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Promotional 2- Color Stick Up Calendar, English (13- Month) - Triumph(R) Calendars
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Min. QTY: 150
Made in USA
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Promotional Insurance Card Holder
as low as $0.26
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
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Promotional Credit Card Magnifier
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Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Pro - Scale 12 Plastic Ruler
as low as $0.91
Min. QTY: 300
Made in USA
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Promotional Ideal 6 Pocket Ruler
as low as $0.46
Min. QTY: 300
Made in USA
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Promotional Let - Jet Letter Opener
as low as $0.75
Min. QTY: 300
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Promotional Hot Stamped Heart Letter Opener
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Promotional Sure - Grip Letter Opener
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Min. QTY: 250
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Promotional Wall Street Letter Opener / Magnifier
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Promotional Happy House Letter Opener
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Promotional Business Card / License Holder
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Promotional Calendar Desk Pads (21 3/4 x 17)
as low as $4.06
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
Promotional Press - N - Stick(TM) Business Card Holder Calendar - With ad message
as low as $0.59
Min. QTY: 150
Made in USA
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Press - N - Stick Standard CalendarPromotional Press - N - Stick Standard Calendar
as low as $0.68
Min. QTY: 500
Made in USA
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Promotional Calendar Desk Pads (21 3/4 x 17)
as low as $4.19
Min. QTY: 100
Made in USA
Promotional The Inspector Magnifier
as low as $0.81
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Classic Coin / Earplug Squeeze Purse
as low as $0.99
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional The Calypso Zip Purse
Promotional the-calypso-zip-purse
as low as $1.05
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Large Insurance Card Holder
as low as $0.47
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional Insurance Card Holder(with extra pocket)
as low as $0.35
Min. QTY: 250
Made in USA
Promotional The Home Reminder - Things To Do
as low as $0.82
Min. QTY: 250
Promotional The Ribbon Bookmark Magnifier
as low as $0.87
Min. QTY: 250
About this 9w x 12h Gloss Paper Folder with Card Slot:This Gloss Paper Folder is a customer favorite staple item for businesses that give customers paperwork. These folders are made with a gloss coated 12 point paper board and are available in different colors from red to hunter green. A business card slot is cut into the inside of the folder, allowing you to place a card with your contact information. Why do businesses use these custom printed Glossy Folders? When giving customers registration paperwork or leaving potential customers brochures, putting everything in a custom folder makes your business look as professional as possible. When you want to gain trust from a consumer, it helps to look like you have it together. Giving your clients paperwork in a custom promotional folder also helps them keep their papers together as well. Helping to make sure these papers do not end up being lost always helps your administrative operations run smoothly. Plus, it relieves stress from the customer. The Gloss Paper Two-Pocket Presentation Folder features an array of colors to showcase your company logo. Handy, universal business card slots on the inside...Available in 11 colors.Universal business card slot on inside.Material: 12 pt Paper. Professional Gloss Coating Business Card Slot Foil Stamped Professional Putting paperwork that you give a customer into a nice looking, custom printed folder makes you look professional.. Gloss Coating Made with 12 point paper with a gloss coating that makes this folder more durable and less prone to getting wrinkled. Business Card Slot A business card is cut into the inside of the Gloss Paper Folder, allowing you to place a business card in it. Foil Stamped The Gloss Paper Foilder is customized with a Foil Stamp of your custom design or logo on the front and/or back. 
9"w x 12"h Gloss Paper Folder with Card Slot
About this 2- Color Stick Up Calendar, English (13- Month) - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.This compact calendar sticks in vehicles or on file cabinets, refrigerators and more - promoting your message all year.Customize at no additional charge with:.22 Mount shapes.9 Vinyl colors.13 Foil colors.Top markets: manufacturing, retail, construction.Materials: 60# offset/Vinyl mount Related Search Terms: Calendar
