Chinese Jump Rope
Promotional Chinese Jump RopePromotional Chinese Jump Rope

Chinese Jump Rope

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About this Chinese Jump Rope:

Looking for an ancient Chinese giveaway? Check out these promotional Chinese Jump Ropes, also known as Chinese Ropes or Rubber Band Jump Rope. These blister card packs, labeled with your custom sticker, contain everything needed to play a classic children’s game that’s been providing entertainment for centuries.

These Chinese Ropes are made with a durable elastic material. Unlike improvised rubber band Chinese Ropes, these neon colored ropes are made for repeated use and won’t break so easily. They measure 28-inches long unstretched, and are safe for children ages 5 and up.

  • This neon rainbow colored Chinese Jump Rope measures 28 inches long and has an elastic texture.
  • Made for repeated use. This elastic rope will not break or get lost as easily as a string or rubber band chain.
  • Ages 5 and up.
  • Comes in pictured blister card packaging.
  • 4 color process imprint is on a 1-1/2" x 3/4" label.

What is Chinese Jump Rope

Chinese Jump Rope is a classic children's game originating from the Tang dynasty (7th century China). This ancient game resembles both hopscotch and jump rope and can be played by three or more people. It involves two people holding the rope(s) with one person executing a series of moves in the middle.

Chinese Jump Rope features increasing difficulty levels, with the ropes being raised higher each turn. The game also features an accompanying song. American children can use classic hand-slap game rhymes such as “Patty Cake” or “Mudslide”.

Chinese Jump Rope is played by children all over the world, with traditional songs from each country. People in different countries often have different names for the game, such as “gummitwist” in Germany. It is also known as French skipping, jumpsies, rubber band skipping, and elastics.

How to play Chinese Jump Rope (Also known as the “foreign jump rope game”)

  • Two people (holders) face each other holding the ends of one or more Chinese jump ropes. Alternatively, the holders can tie Chinese Jump ropes into a large loop and hold it taut around their ankles.
  • The third person, the jumper, does a series of moves and jump patterns inside the Chinese Jump Ropes between the holders (often accompanied by a song).
  • Moves include jumping inside, outside, over the ropes, crisscrossing feet, manipulating the Chinese jump ropes (e.g., "scissoring"), and more.
  • After successfully executing the series of moves, the Chinese Jump Ropes are raised a little higher to increase the difficulty level.
  • Difficulty can also be increased by speeding up the song and using a new Chinese Jump Rope sequence or pattern card after each move has been completed successfully.

Why choose AnyPromo for Chinese Jump Ropes?

AnyPromo is your best source for wholesale Chinese Jump Ropes because of our no-hassle guarantee and our 110% price matching policy. Whether you're looking for a great promotional items for kids, or you're hosting a Chinese Jump Rope competition at your school, we've got you covered.

Fun Foreign Game For Ages 5+ Blister Card Packaging 4 Color Process Label
Fun Foreign Game
Chinese Jump Rope is a fun foreign rope game with rhymes played by children around the world.
For Ages 5+
This elastic Chinese rope is more durable than rubber band jump ropes and is safe for children age five and up.
Blister Card Packaging
These Chinese elastic skipping bands come individually packaged in sealed blister packs.
4 Color Process Label
Blister pack is customized with a four color process print of your design or logo on a 1-1/2" x 3/4" sticker label.

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July 24, 2017
Received my order on time. Thank you sooooo much AnyPromo!!! the opportunity to see before you buy, to place a logo on an item and instantly see how it will look. These products turned out well for all of us.
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Carson A.
July 24, 2017
Fast, cheap and great product also Rosa is awesome, very helpful. Everything was more or less what I expected so I don't have any dislikes about the products.
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October 13, 2016
Great customer service and followup on my order. Representative was very helpful. the quality of the product is great! I love the how at first people do not know what it is.
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