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Now is the perfect time to get your garden in shape, and AnyPromo has everything you need to get the job done right. Our gardening tool kits have everything you need to weed, trim, and plant, and our gardening gloves will keep your hands clean and protected from thorns and dirt. In addition, our promotional lawn & garden products make great gifts for clients and employees who love to garden. Give the gift of gardening this season with AnyPromo!

Lawn & Garden:
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Polyester Tool Tote
as low as $9.43
Min. QTY: 50
Jornikolor Air Plant
as low as $8.34
SAVE on Setup
Min. QTY: 50
7 PC Garden Tool Set
as low as $13.29
Min. QTY: 25
Tri - Fold Shovel with Pouch
as low as $15.86
Min. QTY: 50
6- Pack Worms
as low as $1.76
SAVE on Setup
Min. QTY: 150
10- Pc Garden Tool Tote
as low as $23.57
Min. QTY: 25
Gardener Seat Tools
as low as $67.78
Min. QTY: 24
Large Garden Tote
as low as $26.36
Min. QTY: 24
Evergreen 3 Piece Garden Tool Set
as low as $10.17
Min. QTY: 50
Kikkerland Pocket Pruner
as low as $24.00
Min. QTY: 50
Kikkerland Pocket Trowel
as low as $24.19
Min. QTY: 50

Top Sellers

10-Pc Garden Tool Tote

10-Pc Garden Tool Tote “They absolutely loved them and we've received so many thank you comments - a lot more than usual. They're precisely what we wanted and appear great.” - Breanna

“High quality for great price. Very quick turn around time.” - Eli

Thank you Breanna and Eli! Our 10-Pc Garden Tool Tote is an item everyone will love to have. The tools that are included in the tote will be convenient for any gardening issue your customer comes across. From a hand trowel to a weed popper, your customer will love this item to use on their lawn and garden.

Your company logo will be displayed on the outside of the tote as your customer will be working on their garden, so let your company flourish with this product.

Here’s a few things to know about the 10-Pc Garden Tool Tote:

  • Set features a large waterproof carry tote with pockets all around for all of your handy gardening tools.
  • All tools are feature a wooden handle.
  • Set includes Water Misting spray bottle, hand trowel, bulb trowel, weed popper, three pronged cultivator, forked spade, pruning shears, roll of garden tie & non slip garden gloves.

  • Grow with your company with this convenient custom Tool Tote now!

    Folding Multifunction Shovel

    Folding Multifunction Shovel “I think it is a wonderful gift to give. Very pleased and satisfied this specially priced shovel permitted me to make an advertising purchase at a time when I would not otherwise have been able to afford it. Thank you AnyPromo!” - Karina

    “Serves it purpose. Good size tool for cost Really impressed with the quality.” - Gavin

    Your customers will be able to dig themselves out of any situation with our top selling shovel. The folding multifunction is what makes this item very popular. Give your customer the freedom to dig at any angle.

    This tool is very convenient for campers that have to build their own campsite. With the compass feature, campers will be able to reach their destination in no-time.

    Here’s a few features on the Folding Multifunction Shovel:

  • Constructed with durable tempered steel and a comfortable rubberized grip for handling.
  • Its compact and lightweight design make it great for easy storage.
  • Lends itself to a number of outdoor activities including gardening, camping, or hiking.
  • Material: Tempered Steel
  • Sample available

  • Our customer service team is ready to help, order today!

    Promotional Lawn & Garden

    Our selection of promotional Lawn & Garden tools will interest your customers who’re green thumbs. For anyone that loves to work on their lawn, will love our selection of products.

    Participating in a Home & Garden tradeshow? Our Lawn & Garden tools will offer a variety of custom products that will be perfect to giveaway. From a trowel, to a gardening set, your customers will love our products.

    Our style of imprint is always dug to perfection, and made specifically to your design. Bloom your company into a bigger brand with our selection.

    Tote away your struggle to find the perfect Lawn & Garden tool. Customize yours today! Check out our available selection here!

    Customized Garden Tools Make Great Gifts

    Our custom lawn and garden tools are durable, practical and effective promo items. Every eye catching piece is specially priced and professionally imprinted to vividly promote your brand long after it's handed out. Let’s make marketing make cents!

    Enjoy our huge selection of promotional lawn and garden tools.

    Check out more cool lawn and garden tools on sale now!

    Imprinted Pails, Shovels & More

    Take a sneak peek at our stock of customized lawn and garden tools currently available. Feel free to give us a call, and we’ll help expedite your order!

  • Gardener Seat & Tools
  • Large Garden Tote
  • Stainless Steel Folding Utility Shovel
  • Folding Multifunction Shovel
  • And much more

  • Find the right promotional gifts!


    Our selection of Lawn & Garden custom tools will be a definite hit at any outdoor trade show. Give away an item that customers will be able to use at home! Need help ordering? Our live chat is accessible on our website, or you can call us at 877-368-5678.

    Your customers will love to use our tools when working on their lawn. The durability of our product will ensure a long-lasting effect.

    Don’t mow away from our selection. Check out our most feature Lawn & Garden custom tools:

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