2-Color Stick Up Calendar, English (13-Month) - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Insurance Card Holder:Many states require that you keep your insurance cards in your vehicle at all times.Insurance card / registration cards can be kept protected in your glove compartment with these holders.Your name will be handy and accessible when needed.
Insurance Card Holder
About this Credit Card Magnifier:Fresnel Lens with 5X MAGNIFICATION.Packed in bulk and rubber banded in sets of 100.Clear cello-bags can be shipped in bulk at no additional charge,please make sure to request this on your purchase order. Wafer thinFlexible and unbreakable Related Products: Credit Card Size Magnifier in Protective Case as low as $0.72 
Credit Card Magnifier
About this Americas Beauty Desk - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.This unique and eye-catching desk calendar offers big color in a compact size.The scenic beauty is always a popular and well-received choice.The cover has a December calendar - perfect for early distribution.Top markets: financial, health care, insurance.Materials: 50# offset/43 pt mount Related Search Terms: Calendar
America's Beauty Desk - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Legacy - Triumph(R) Calendars - Triumph(R) Calendars:This is America's best buy in desk calendars!There's no better value on the market. The advertisement, hot stamped in gold, gets noticed day after day.2020 Calendar.Guaranteed inventory available on grids #1 and # 6 only.Top markets: insurance, financial, retail.Materials: 50# offset/50 pt mount Top Desk Calendar Great For Businesses Made In The USA Foil Stamped Top Desk Calendar The Legacy Triumph Custom Desk Calendar is one of our top selling promotional desk calendars because customers love it. Great For Businesses Legacy Triumph Branded Desk Calendars are a great giveaway for businesses looking to spread their branding on desks. Made In The USA Legacy Triumph Custom Printed Desk Calendars are proudly manufactured and decorated in the United States of America. Foil Stamped These Promotional Legacy Triumph Desk Calendars are foil stamped with your logo or custom design on the top. 
Legacy - Triumph® Calendars - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Pro - Scale 12 Plastic Ruler:A top-of-the-line, heavy-duty ruler with non-smear, beveled edges, inch and metric calibrations.Calibrations on black, translucent-red, translucent-green and translucent-blue rulers are hot stamped in gold.White and clear rulers have black, hot-stamped calibrations.Material: Impact Styrene.
Pro-Scale 12" Plastic Ruler
About this Ideal 6 Pocket Ruler:A popular 6" pocket ruler.Molded in rugged plastic and calibrated in inches and centimeters.Calibrations printed in same color as copy.Material: Impact Styrene.
Ideal 6" Pocket Ruler
About this 9-5/8w x 11-3/4h Linen Paper Folder with Card Slot:The Linen Paper Two-Pocket Presentation Folder features an array of colors to showcase your company logo. Handy, universal business card slots on the inside...Available in 7 colors.Universal business card slot on inside.Material: Linen paper.
9-5/8"w x 11-3/4"h Linen Paper Folder with Card Slot
About this Let - Jet Letter Opener:Sleek, modern design with a protected, stainless-steel blade.Exclusive, patented design (U.S. Patent D421889) is faster and easier to use.Material: Impact Styrene.
Let-Jet Letter Opener
About this Hot Stamped Heart Letter Opener:Safely, swiftly, opens all kinds of envelopes. Heart design enhances your special, message. Strong, one-piece, solid construction with a stainless-steel blade.Material: Impact Styrene.
Hot Stamped Heart Letter Opener
About this Sure - Grip Letter Opener:An eye-catching design. Soft and colorful rubber grips provide a safe, sure, non-slip, gripping surface. Extra-sharp, stainless-steel cutting blade.Material: Impact Styrene.
Sure-Grip Letter Opener
About this Wall Street Letter Opener / Magnifier:Combines smooth, slick, stainless-steel cutting action with a 3X, acrylic magnifier. Open your mail and easily read the fine print, too; Material: Styrene body, Acrylic Magnifier.
Wall Street Letter Opener / Magnifier
About this Happy House Letter Opener:A welcome addition to every household.Well-protected, stainless blade for long-lasting shaped for extra advertising attention.Tough, one-piece, plastic.Material: Impact Styrene.
Happy House Letter Opener
About this Classic Monthly Planner - Triumph(R) Calendars:2020 Calendar2020 is included as standard copy on front coverThis slim and lightweight planner is perfect for busy people on the go. Lined dated blocks with ample space for notes and appointments.Includes weekly space for a to-do listPages: 16 sheets (32 pages)Top markets: manufacturing, retail, financialMaterials: 50# offset/Leatherette cover Related Search Terms: Calendar
