark Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 
Blue Wave Paperweight
About this Mini Clownfish Liquid Wave Paperweight:Mini wave liquid motion paperweight with clown fish. Liquid motion products are always fun, entertaining and perfect for promotional giveaways. Your customized company's logo or slogan on this paperweight makes the perfect gift for your clients at your next trade show or event.Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.Special Instructions:Rush order: Information received after 12 noon Pacific Time will cause the order to move to the next day production. Related Products: Mini Penguin Liquid Wave Paperweight as low as $2.64 Customizable Resin Paperweight as low as $1.70 
Mini Clownfish Liquid Wave Paperweight
About this Customizable Resin Paperweight:This elegant resin desk paperweight makes a great giveaway at conferences, tradeshows or events or, as a gift to show your appreciation to your department or your employees. Least expensive and highest quality on the market! Due to the handmade nature of this product, absolute uniformity of size cannot be guaranteed.Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age. Resin Paperweight Elegant Giveaway Great For Desks Pad Printed Resin Paperweight Clear Resin Paperweights are clear resin blocks with your imprint on top. Elegant Giveaway These Clear Imprinted Paperweights make an elegant giveaway and are perfect as small recognition awards. Great For Desks Custom Brandable Clear Resin Paperweights are distinguished looking and make a perfect desk top item in ofces. Pad Printed The Promotional Customizable Resin Paperweight is pad printed with your logo or custom design in your choice of up to 2 colors. Special Instructions:Rush order: Information received after 12 noon Pacific Time will cause the order to move to the next day production. Related Products: Mini Clownfish Liquid Wave Paperweight as low as $2.64 Mini Penguin Liquid Wave Paperweight as low as $2.64 
Customizable Resin Paperweight
About this Small Resin Compass Paperweight:Smaller version of our popular resin compass paperweight. Lower price point makes for a great giveaway at conferences, trade shows and events. A smart desk accessory. Available in Black or White; order by color. Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.Special Instructions:Rush order: Information received after 12 noon Pacific Time will cause the order to move to the next day production.
Small Resin Compass Paperweight
About this Shark Wave Paperweight:Liquid wave paperweight with floating sharks. Liquid motion products are always fun, entertaining and perfect for promotional giveaways. Your customized company's logo or slogan on this paperweight makes the perfect gift for your clients at your next trade show or event.Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.Special Instructions:Rush order: Information received after 12 noon Pacific Time will cause the order to move to the next day production. Related Products: Clownfish Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 Penguin Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 Blue Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 
Shark Wave Paperweight
About this Mini Penguin Liquid Wave Paperweight:Mini wave liquid motion paperweight with penguins. Liquid motion products are always fun, entertaining and perfect for promotional giveaways. Your customized company's logo or slogan on this paperweight makes the perfect gift for your clients at your next trade show or event.Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.Special Instructions:Rush order: Information received after 12 noon Pacific Time will cause the order to move to the next day production. Related Products: Mini Clownfish Liquid Wave Paperweight as low as $2.64 Customizable Resin Paperweight as low as $1.70 
Mini Penguin Liquid Wave Paperweight
About this Atrium(TM) Silver Magnifier Paperweight:Perfect gift for the home or office.2-piece round Silver finish Zinc Alloy paperweight.Includes 2.5X magnifier and non-skid base.Non-skid base.
Atrium™ Silver Magnifier Paperweight
About this Standing Disk Paperweight:Hand crafted round paperweight with clipped bottom.When not ordering website quantities additional fees may apply.
Standing Disk Paperweight
About this Clownfish Wave Paperweight:Liquid wave paperweight with floating clown fish. Liquid motion products are always fun, entertaining and perfect for promotional giveaways. Your customized company's logo or slogan on this paperweight makes the perfect gift for your clients at your next trade show or event.Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.Special Instructions:Rush order: Information received after 12 noon Pacific Time will cause the order to move to the next day production. Related Products: Penguin Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 Shark Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 Blue Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 
Clownfish Wave Paperweight
