Promotional Folding Chairs & Cushions

Are you looking for promotional folding chairs and cushions to make your outdoor lounging experience more enjoyable? Look no further! These customized folding chairs and cushions provide an array of imprint and other customizations, allowing you to choose the design, fabric, color, or pattern that best reflects your brand. They are also lightweight and easy to store away in a closet or garage when not in use.

Folding Chairs & Cushions:
16 items total
Nonwoven Stadium Seat Cushion
as low as$1.80
1 Day Production
SAVE on Setup
4.6 (20)
Min. Quantity: 150 pcs
Fold N Go Adjustable Seat Cushion
as low as$9.27
FREE Setup
Min. Quantity: 30 pcs
Folding Tripod Stool With Carrying Bag
as low as$7.49
5.0 (1)
Min. Quantity: 3 pcs
3 Whoopee Cushion
as low as$1.02
SAVE on Setup
Min. Quantity: 1440 pcs
Chair Back Covers
as low as$3.62
Made in USA
Min. Quantity: 100 pcs
1.5 Thick Stadium Cushion
as low as$5.29
Min. Quantity: 100 pcs
Polyester Seat Cushion
as low as$7.87
1 Day Production
Min. Quantity: 25 pcs
6 Whoopee Cushion
as low as$1.71
SAVE on Setup
5.0 (16)
Min. Quantity: 576 pcs
13.5 Fabric Stadium Cushion - Digital
as low as$8.89
Min. Quantity: 240 pcs
13.5 Fabric Stadium Seat Cushion With Pocket
as low as$7.01
Min. Quantity: 120 pcs
8 Diameter Whoopee Cushion
as low as$1.81
SAVE on Setup
Min. Quantity: 288 pcs
4 Whoopee Cushions
as low as$1.22
SAVE on Setup
Min. Quantity: 144 pcs
Fold - Up Stadium Cushion
as low as$5.01
Min. Quantity: 100 pcs
Garden Kneeling Foam Cushion
as low as$3.83
Min. Quantity: 250 pcs
Foam Cushion - Deluxe - 10x17
as low as$7.14
Min. Quantity: 24 pcs
1/4 Thick Seat Cushion
as low as$4.17
Min. Quantity: 24 pcs
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Enhance your outdoor comfort with AnyPromo's promotional folding chairs and cushions. Our customized options offer a range of imprints, fabrics, colors, and patterns, letting you tailor the design to reflect your brand. Lightweight and easy to store, these chairs and cushions ensure a more enjoyable lounging experience.
Custom Folding Chairs & Cushions Frequently Asked Questions
All you need to know about Customized Folding Chairs & Cushions
The development of lightweight and portable folding chairs for astronauts during space missions influenced the design of modern camping chairs.

Our largest order was for
custom folding chairs

The evolution of camping chairs has led to specialized designs for different activities.

Total Custom Folding Chairs & Cushions sold

Best Selling Custom Folding Chair with Carrying Bag is the
Folding Chair with Carrying Bag

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