Classic Monthly Planner - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Business Card / License Holder:Always have your business cards on hand with this great holder! Holds business cards or a license. Great for the person on-the-go. Materials: Vinyl
Business Card/License Holder
About this Monthly Pocket Planner - Triumph(R) Calendars:2021 Calendar.2020 is included as standard copy on front coverThis practical, affordable date book is perfect for large-scale distribution and direct mail.The horizontal date pad format shows a full month on each two-page spread.Pages: 16 sheets (32 pages)Materials: 50# offset/Leatherette cover Related Search Terms: Calendar
Monthly Pocket Planner - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Monthly Planner - Triumph(R) Calendars:2020 Calendar2020 is included as standard copy on front coverPlanner features one month on each two-page spread, along with six months on left column and ample space for notes. There is a one-year planning calendar and space for frequently called numbers as well.Pages: 16 sheets (32 pages)Top markets: manufacturing, financial, retailMaterials: 60# offset/Leatherette cover Related Search Terms: Calendar
Monthly Planner - Triumph(R) Calendars
About this Calendar Desk Pads (21 3/4 x 17):Blue & Gold Calendar Desk Pad with Julian and Contractor Dates. A 13-month calendar desk pad keeps your message working all year long! Months, dates, and NEW larger bottom reference calendar are preprinted in blue and gold on 60 lb. white offset paper. Padded at top with 13 sheets to a pad, chipboard back and two corners at bottom of pad. NEW LARGER 12 month reference calendar standard at bottom of each layout with company logo and information printed in designated imprint areas in one standard color.
Calendar Desk Pads (21 3/4" x 17")
About this Press - N - Stick(TM) Business Card Holder Calendar - With ad message:Business Card inserts into clear pockets on both styles.Made in the U.S.A.
Press-N-Stick™ Business Card Holder Calendar - With ad message
About this Press - N - Stick Standard Calendar:14-Month (November 2019-December 2020).Seasonal icon on cover.Features dates of moon phases.
Press-N-Stick Standard Calendar
About this Calendar Desk Pads (21 3/4 x 17):Blue & Gold Calendar Desk Pad with Julian and Contractor Dates. A 13-month calendar desk pad keeps your message working all year long! Months, dates, and NEW larger bottom reference calendar are preprinted in blue and gold on 60 lb. white offset paper. Padded at top with 13 sheets to a pad, chipboard back and two corners at bottom of pad. NEW LARGER 12 month reference calendar standard at bottom of each layout with company logo and information printed in designated imprint areas in one standard color.
Calendar Desk Pads (21 3/4" x 17")
About this Credit Card Size Magnifier in Protective Case:Vinyl Case keeps magnifier clean and lint free in pocket, purse or wallet. Fresnel Lens with 5X MAGNIFICATION. Related Products: Credit Card Magnifier as low as $0.55 
Credit Card Size Magnifier in Protective Case
About this The Inspector Magnifier:Fresnel Lens with 6X MAGNIFICATIONPacked in bulk and rubber banded in sets of 100. Clear cello-bags can be shipped in bulk at no additional charge, please make sure to request this on your purchase order. 2 3/8" diameter lens.Wafer thin.Flexible and unbreakable.2 3/8" diameter lensWafer thinFlexible and unbreakable Related Products: The Ribbon Bookmark Magnifier as low as $0.87 
The Inspector Magnifier
About this Classic Coin / Earplug Squeeze Purse: The Classic Squeeze Purse. Just squeeze and it opens... Multi Use for Coin, Earplug. Also called Coin Purse, or Coin Pouch Release and it snaps shut - tight! Related Products: The Fun Color Zip Purse as low as $1.06 The Runway Zip Purse as low as $1.21 Summer Breeze Zip Purse as low as $1.08 
Classic Coin / Earplug Squeeze Purse
About this The RAINBOW Translucent / Crystal Clear Zip Pouch with Key Ring:Our zippered translucent key ring pouch neatly stores coins, cards, cash, etc.It is small enough to keep in your pocket or purse. Plus the key ring strap attached inside the pouch which keeps your keys secure. Related Products: The Calypso Zip Purse as low as $1.05 Tropical Pearl Zip Purse as low as $1.05 
The RAINBOW Translucent/Crystal Clear Zip Pouch with Key Ring
About this The Calypso Zip Purse:A tropical combo of a cool and frosty vinyl stitched to a bright solid nylon band. Pouch neatly stores coins, cash, parking stubs, receipts, ATM/phone/credit cards, loose papers. Keyring strap attaches inside the pouch, keeping keys secure. Tempered spring-steel split ring. Nylon zipper will never rust or snag. Related Products: The RAINBOW Translucent/Crystal Clear Zip Pouch with Key Ring as low as $0.89 Tropical Pearl Zip Purse as low as $1.05 
The Calypso Zip Purse
About this Large Insurance Card Holder:Many states require that you keep your insurance cards in your vehicle at all times. Insurance card / registration cards can be kept protected in your glove compartment with these holders. Your name will be handy and accessible when needed. This product fits in a #10 Envelope.