About this Crystal Diamond Paperweights:Add a touch of class to your promotional message. This massive gemstone is the perfect desk accessory. These stones have a high perceived value, provide an unforgettable base for your message and will last forever. Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.Special Instructions:Rush order: Information received after 12 noon Pacific Time will cause the order to move to the next day production.
Crystal Diamond Paperweights
About this Penguin Wave Paperweight:Liquid wave paperweight with floating penguins. Liquid motion products are always fun, entertaining and perfect for promotional giveaways. Your customized company's logo or slogan on this paperweight makes the perfect gift for your clients at your next trade show or event.Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.Special Instructions:Rush order: Information received after 12 noon Pacific Time will cause the order to move to the next day production. Related Products: Clownfish Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 Shark Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 Blue Wave Paperweight as low as $3.94 
Penguin Wave Paperweight
About this Oval Paperweight - Clear:Oval paperweight.Hand wash recommended.Microwave safe with non-metallic imprint.Special Instructions:Rush Services Detals: Orders requesting Rush Service are available for 1 color/1 location imprint only.Rush services are not available for paper insert tumblers and 4 color process orders.
Oval Paperweight - Clear
About this Spinning Propeller Metal Letter Opener Paperweight:Spinning propeller metal letter opener & paperweight. Metal propeller spins smoothly on high performance bearing. Bottom of propeller cone is rubber to prevent sliding while propeller is spinning. Propeller can be used as a letter opener and has no sharp edges.
Spinning Propeller Metal Letter Opener & Paperweight
About this Crystal Dome Magnifier - Paperweight:Crystal dome Magnifier-Paperweight.
Crystal Dome Magnifier-Paperweight
About this Crystal Globe Paperweight:Crystal spherical paperweight cut as a globe.Flat bottom.
Crystal Globe Paperweight
About this Rimini Gem Cut Crystal Paperweight:Gem cut optical crystal paperweight with octagon face. Finish / Material: Crystal. PLEASE NOTE: Each crystal product is handmade; the size and weight may vary from piece to piece.
Rimini Gem Cut Crystal Paperweight
About this Rectangle Crystal Paperweight:Create a work of art for the desk with a personalized Starfire paperweight. A classic paperweight is great for any industry! Materials: Optical Crystal
Rectangle Crystal Paperweight
About this Faceted Crystal Paperweight:Logos look great on top of this faceted optical crystal paperweight. This paperweight will sparkle from every angle. Materials: Optical Crystal
Faceted Crystal Paperweight
About this Round Paperweight with Flat Edge:Traditional round shape with one straight area for standing as an award or exhibit. Crystal clear with softly rounded edges. Mario Cioni design. Materials: 24% Lead CrystalNOTE: Product comes with Prop 65 warning label when shipped to California. Label reads: WARNING: This product may contain carcinogen, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, go to
Round Paperweight with Flat Edge
About this Globe Paperweight Award:A world of thanks will be demonstrated with the Global Paperweight award. Use this handsome paperweight to thank your employees! Materials: Optical Crystal Globe on Black Glass Base
Globe Paperweight Award
About this Jade Paperweight - Horizontal:The large etch area and beautiful jade crystal guarantee that the recipient's achievement will long be remembered. Great employee gift. Materials: Jade Glass
Jade Paperweight - Horizontal
About this Jade Paperweight - Vertical:The vertical orientation of this paperweight ensures that your message will be easily visible. Great employee gift. Materials: Jade Glass
Jade Paperweight - Vertical
About this Slanted Crystal Paperweight:Stock motivational messages are used to decorate the circumference. Pride, Excellence, Achievement, Service, Gratitude, Commitment, Loyalty, Teamwork. Materials: Optical Crystal
Slanted Crystal Paperweight
About this Business Card Paperweight:Create a colorful 3D effect by imprinting both back and front sides. Includes Full-Color imprint on a back. Shown with britePix back and deep etch front, additional charges apply.Materials: Optical CrystalSpecial Instructions:Full Color with Personalization $3.00 per location, per piece,
Business Card Paperweight
About this Crystal Oyster Paperweight:Multi-faceted paperweight. Material: Optical Crystal
Crystal Oyster Paperweight
About this Jaffa Dome Paperweight:Classic dome shaped paperweight. Magnifies the imprint.Materials: Optical Crystal
Jaffa Dome Paperweight
About this Arrowhead Acrylic Paperweight:Unique shapeGreat desk itemMateral: Acrylic
Arrowhead Acrylic Paperweight
About this MoMA Airplane Ruler - Paperweight:Ruler/paperweight. Brushed stainless steel finish with debossed measurements (inches and centimeters).
MoMA Airplane Ruler-Paperweight

