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Promotional RFID Blocker Credit Card Sleeve
as low as $0.60
Made in USA
SAVE on Setup
Promotional Pop Up Starter Kit
as low as $1.76
Made in USA
Promotional Caliper
Promotional caliper
as low as $1.55
Promotional Flower Plant A Shape Bookmark
as low as $0.65
Made in USA

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Promotional SproutScape Desktop Garden
as low as $2.86
Made in USA
Promotional Shaped Seeded Paper Confetti
as low as $1.06
Made in USA
Promotional Petite Kit
as low as $1.51
Made in USA
Promotional Seeded Paper Bottle Necker
Promotional seeded-paper-bottle-necker
as low as $0.60
Made in USA
About this RFID Blocker Credit Card Sleeve:All passports since 2006, and many credit and debit cards, enhanced drivers licenses, etc have a RFID (radio frequency identification) chip embedded in the card.This chip contains personal and account information necessary to complete transactions.Identity thieves can merely pass you on the street and download your personal data.Our RFID blocker sleeves are made using a patented process and special alloy to protect your data.It is FIPS 201 Approved.All RFID blockers are printed in full color to communicate your high impact message.Perfect for retailers, financial institutions, government and travel agencies, schools, colleges and more!
RFID Blocker Credit Card Sleeve
About this Pop Up Starter Kit:Sprout Tyme “Pop Up” Starter Kits are a fun and easy way to get your flowers or herbs sprouting! They contain everything you need to get started –container, soil pellet and seeds. “Pop Up” the attractive container, add water and seeds – it’s that simple. Logo is printed in full color on side panel. When the seedlings are 2”-3” tall, replant in your garden or planter and enjoy.
“Pop Up” Starter Kit
About this Caliper:Heavy duty plastic construction. Inch/cm scale. Metal depth rod. Perfect to measure inside/outside diameters.
About this Flower Plant A Shape Bookmark:Full color bookmark with unique seeded paper shape attached. Keep the bookmark and plant the seeded paper shape to grow wildflowers, herbs or spruce trees. Perfect to communicate environmental messages.
Flower Plant A Shape Bookmark
About this SproutScape Desktop Garden:Sproutscape comes with everything you need to grow a fun mini garden – at home, office, school, anywhere! Sproutscape involves the user with your brand and message. Complete kit comes in a mailer with everything you need: pop up logo display, growing thermofoam tray, growing medium, organic sprout seeds (edible broccoli) and simple instructions. Just add water and enjoy.Choose from 5 different pop up display cartons.Sproutscape is sure to make your promotional effort unique and memorable.
SproutScape Desktop Garden
About this Shaped Seeded Paper Confetti:Seeded confetti in fun shapes: hearts, butterflies, awareness ribbons or flowers. Perfect as favors for weddings, fund raisers, parties and more! Individual packet contains a handful of multicolor hearts, butterflies, awareness ribbons or flowers. Whimsical and elegant. Your full color message on front and planting instructions on back.
Shaped Seeded Paper Confetti
About this Petite Kit:Sprout Tyme Planter Kits contain everything you need to grow flowers and herbs. Each kit contains a polypropylene terra cotta colored planter with seeds, soil disks and instructions. All come packaged in a special presentation sleeve. There’s a size for every growing promotion.
Petite Kit
About this Seeded Paper Bottle Necker:Ideal for wine, liquor, olive oil or any bottled gourmet product. Used by retailers, vineyards, microbreweries,gift companies and more. Necker has full color imprint (one side) on off-white seeded paper stock.
Seeded Paper Bottle Necker
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