Large Insurance Card Holder
About this Insurance Card Holder(with extra pocket):Many states require that you keep your insurance cards in your vehicle at all times. Insurance card / registration cards can be kept protected in your glove compartment with these holders. This item features a business card pocket located on the opaque side. Holds Your Insurance Card Great Insurance Company Giveaway Made In The USA Custom Printed Holds Your Insurance Card This promotional Insurance Card Holder is meant to hold your insurance card and registration card inside. Great Insurance Company Giveaway This custom branded Insurance Card Holder is a great giveaway for companies in the insurance industry or roadside assistance companies. Made In The USA These custom printed Insurance Card Holders are proudly manufactured and decorated domestically in the United States. Custom Printed Your custom logo or design is custom printed on this giveaway Insurance Card Holder with a Hot Stamp Straight Line print. Related Products: 2 Year Calendar Card Organizer as low as $0.89 
Insurance Card Holder(with extra pocket)
About this The SAFARI Classic Zip Pouch with Key Ring:Our NEW zippered key ring pouch has a classic look. It is small enough to keep in your pocket or purse. Plus the key ring strap attached inside the pouch which keeps your keys secure. 
The SAFARI Classic Zip Pouch with Key Ring
About this Barcelona - Two - Tone Vinyl Soft Cover Weekly Planner:This "Barcelona" Soft Cover Two-Tone planner features a 128 page weekly insert that shows one week on a two-page spread. The planner inside is printed in one color and runs 12 months from January through December. It includes pages for important phone numbers and dates as well as advance planning areas. Also included are metric conversion charts, a time zone map, area code table as well as an important holidays page. Note: This planner comes with a color map.
"Barcelona"-Two-Tone Vinyl Soft Cover Weekly Planner
About this Standard Vinyl Monthly Pocket Planner:This Standard Monthly planner features 32 pages and shows one Month on a two page spread. The planner inside is printed in blue and runs 14 months from December through January. It includes pages for important phone numbers and dates as well as advance planning areas. Also included are metric conversion charts, a time zone map, area code table as well as an important holidays page. Stay Organized 2-Pages For Each Month Great For Business People Hot Stamp Printed Stay Organized Pocket Planners allow you to stay organized wherever you go and always know when you have appointments. 2-Pages For Each Month Each month is printed on two pages, with half of the month on each side, leaving room to write in appointments. Great For Business People If you are marketing to business people, like sales professionals and managers, planners are a great help for keeping appointments. Hot Stamp Printed Your custom logo or deisgn is printed on the front of these promotional Vinyl Monthly Planners with a straight-line Hot Stamp. 
Standard Vinyl Monthly Pocket Planner
About this Ultra Vibrant TEK Translucent Vinyl Monthly Planner:This Ultra Vibrant TEK Translucent Monthly planner features 32 pages and shows one Month on a two-page spread.The planner inside is printed in blue as shown to the left and runs 14 months from December through January. It includes pages for important phone numbers and dates as well as advance planning areas. Also included are metric conversion charts, a time zone map, area code table as well as an important holidays page.
Ultra Vibrant TEK Translucent Vinyl Monthly Planner
About this The Home Reminder - Things To Do:A great advertising reminder for any business where the home is the focus. White Refrigerator Magnet. 20 page lined note pad. Imprint in any standard contrasting color. Related Products: Bright Idea Notebook & Pen as low as $1.58 Sport Note Notebook & Pen as low as $1.58 Deluxe Note Jotter w/ Pen as low as $1.85 
The Home Reminder - Things To Do
About this The Ribbon Bookmark Magnifier:Fresnel Lens with 5X MAGNIFICATIONPacked in bulk and rubber banded in sets of 100. Clear cello-bags can be shipped in bulk at no additional charge, please make sure to request this on your purchase order. Wafer thinFlexible and unbreakable Related Products: The Inspector Magnifier as low as $0.81 
The Ribbon Bookmark Magnifier
About this Normandy Two - Tone Vinyl Soft Cover Monthly Pocket Planner:This New Two-Tone Vinyl Soft Cover Monthly Planner features a 32 page insert that shows one Month on a two page spread. The planner inside is printed in blue and runs 14 months from December through January. It includes pages for important phone numbers and dates as well as advance planning areas. Also included are metric conversion charts, a time zone map, area code table as well as an important holidays page.
"Normandy" Two-Tone Vinyl Soft Cover Monthly Pocket Planner

