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Promotional 19 Wooden Back Scratcher
Promotional 19-back-scratcher
as low as $1.11
Min. QTY: 100
About this 19 Wooden Back Scratcher:19" Wooden back scratcher with massage rollers. Strong and durable, superior to its plastic counterparts that break easily. Perfect for itch and stress relief. Comes with a mini roller on opposite end for massaging. Perfect for promotions related to health, stress, and just as a fun giveaway. Back Scratcher Massage Roller Durable Wood Relieves Itches & Stress Back Scratcher Features a back scratcher on the end which is great for relieving itched in hard to reach places. Massage Roller The other end has a massage roller that's perfect for massaging out muscle knots in hard to reach places. Relieves Stress This 19' Back Scratcher & Massager is a prized gift because it is great for relieving stress at the end of a hard day. Sturdy Wood Made from solid wood, which is stronger than plastic and is sturdy enough to stand up to normal use.
19" Wooden Back Scratcher
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