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Promotional Glow - in - the - Dark 9-1/4 Flyer
as low as $0.84
Made in USA
Promotional Glow - in - the - Dark 7-1/4 Flyer
as low as $0.64
Made in USA
Promotional Collapsible Flyer
as low as $1.33
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Promotional Glow - in - the - Dark 5 Flyer
as low as $0.51
Made in USA
Promotional Global Flexible Flyer
as low as $0.76
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Promotional Saturn 7 Flying Disk
as low as $0.55
Promotional Large Discus
as low as $0.83
Made in USA
Promotional 10 Flying Disk With Matching Pouch
as low as $0.74
Promotional Soccer Flexible Flyer
as low as $0.76
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Promotional 9 Solid Flyer
as low as $0.84
Made in USA
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Promotional 7-1/4 Flyer
Promotional 9-1/4 Flyer
Promotional Collapsible Flyer
Promotional Glow - in - the - Dark 5 Flyer
Promotional Global Flexible Flyer
Promotional Saturn 7 Flying Disk
Promotional Large Discus
Promotional Soccer Flexible Flyer
Promotional 9 Solid Flyer

Top Sellers

10" Custom Folding Flyer Frisbee

10" Custom Folding Flyer Frisbee “The red flyers I received last year are great! Our guests were happy to receive them and quite surprised with the product. They were round and easy to fold and insert into the pouches. I may think of ordering more.” - Joyce

“Always love working with AnyPromo! The flyer frisbees I purchased were awesome! The printing was large enough to read. Gave these out at an outdoor volleyball tournament. Lots of them were used as fans (it was 93 and humid). Frisbees work well for flying and for fans!” - Joanie

“I have ordered these frisbee's several times and our customers love them.” - Yolanda

Thank you Joyce, Joanie and Yolanda! We’re glad to read your reviews on our popular promotional frisbee. The 10” Custom Folding Flyer Frisbee is on our Top 100 because of its great and fun quality.

The 10” Custom Folding Flyer Frisbee is great to take to any outdoor event! You’ll see these frisbees fly perfectly in the air.

About the 10” Custom Folding Flyer Frisbee:

  • The Custom Folding Flyer folds neatly into the included carrying cases, making them perfect for stashing in the car for a spur of the moment game.
  • Giving away the Custom Folding Flyer is also a great way to ensure your clients have a positive brand association with your company and keep your business synonymous with a good time.
  • The Custom Folding Flyer is made of 210D Polyester folding flyer with matching case.

  • Purchase yours now!

    9 3/4" Flyer With Pouch

    9 3/4" Flyer With Pouch “The graphics came out well as did the wording. The color was great. We are using them to sell in our history museum. They are perfect for our fundraiser. It is one of those things for all ages, a fan for the mature ladies, a Frisbee for the kids.” - Sandra

    “I am getting so many compliments on my "Hot Flash Fans"!!! Ladies LOVE the idea of using this item for a fan instead of a "flyer"...LOL I handed them out at garage sales, to my friends and even ladies at the store. Now my husbands contracting information is right in their purse should they need work done! Everyone thought it was a BRILLIANT marketing idea. I have already passed your name on to a few of my friends who have businesses. Thanks again! PS, will be ordering more in the future, as I have already handed more than half of them out...Debbie” - Debbie

    Thank you Sandra and Debbie! We’re so glad to hear that this flyer is being used not only as a flyer but a fan!

    The 9 3/4” Flyer With Pouch is a fun product for all ages! You read the review yourself, these flyers are not just flyer, but fans as well! Have fun with our promotional 9 3/4” Flyer With Pouch.

    Features on the 9 3/4” Flyer With Pouch:

  • The Nylon Neon Flyer With included Pouch comes in three different colors from you to choose from, and the option to print on both the pouch and the flyer itself! Get your logo recognized with this Neon Flyer anywhere it may land! Take it outdoors or fly it indoors and simply twist to fold it back into its compact carrying pouch.
  • Available in red, blue, and green.

  • Order your 9 3/4” Flyer With Pouch here.

    9-1/4" Plastic Florida Flyer

    9-1/4" Plastic Florida Flyer “Absolutely well done on the wording and look of the flyers -- everyone in the office was very happy with how all were produced! Thx again!!” - Rosa

    “Nice Frisbee - our imprint looked great.” - Kristie

    Thank you Rosa and Kristie! We’re very happy you both are enjoying our promotional 9-1/4” Plastic Florida Flyer promotional frisbees.

    Features on 9-1/4” Plastic Florida Flyer:

  • USA-made 9-1/4 inch flyer.
  • Phthalate-free, Non-Toxic and Lead-free.
  • Material: 90gm Plastic
  • Available in black, blue, neon green, red, white, yellow, transparent blue, transparent green, and transparent red.

  • Order your 9-1/4” Plastic Florida Flyer here.

    Promotional Frisbees & Flyers

    With our selection of promotional frisbees and flyers, you’ll definitely find the perfect one to fit your company.

    We have foam frisbees, folding flyers, plastic flyers, collapsible flyers with pouches, picnic fun kits with flyers, recycled flyers, child safe flyers, foam flyers, discus, flying disks, flexible flyers, and more!

    Frisbees and flyers are great to have for picnic events! You’ll see everyone playing with a frisbee or flyer at your next picnic. Have some fun with our promotional frisbees and flyers.

    Promotional frisbees and flyers are great for outdoor fun! Everyone will love to have one of these to play with.

    Look through our selection of frisbees and flyers. Shop here!

    Custom Frisbees Make For Great Outdoor Fun

    Trade show and event guests are bombarded with lackluster swag at every opportunity, so it is extremely important to stand out. Our custom frisbees are specially priced and proven to generate impressions and fun.

    Search our site for a wide selection of promotional flyers. Whether you want a folding flyer or a foam frisbee, see for yourself how high our standards are when it comes to brand impact!

    Click through our inventory of promotional frisbees on sale now.

    Let’s make marketing make cents!

    All Types of Personalized Frisbees & More

    Here is a snapshot of our selection of 92 custom flyers and frisbees currently available. We’re ready to help expedite your order, so give us a call!

  • 9" Contoured Bottle Cap Foam Flyer
  • 9" Die-Cut Foam Sawblade Flyer
  • Zing Ring Flyer
  • 9" Nite Glow Value Flyer
  • Fetch! - 9" Dog Safe Flyer
  • Funky Foam Flyer
  • Basketball Flexible Flyer
  • Global Flexible Flyer
  • And many more

  • Grab your outdoor frisbee swag today!


    Promotional frisbees and flyers are great for any trade show! Customers will love to take these home to play at a park or in their yard. Frisbees and flyers are definitely still in. Go outside and have some fun with our promotional frisbees and flyers.

    Children will love these! Give these to students at a school fair or carnival. They’ll definitely enjoy this unique promotional product.

    Our featured list of frisbees and flyers include many of our trending frisbees and flyers. You’ll be surprised how hot frisbees and flyers are!

    Our featured frisbees and flyers:

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