Promotional Office Items


The best way to promote to businesses is with promotional office products that get used throughout the business day.

There is nothing more relevant to businesses than tools of the trade.

No matter what your industry is, if you work at a desk, you need office supplies. If you’re in an office right now, you’ll see all the standard desk accessories: pens, staplers, coffee mugs, sticky note pads. Imagine if all of those office products had your company logo!

Whether you’re looking for an engraved commemorative award or are trying to find discounted office supplies with your company logo, AnyPromo has a customized desk item to fit your needs.

  • If you’re looking for an executive gift, take a look at our premium desk clocks. These artisan timepieces make great awards for top performers.
  • Everyone in an office needs reminders from time to time. Take at the great deals we have on wholesale sticky note pads with your company branding.

Why do so many businesses trust AnyPromo for personalized office supplies? AnyPromo is the best source for wholesale custom workplace promo items because not only do we stand by our products with a 100-day return policy, we guarantee the lowest online price.

Generate Impressions with Promotional Office Items

Letter Size Document Envelope

With promotional office products, you have tons of customization options. Whether you’re looking for screen printed rulers or laser engraved staplers, you’re sure to find the perfect personalized office giveaway to represent your brand.

The 2 most common office accessory customization methods are:

  • Screen printing, which involves applying one or more layers of ink to your custom office promo through a custom-made mesh screen of your logo or design.
  • Full color printing, which involves a digitally printing a full color image on your desk item with CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) ink.

Most customers choose screen printing because it prints reliably on a wide variety of materials. Screen printed binders and pens are a customer-favorite of all industries because having company branded office supplies boosts brand identity. That’s why no world-class company is complete without being outfitted with self-branded office supplies.

When giving out custom office giveaways and desk items, we know how important it is for the imprint to be clear and distinct. We have a 100-day return policy so that you can shop with assurance you’ll really get a quality logo on your product.

