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Promotional Evrybox(TM) 4400mAh Charger + Speaker
as low as $45.16
Min. QTY: 4
FREE Setup
Promotional Bumpster(TM) Bluetooth Speaker
as low as $37.09
Min. QTY: 5
FREE Setup
Promotional Tenfour(TM) 2.0 10,400mAh Power Bank
as low as $38.71
Min. QTY: 5
FREE Setup
Promotional Juicebox 4400mAh Power Bank
as low as $20.97
Min. QTY: 8
FREE Setup

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Promotional HubbCity(TM) 5- Port USB Hub
as low as $35.49
Min. QTY: 5
FREE Setup
Promotional Calimari - C(TM) Connector Cord
as low as $14.52
Min. QTY: 11
FREE Setup
Promotional Kracken(TM) Cord + 1800mAh Power Bank
as low as $24.19
Min. QTY: 10
FREE Setup
Promotional Finley Mill Stashlight(TM)
as low as $10.48
Min. QTY: 16
FREE Setup

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Promotional Moniclip(TM) Phone Holder
as low as $10.48
Min. QTY: 18
FREE Setup
Promotional Mount - A - Bout(TM) Smartphone Holder
as low as $9.68
Min. QTY: 18
FREE Setup
About this Evrybox(TM) 4400mAh Charger + Speaker:The Evrybox projects mind-blowing sound while also charging your device. Once fully powered up, this bad boy plays music wirelessly for up to 40 hours and can also charge your mobile device 2.5 times. Great for busy people on the go who need products that can multi-task as well as they do. 4400mah powerbank 3watt speaker
Evrybox™ 4400mAh Charger + Speaker
About this Bumpster(TM) Bluetooth Speaker: Get the party started with the Bumpster Bluetooth speaker. With features like 360-degree omni-directional sound, a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, vibrant full digital printing, bass that bumps, and lightweight portability, this speaker does more than play music—it booms! Sized perfectly to fit in a standard car or golf cart cup holder, you’ll want to take it with you everywhere you go.
Bumpster™ Bluetooth Speaker
About this Tenfour(TM) 2.0 10,400mAh Power Bank:Practical and stylish, this high-capacity power bank keeps you charged up. Loaded with a USB-c port, two USB outputs, and 10,400 mAh battery capacity, the Tenfour charges up to three devices at once to completion—with room to spare. The new and improved Tenfour 2.0 can now charge most laptops that use USB-c, and we think that’s pretty awesome. Its full-color imprint area is the perfect space for your brand to make its statement. Copy that? Tenfour.
Tenfour™ 2.0 10,400mAh Power Bank
About this Juicebox 4400mAh Power Bank:The 4400mAh Juicebox is a refreshing way to ensure your gadgets never go thirsty. With a large, backlit LED imprint area and creative juice box packaging (straw included), your brand will have only the best ingredient: awesomeness.
Juicebox 4400mAh Power Bank
About this HubbCity(TM) 5- Port USB Hub:Pull the plug on clutter and get organized with this multi-port USB charging station. Connect up to five devices in one central location. HubbCity offers two quick charge slots and will put your worries at ease with built-in short circuit and surge protection. Light weight with a vertical space-saving design, HubbCity is perfect at home, work, or on the road.
HubbCity™ 5-Port USB Hub
About this Calimari - C(TM) Connector Cord:Your one-size-fits-all connector cord is ready to do your bidding. Not only does the Calimari come with an Apple-certified MFI Lightning tip, it includes the new USB-C tip to make connecting to any of your gadgets a breeze. With a full-color digital imprint, any logo is sure to pop. Rest easy knowing you can charge all of your essential electronics without having to carry multiple cords
Calimari-C™ Connector Cord
About this Kracken(TM) Cord + 1800mAh Power Bank:The Kracken is an Apple-certified MFI Lightning tip and a micro-USB connection, just plug in and you’re ready to go. The portable and self-wrapping Kracken comes with a built-in 1800mAh emergency battery pack to rescue your gadget from the depths of a dead battery emergency.
Kracken™ Cord + 1800mAh Power Bank
About this Finley Mill Stashlight(TM):Stashlight is an LED flashlight that doubles as a secret stash compartment. Fit money, matches, or small notes inside for safekeeping. Did we mention it’s also a bottle opener?
Finley Mill Stashlight™
About this Moniclip(TM) Phone Holder:The Moniclip clips to the side of your computer screen to hold your device upright for easy access to your phone while you work. The Moniclip’s unique design allows you to charge your phone with a cord while keeping your phone upright for us at your desk. 
Moniclip™ Phone Holder
About this Mount - A - Bout(TM) Smartphone Holder:This functional phone holder clips to your vehicle’s air vent and allows for one-touch controls and seamless navigation while you’re on the road. With a 360 degree swivel ball & socket joint, you can position your phone to your preferred display angle for convenient use.
Mount-A-Bout™ Smartphone Holder
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