Top Sellers

Large Compass

Large Compass “Excellent quality overall. The compass was well received. Excellent product, just what my customers were looking for exactly. I was pleased with the service and product given to me by your company.” - Kelsey

“met my expectations An ideal gift for my clients, Good imprint!” - Mya

“Nice quality item. Excellent quality, fast service.” - Mariah

Thank you Kelsey, Mya and Mariah! We love reading positive reviews about our promotional products.

The Large Compass is great for explorers and adventurists to have. Whether it’s a giveaway for science camp, college class, or at a museum, your customers will love our popular large compass.

About the Large Compass:

  • This round compass paperweight makes a great giveaway at conferences, tradeshows and events or, as a gift to show your appreciation to employees and customers.
  • A great desk accessory.
  • Products are not intended for use by children or pets.
  • They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.
  • Available with black face or white face.

  • Purchase yours now!

    Crystal Globe Paperweight

    Crystal Globe Paperweight “the weights just arrived but I think it will be a nice gift. Wonderful item! Nice being able to personalize it.They will be useful for our Company Reunion.” - Derek

    “We are so happy with how these weights turned out! It came out great! very satisfied. thank you.” - Andres

    Thank you Derek and Andres! Paper weights are great to give to others, because of how classy they are.

    The Crystal Globe Paperweight will not roll away from getting its job done. It’ll hold your papers down with a professional, fun style.

    A few things to know about the Crystal Globe Paperweight:

  • Flat bottom.
  • Imprint Method: Laser Engrave
  • Available in clear.

  • Purchase your Crystal Globe Paperweight today!

    3/4" Thick Moving Star Paperweight - 4-1/2" x 5"

    3/4" Thick Moving Star Paperweight - 4-1/2" x 5" “We didn't have time to ask for a free sample but the paperweight turned out great! Overall, a nice 1st time experience with AnyPromo. the Logo looks great and people are pleased.” - Gavin

    “The attendees love it. Great job looks so much better in person. Love how it is packed was very easy to distribute at the meeting.” - Leticia

    Thank you Gavin and Leticia! We’re always happy to read positive reviews. Our star paperweight is definitely a top seller because of its elegance. You can give these away as awards to your customers!

    Features on the 3/4” Thick Moving Star Paperweight - 4-1/2” x 5”:

  • Acrylic Paperweights come in a variety of shapes and thicknesses.
  • They lend sophistication and elegance to any event and provide a great keepsake or recognition memento.
  • Available in clear.
  • Imprint method: Screen print

  • Order your 3/4” Thick Moving Star Paperweight - 4-1/2” x 5” here.

    Promotional Paper Weights

    With over 200 promotional paper weights,available, you’ll have no problem choosing the perfect one to display your company logo!

    We have all kinds of paper weights for you! From crystal, metal, glass, bamboo, plastic, acrylic, stone, and more, your style is in our selection.

    Paper weights are great for any environment! Paper weights are convenient to keep any papers from flying off desks. You could also add some spice on top of all those papers you have on your desk just waiting to be completed! Paper weights are great for marketing because your logo will be facing up for everyone to see!

    Use paper weights to give to your employees as an incentive. You could also hand these out at trade show for your customers to use!

    Look through our selection of paper weights. Shop here!

    Paperweights Make Great Promotional Gifts

    At AnyPromo, we place a high standard on brand impact, just like our customers. Search our site for a wide selection of promotional paperweights and see for yourself. Trade show and event guests are bombarded with boring branded swag at every opportunity, so it is extremely important to stand out. Our custom paperweights are specially priced and proven to generate impressions.

    Click through our inventory of promotional paperweights on sale now.

    Let’s make marketing make cents!

    All Types of Custom Paperweights & More

    Here is a snapshot of our selection of 205 custom paperweight options. We’re ready to help expedite your order, so give us a call!

  • Crystal Globe Paperweight (Blue)
  • Marble Apple W/ Plastic Stem
  • Crystal Basketball Paperweight
  • Mini Gold Bar Paperweight / Magnet
  • Star Paperweight
  • 2PC. Brass Magnifier Paperweight
  • And many more

  • Grab your promo paperweight swag today!


    Paper weights are great for offices or educational institutions! Wherever there’s paper, there should be a paper weight. Stop chasing down those fly away papers with our promotional paper weights.

    Thinking about giving these as gifts? Professors, Accountants, Marketers, Students, and just about everyone will find paper weights useful in their daily work life! Give them this promotional item to help them stay organized.

    Our featured list of paper weights are perfect promotional items for just about everyone! When it comes to office supplies, customers love to receive them. Don’t miss out on these hot and trending items.

    Our featured Paper Weights:

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