We also have a graphic design team at your disposal free of charge so that you don’t have to be an expert to get a custom printed notepads that looks good.

All Types of Promotional Office Must-Haves

The Silicone Flex Calculator

AnyPromo is the cheapest online source for custom branded office supplies, guaranteed. If you find any of these office accessories customized cheaper anywhere else, we won’t just match the price, we’ll beat it.

  • Looking for a desk item with a distinguished look that will work great as an award for excellence? Take a look at our personalizable executive desk clocks.
  • Just trying to draw straight lines in the office? Our budget friendly printed wooden rulers are a customer favorite for schools and businesses alike.

When buying self-branded promotional products for the office wholesale, we know how much our customers care about getting a good deal. That’s why if you find the same sticky notes, paperweights, or calendars at a lower price elsewhere, we’ll beat the price by 10% of the difference. That’s our best price guarantee.

We are dedicated to making promotional desk items affordable. With AnyPromo’s selection of budget-friendly calendars, picture frames, and more, for customization and our lowest price promise, even small businesses can afford to promote their brand with desk accessories imprinted with their logo or custom design.

“Making marketing make cents” means squeezing out every possible penny of savings and passing this value to the customer. That’s why we believe it’s so important to stand by our promise to save you the most money on logo printed desk giveaways.

Trending Promotional Office & Desk Accessories

The Silicone Flex Calculator

Check out what our satisfied customers have to say about our custom office giveaways:

These folders are very nice quality - sturdy enough to hold our 5 brochures, Annual Report and stat sheets. We are using them as press packets - and the price is much lower than going to a printer. - Kathleen

Better than expected. The red color is perfect, the folder is strong. And I love that they were able to convert my logo from red to white so it would look good on the folder. Best order ever! - Vickie

When finding your preferred source of custom folders, calculators, or sticky note pads, we know that customer service matters.

At AnyPromo, we believe buying desk swag with your custom logo should be as easy as possible. Buying promo folders or calculators for your company or organization should never be a hassle. Our customer support team is ready to help you find the right office product to go with your branding.

You don’t need to navigate our giant selection of bulk and wholesale desk swag alone.

  • Do you need a calendar that matches your company or school colors? Give our promotional product consultants a call to find the perfect colored calendar for your brand.
  • Are you looking for a letter opener with your logo? Let us know, and we’ll get a product specialist to assist you find the right promotional mail opener.
  • Trying to get promotional sticky notes on a budget? Let our customer service agents know how much you’re working with, and we’ll find sticky pads at the right price.

Still have questions about getting custom office items made with your logo or custom design? Call us at 1 (877) 368-5678 or hit “Live Chat” at the top of the page to get in touch with our friendly experts who can help you find the right office promo to spread your message.

Winning Promotional Office Products


Still not sold on promotional office products?

  • 41% of U.S. consumers own promotional Desk/Office accessories (ASI).
  • 61% of desk accessories are kept at the workplace (ASI).
  • Consumers who own a promotional desk accessory report they typically will keep it for about 14 months (ASI).

Branded messages are best delivered on custom items people are proud to use. Research shows that U.S. consumers want durable and attractive products that can be used on a daily basis. With nearly 2,500 promotional office products available in different styles, shapes, and sizes, you’re sure to find the right custom item to generate impressions while creating a unique brand experience.

Considering all the time that many on-the-go professionals spend in the office, or personal workspace, a little flare livens up the environment and inspires productivity. Adding your brand to a high-utility promotional office item positions your brand for maximum exposure!

Whether at a trade show, or special event, our stance on making a BIG brand impact is intense. We live for the thrill of aligning America’s top marketing event planners with the right tools to achieve their brand goals! Search a diverse selection of promotional office products to find proven swag that generates low-cost impressions directly correlated with eye-catching appeal and durable manufacturing.

Let’s make marketing make cents! Simplify the process of finding the right promotional products, and achieve your brand visibility goals. Find attractive and durable promotional office products on sale now.

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